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The Body Shop Big & Curvy

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Brand: The Body shop / Type: Waterproof mascara

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    3 Reviews
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      22.11.2012 13:53
      Very helpful



      Wouldn't buy it again..

      I do love a freebie, and was impressed to note a full-sized mascara product was being included as a free gift with each copy of a glossy magazine a few months back. I was further impressed to note that the mascara in question was from my much-loved "The Body Shop" brand, from which I regularly make purchases of skin care and body care items.

      I decided to purchase the magazine and give the mascara a try out. I believe that I paid around £3 for my copy of the magazine which proved to be a minor cost when you consider that the mascara product provided was full-sized and currently retails in The Body Shop for the sum of £10.

      The mascara in question is The Body Shop's "Big And Curvy Mascara" and I believe that only one colour choice was provided as a free product, which was "01 Black." I was impressed to note that the mascara is a generous 8ml in size. It may be worth noting that the mascara is also available to purchase in a waterproof version, which is the version shown at the top of the Dooyoo page here. The waterproof version is provided in a blue/black tube, with the regular being provided in a pink/black tube.

      The packaging for the product is fairly simplistic, but the bright pink and black 'swirled' design on the product's tube does go some way to providing a rather eye-catching product, I suppose. There is a chrome-coloured lid on top of the cylindrical tube that acts as a 'handle' for removing - and using - the mascara's wand.

      The wand itself is rather thin, with the head being much thinner than most other brands of mascara that I use regularly. This is an observation rather than a criticism, and I was slightly intrigued to notice the slight 'triangular' shape and design of the wand's head. That is not to say that there is a definite 'point' at the tip of the mascara head, but it is certainly thicker at the top, where it is attached to the wand itself, with it gradually getting thinner towards the tip.

      The Big And Curvy liquid mascara is a strong, glossy black colour which is my preference with a product like this one. I have noticed that the mascara has quite a strong smell, and this is evident throughout the application process. The smell is quite chemical, although not overly unpleasant. I have noticed that once the mascara is completely dry, the smell diminishes altogether and is no longer noticeable.

      Using this mascara has proven to be a very fiddly business, I must confess. I have found that a little practice really goes a long way with this product, mainly because the brush is so small and light compared to other mascaras that I am used to using. The wand head too, is really small and lightweight, although this issue in itself could be overcome with a little practice.

      What I have found is that the small brush really 'grips' the liquid mascara when it is removed from the tub. The little fibres on the mascara wand are not really thick enough or long enough to distribute this liquid mascara evenly throughout my lashes. This results in a rather 'clumped' finished look that I just do not like.

      I did think that perhaps the problem was down to my natural lashes being quite long and very dark, so I opted to 'blot' the mascara head and try and apply it that way. This did work a little better, but I found my long lashes still had a rather clumped appearance following application. That is not to say that someone with thinner, lighter or shorter eyelashes may find the Big And Curvy Mascara works a little better for their own lashes, but in my case the end result was not at all agreeable.

      On the plus side, my lashes were definitely bigger - and curvier - following application, so to be fair, the product does live up to its claims. I just cannot overlook the clumped appearance that my lashes take on after this product has been brushed on, and so it is definitely a product that I would not repurchase for myself in the future.

      The product has recently been 'demoted' to one of my everyday mascaras, rather than being anything that feels special or out of the ordinary. Even using the product for a basic, everyday mascara has its disadvantages, as the Big And Curvy mascara takes more time - and a little more faffing around - than many more 'basic' mascara products that I regularly use. It just feels fussy and rather inconvenient to have to cautiously apply the product over my lashes and take extra time and care when brushing the product on using the small, fiddly brush. Personally, I feel that anything that adds time and effort to my daily routine is a definite no-no, and sadly, this is another negative point for me. It is not very often that I feel compelled to report negatively about a product from The Body Shop as I am really a huge fan of their products and skin care ranges, but in this instance I have found there is really nothing about this product that has proven to be particularly beneficial or appealing.

      For the reasons outlined in this review, I feel that only two stars in the product rating score is appropriate, mainly because I do feel it lived up to its claims and product name, and I do feel that somebody with shorter natural lashes may get on a little better with this mascara than I did. For me though, it's a definite no-no, I'm afraid.


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        27.07.2012 12:21
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        I'll give this one a miss and stick to their other products!!!!

        I had a terrible do with this stuff!!!! I was given it over Christmas by my step mother who got it as a gift (she doesn't wear makeup!) I'm not normally one for makeup either but thought as it's free I'll see what it's like.

