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Sunkissed Workshop Set

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Brand: Sunkissed / Type: Gift Set

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    1 Review
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      04.01.2012 14:04
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      A good quality kit this is but not the right mix of products in this one for me!

      When it comes to make up ever since I was a little girl I have had a fascination with it which led me on in later life to train as a Beauty Therapist. I live by the belief a gal can never own too much and as a result of this I probably own way too much!

      For Christmas though people knowing this about me that was buying for me went all practical on me. Having moved out of my old flat share to by myself (well with four hamsters actually lol) my newish place is rather large and needed new stuff. I'm not complaining but new pots and pans, a standing lamp and new towels have never set my heart alight!

      My best mate though knows me well enough to know the kind of presents I would be getting off my family and did a great mix of things for my home and personal items for me too and I was delighted that she treated me to a couple of sets of make up for me to fiddle about with and enjoy.

      However I was a little concerned when I saw she had got 'Sunkissed' make up. First, it's a cheap brand and I have seen it round about and given it the wide berth secondly....well I'm really, really pale skinned and sadly any kind of bronzing products usually make me look like a clown. However I did feel that I could find a use for them and was pleased that with two sets in total (including this being one of them) that I had almost a face full of products to use!

      The Packaging:

      In this 'Workshop' kit there are 4 products and these are housed in a brown box with a photograph of a sunkissed looking lady on the front of it and you can see the products through a see through and large window. On the front of the box we are told that it us Sun kissed 'For sensational looking skin' and then on the back of the box there is a photograph of that same glam model and we are told the ingredients used and contact details for Active Cosmetics (the manufacturer of the products) are given. This is nice and simple enough packaging though does appear a bit on the cheap looking side however the box is informative enough and inside the four products sit is a gold coloured tray securely.

      So as I have mentioned you get four products in this workshop kit and those items are a double eyeshadow compact, a shimmer cream and a shimmer highlighter and an eyeliner which are all meant to give a sun kissed look and look to the skin.

      The Eyeshadow Compact:

      Well like I mentioned there are two of them in this kit, one dark and one much lighter and they come in a bronze coloured flip top case which has the word Sunkissed written on it in gold writing and you can partially see the colours through a plastic window to the top of it. The compact holds 2.5g of the two shadows and to the bottom of the inside of the compact there is a small white sponge slightly angled applicator on the end of a short black plastic handle.

      The eyeshadows themselves are of a generous size each and square in shape and I really do like these eyeshadows. Both are smooth powders and fine powder at that so very smooth and easy to apply to the eyes. They blend with each other and other brands of eyeshadow you may have in your own collection and when in application feel really nice.

      I can go as light with these sheeny colours which in my case are a deep and rich chocolate brown shade and a complimentary beige colour and they look very slightly shimmery on the eyes and in my opinion are great for any woman of any age to use, day or night. Once on they stay fresh and bright looking and they don't crease or transfer off and they are easily removed after quite a few hours wear with your usual make up removing routine. These have never once caused me any irritation to my eyes and in fact once applied to my eyes I can even forget they are there!

      The Eyeliner:

      Well you get a generous 0.5g of this which comes in pencil form and has a bronze end to it, Sunkissed again written up one side of it in gold writing and a plastic easy to pull on/off see through plastic lid to the other end of it which covers the sharpened end (you do need to sharpen this one as it is made of wood) and then on one side of it we are told what it is and the weight is stated.

      This eyeliner is a very deep brown, almost black shade and comes off moist and is a little too thick for my liking and I tend to avoid this product really. No matter how sharp I point the end, for me it still comes off a little on the thick side and then that means I don't get as much control at framing my eyes as I would like. However it doesn't agitate my eyes, feel heavy or smudge once on and when I can get it looking right (which takes time!) it does stay put really, really well and remove with ease when I'm good and ready to remove it. For me though, with this kit the shade is a little too dark and I don't like the consistency very much at all.

      Shimmer highlighter:

      You get a small see through plastic pot of this with a twist on/off lid to the top of it and you get 1.0g of the stuff. This is basically a highlighter powder in a very light bronze sort of colour. Its very shimmery though there is no glitter within it and you can of course brush this wherever you like on your body and not just on your face. Personally I find this easy to apply and that it stays put really well and don't mind a little sweep over my décolletage on an evening out but one my cheeks and face in general really I do find it to be way too shimmery for me at my age! Its a nice quality powder though and like I say simple to apply and blend and again, like all of the other products within this kit is removed when I want it to be!

      The Shimmer Cream:

      This comes in a beonze coloured plastic tube that holds 12.0ml of the cream and it has a twist on/off lid to the bottom of it. No instructions are given on the tube or the box the set comes in on how to use this but basically it is a great consistency light cream that has a sort of shae butter fragrance to it which is really gentle and its easy to apply where you want to.

      This is a deep orangy bronzy in colour with bits of silver glitter in it but still, it's a very smooth cream. I tried to use this as lip colour but it didn't stay put and is obviously isn't meant to be used as that. I tried a little on my body but personally like the shimmer highlighter just felt ihat it was a little too much of a young product for me as the colour is really there and the glitter just made me look like mutton dressed as lamb really! However this would be a great little product for someone who likes a bit of colour and glitter on them and at least it doesn't transfer or feel heavy or sticky or anything adverse like that!

      All In All:

      I had two kits for Christmas and this was my least favourite one of the two of them to be honest and not because I don't think the products are any good but because I think this particular set is aimed at much younger people than I am. It's a set very much centred on being fake tanned up in appearance and for me that's a no no. However for party girls who want bronzing products, cheap and that are a bit fun and will get them noticed I have no quibble with the set at all and would recommend you to go get it. Although this is cheap to buy make up is rather good and I've had no problems with any products from the sets that I have received really, it just depends on the look you personally want!

      My friend bought this for me at a Saver store and I'm not sure how much she paid for it however this can be purchased online for about £3.99 a set which in my opinion is great value for money!


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