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Superdrug Hot Cloth Cleanser With Muslin

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£2.98 Best Offer by: superdrug.com See more offers
4 Reviews
  • pleasant smell
  • much better value than my usual cleanser but works just as well
  • none for me
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    4 Reviews
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      15.10.2014 17:34
      Very helpful


      • "pleasant smell"
      • "easy to apply and also to remove"
      • "much better value than my usual cleanser but works just as well"
      • " sometimes on offer "
      • "great price"


      • "none for me"

      well worth a try if you like hot cloth facial cleansers

      Thanks to this Naturally Radiant Hot Cloth Cleanser by Superdrug I have saved a fair amount of money by switching from Liz Earle's Cleanse and polish. I am pleased to say that the results of using this facial cleanser are practically the same so I will continue using it.

      The normal price is £6 but this is the second time I have it up for just £2.99 for a generous 150ml tube which comes boxed with a muslin cloth included. The box itself shows the Superdrug logo, is pale green which could be missed on the shelves except that there is a silver-mirrored banner on the front which helps it stand out. Furthermore Superdrug, in my opinion, seem good at making their promotions easily found in-store and I've found all the staff extremely knowledgeable and friendly. In fact this product was actually recommended by a young man who worked there and he said he now would not use any other cleanser - men take note :)

      The tube is made of a sturdy plastic and it stands upright on the lid. The cap snaps open and shut and is easy enough to use even with wet hands. The cleanser itself is easily dispensed from a fairly generous hole which, to date, has promised in its delivery and there is no sign of clogging even though I've been using mine daily for 4 months.

      The texture is just right I think - it works easily into the skin and is simple to remove with the enclosed cloth. The smell? well, I have to admit I prefer Liz Earle's in this respect, however this one does smell nice - kind of like best quality soap - not at all feminine.

      All the ingredients and directions for use are printed clearly on both the box and the tube but if you want to read every single ingredient be prepared to spend a little time as the list is long!

      I have found that this product does its job because my face is cleansed of all make-up and daily grime at the end of the day. My skin feels deep-cleansed and soft to the touch. Not sure about the promoted 'radiance' though? perhaps my age (over 60) plus having had to take long-term medication means I will never have what you'd call a radiant skin? Considering that I bought this is purely aa cleanser I am in no way disappointed and will buy again. For the reasons listed I would definitely recommend giving this a try especially when you find it half price. If it helps I saw it on offer this week (from 12th October I think?)


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      02.10.2013 22:55
      Very helpful



      worth a try, as its a hidden gem

      This product is Superdrugs own brand version of Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare (LE). The product packaging is a similar colour to LEs signature green and contains plant extracts, like LE.

      This is a hot cloth cleanser and comes in a box with a 150ml tube of product and a muslin cloth. The aim of the product is to bring out the skins natural radiance and even out skin tone.

      The cream itself is a similar consistency to LE, before the formula changed and it became thicker and more lumpy. I prefer the consistency of this product. The smell isn't over powering and it has a natural smell and doesn't smell synthetic. I do prefer the smell of the LE cleanser though.

      The cloth itself isn't as soft as the LE one, but once it's been used a few times, it does improve. You can tell the cloth isn't as luxurious as the LE one, but it doesn't the job its supposed todo. I was pleasantly surprised when I realised the cloth was included, as similar cleansers within that price range don't come included with a cloth.

      I've been using the product for a few weeks now and I don't find it any better or worse than LE. I will be sticking with this range from now on, as its much better value.

      The best part the price. It's normally £5.99 but is on offer every few weeks at half price £2.99. It's a fraction of the price of LE and my skin is just as good since I have been using it.

      Im really pleased with this product.


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        30.07.2013 20:22
        Very helpful



        Hopefully with some more development this product will improve

        *Updated 19.08.2013*


        I was instantly attracted to this product because of the price - at £5.99 I haven't seen many hot cloth cleansers out there that can compete with this. For your money you get a 150ml tube which I think is a good deal, plus the muslin cloth. I have been a long time user of the Liz Earle Clean and Polish cleanser which at its regular retail price of £15.00 is just a tad more expensive! Looking again at the superdrug website however I see this is now on offer at £2.99 - even better!!


        Although not the prettiest of green colours, I thought the packaging was in-fitting with the aim of the product to provide a natural cleanser. Front and back of product also gives you plenty of details about what to expect from the product and ingredients used in this cleanser. The cleanser contains kiwi fruit which is rich in vitamin c, mulberry fruit and cocoa butter. The product also has several claims (please see further below for results).


        As the product contains cocoa butter the product is very rich, thick and creamy (although perhaps a bit too much for my liking - it feels more like a moisturiser). The tube application is easy to use - although a downfall can be that if you squeeze too much out of the bottle you don't really have a way of getting product back in which can lead to product waste. As the hole on the tube is very small however and the product is so thick I think there is little chance of this happening!

        After applying to the face I use the rinsed muslin cloth to remove the cleanser. I do find that the cleanser is very hard to rinse off the face - possibly due to the thick texture. I also find it very difficult to rinse out of the cloth. Perhaps including 2 - 1 which you can use and one which you can wash - would have been a good idea.

        Quality of product/Results

        For me this was the major downfall of the product and why I have rated is so poorly. Instantly when I saw the product in the shop I was expecting a product along the similar lines of the Liz Earle range, which as I mentioned before I have been a big fan of for some years. The product has the same base ingredients (the coca butter), looks slightly similar in appearance and has similar claims - as it claims to brighten skin tone, remove make up and act as an emollient.

        Unfortunately I didn't find the product had any of these effects it claimed it would.....
        Revives skin radiance - I felt my skin was very dull looking after using and it certainly didn't brighten my complexion up at all.
        Evens skin tone - again I didn't feel this effect and in fact my skin broke out into pimples after using.
        Removes make-up and impurities - make-up - especially mascara was a no-no!
        Gentle exfoliates - again I didn't feel any exfoliating benefits from this product
        Soft skin - although I did experience lots of pimples my skin was well hydrated to the point where I probably could have got away without using a moisturiser afterwards!

        Perhaps this was my individual skins reaction to the product however I find it very disappointing that the product didn't have the intended effects at all. I know there is a complete superdrug range of different products that I did want to try. I have tried the moisturiser from this range with again poor results though which has sadly put me off.

        Overall a disappointing product although perhaps my expectations were a bit high - as you do get what you pay for.


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          20.06.2013 18:40
          Very helpful



          Good vlaue.


          I do not know about the rest of you out there but I seem to spend most of my life jumping from one beauty product to another! Most seem to work for a short while then my skin seems to no longer be invigorated by them. Last year some friends were raving about hot cloth cleansers, they appeared to be the "it" product at the time, most were using some more up market products but one friend stumbled upon this product when it came out new as part of a Superdrug's own range. Whilst it did not totally match up to some of the bigger brands in quality it was certainly not far behind them and soon several of my friends were jumping on the band wagon and so I decided to give it a try as well. At the time the entire range was on sale for half price so it really was amazing value for money.

          ABOUT THE RANGE ....

          Naturally Radiant is an own brand range for Superdrug plc, the range was launched in October 2012, the range consists of :-

          Brightening hot cloth cleaner
          Micro polish scrub
          Day cream for normal/combination skin
          Day cream for normal/dry skin
          Renewing night cream
          Brightening eye cream
          Renewal face mask

          All of the range is against animal testing, is dermatologically tested and is suitable for both Vegetarians and Vegans.

          THE PACKING ....

          The whole range has the same look to the packing, the range has been designed to look more natural and I think a no fuss look to the design. Unfortunately I can not recall what the box looked like for this product, once inside the box you find a pale green plastic bottle that looks rather like a huge toothpaste tube. Also inside the box is a basic muslin cloth for use with the cleaner.

          The Cleaner itself has a very basic clean design to it, there is the Superdrug logo star in the top left corner of the tube, this is then followed by a basic black font with the brand name "Naturally Radiant". Below there is a very pale grey text that informs us that the product is infused with plant extracts. The centre of the container has a large grey band which runs to around three quarters of its width, this contains the products title "Brightening Hot Cloth Cleaner" in a white font to make it stand out against the grey strip. Below this again in basic but smaller black text the tube informs up that the product is designed to awaken the skins natural glow and cleanse and gently exfoliate the skin. At the very bottom right side of the tube are two tear drop shaped sections which inform us that the product contains brightening kiwi fruit, mulberry extract and nourishing coco butter. At the very left of the label starting at the centre of the tube there are lots of pale grey lines running out like a star bust pattern.

          The back of the tube has the usual type of information on it, a blurb about the product, directions for use, care and safety advice, ingredients and the Superdrug contact information.

          The base of the tube is the lid so that when you stand the tube on it's lid gravity helps move the product to the lid and helps us not have to fight to remove product from the tube. The lid is a basic flip top lid with a small circle hole through with the product is dispersed when the tube is squeezed. The lid does however twist off if required. This is very handy if the lid becomes clogged at any point you can un screw clean and simply screw back on no problems.

          THE PRODUCT ....

          When you open the product you are hit by a mild but nice natural fruity scent, it actually smells quite natural which is nice. The cleaner is a thick white cream that with a very nice smooth consistency to it.

          To use you simply use about a 50p size dollop of the cream and massage it onto your wet face and neck massaging in a circular motion. Take the muslin cloth and run it under hot water, wring it out and use it to remove the cream from the face and neck area, repeat until all of the cream has been removed then splash your face with a little cold water and pat dry with a clean towel.

          Once finished you need to give your muslin cloth a quick clean with some warm water and leave it it air dry. It is important to keep your muslin cloth clean after each use and most suggest washing it on a low wash at least once a week. If a cloth gets dirty you are simply re spreading the dirt onto your skin and will not maximise the effectiveness of the products.

          WHAT I THOUGH ....

          I am actually on my second tube of this product not, I did love it to start with, however I found that my skin was drying out over time with use. I am now using it as I would a face mask around 2-3 times a week before bed and it seems to fit for me. I guess we all need to just find how a product works for us. We all have very different skin types so it's not easy to get things right. I do feel that this product has helped my skin a lot, I do not know about brightening but I did notice an immediate slight reduction in spots and black heads and even a little in the amount of oilyness I get in my t-zone.

          I would not say that I adored this product but it certainly is a good basic hot cloth cleaner and is certainly value for money.

          COST AND PURCHASE ....

          This product retails at £5.99 for the 150ml tube, as it is made exclusively for Superdrug it is only available in Superdrug stores nationwide or online at www.superdrug.co.uk

          I would advise keeping an eye on this range if you fancy trying anything from it because Superdrug do keep running half price offers on it.

          SUMMARY ....

          Whilst I did not find that this product made a huge improvement on my skin it certainly is a good basic product. It is not something I can say that I could not live without, however it is something that has become a staple on my bathroom shelf. If someone is looking for an alternative to their normal hot cloth cleaner that is a reasonable price but good quality or someone like myself wanting to try hot cloth cleaners I do think this is certainly one to try out. It might not be as amazing as the famous brands but it's a good value runner up.

          I would say I would give this product 4 stars out of 5, the only problem I have with it was that it dried my skin out too much for daily use and I am not sure my skin is really more radiant but it is certainly better conditioned than it was.


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