        The bottle is what you'd expect from the body Shop. It's a good quality black and coloured tube ( blue for waterproof and pink for just big and curvy) which tells us that it's 'Big and Curvy mascara' or 'Big and Curvy Waterproof mascara' and that it contains 8ml. At a cost of £10 I thought that was about average.

        The list of ingredients for the pink 'Big and Curvy' mascara includes:
        Water, Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax (Stabiliser/Viscosity Modifier), Beeswax (Emulsifier/Emollient), Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax (Stabiliser), Acrylates/Octylacrylamide......
        -and for the waterproof version:
        Isododecane (Solvent), Silica (Absorbent), Disteardimonium Hectorite (Suspending Agent), Acrylates/Octylacrylamide Copolymer (Hair Fixative)......... the lists goes on and on- it reads like a chemistry book!

        This review is for the waterproof version of Big and Curvy. This is a volumising, waterproof, tear proof and smudge proof mascara.

        On unscrewing the silver lid I was met by a long thin brush with stubby bristles, this is supposed to 'sculpt' the lashes. The mascara itself is black. The consistency is very thick. There's not really any smell to it.

        After applying relatively easily to my lashes they looked thick and clumpy (maybe that was due to my application skills though). I don't think my lashes look particularly 'sculpted'.
        My eyes started streaming and stinging- I had to get it off quick!. I can vouch for it being water proof and tear proof- it took ages to get it off even with makeup remover. Going by that I would say that it would be long lasting!.

        It claims to give you thick lashes and it does, but due to my itchy eyes I think I'll leave it alone!!


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          26.07.2012 10:32
          Very helpful



          a volumising mascara by The Body Shop

          I love experimenting with difference mascaras as even though I have quite dark, long eye lashes, I always love the different looks that different mascaras can give you. Some are best for evening wear whereas some are good for day to day use. I have never used any make up from the Body Shop before but when I was in there a few months back, I was quite tempted to try this mascara, mainly for the fact that I liked the look of the packaging and it looked quite fun and bold so I decided to buy this.


          This mascara is in a tall cylindrical tube, like most mascaras are with a silver metallic lid. It has a swirly pink and black wave design up the body which is quite nice and quite unique. The Body Shop logo is down the side and it says that you get 8ml (0.27 US FL Oz) and that it is the Big and Curvy Mascara. On the surface it tells you that it is a black shade, I always usually prefer a black mascara so I was fine with this. It is a plastic body that the mascara is made from with the brush attached to the lid.


          This mascara is one that I wasn't sure what to expect from it, being that I have no prior experience with The Body Shop make up and that I have a few mascaras that I use and love. The idea with this mascara is that it is meant to make lashes big bold by sculpting and curling them and giving them an appearance of up to nine times more volume. Being that I have dark lashes I thought a bit darker might be nice and it has been dermatologically tested and ophthalmologically as well as it being smudge, flake and smear resistant.

          The aim is to make lashes appear thicker and curvier and one morning before work I was ready to put this to the test. When opening the lid the brush was very different from most mascaras that I have used which surprised me as instead of being wide with thin bristles, it is very narrow at the top and thin and the bristles are about 0.5cm in height on each side. The brush comes out very black looking and being that the bristles aren't long they don't get pulled out getting rid of excess mascara.

          So, this is where I found the problems started as with it not getting pulled at the top before coming out, the brush is really thick with mascara and it feels really heavy. I find that when applying this mascara, it doesn't feel easy to apply as the bristles are so short that they don't grip onto eyelashes and at one point I even poked this into my eye which was not the most pleasant feeling. It feels really heavy and it does go on thick. However, it feels like it is clumping on the lashes because it is not gripping and distributing evenly.

          After doing both sides of my eyelashes, I looked in the mirror and my lashes looked a lot thicker alright and definitely a lot more volume. However, I just felt that certain bits looked to clump and not even and my eyelashes felt a lot heavier. The other thing I didn't like was that touching my eyelashes they felt so thick and weighed down and for me this isn't the look I like. I love darker looking lashes and a mascara that doesn't clump on my eyelashes, especially when paying a lot of money for make up.

          I felt with this that I was using a couple of face wipes to remove the mascara fully from my eyelashes and each time I wiped there was still a lot of dark residue coming off the eye lashes until they were fully clear of this. It is ashame as it does do what it says by making your eye lashes darker and a lot fuller looking but for me it isn't the texture I desired but of course everyone wears their mascara differently as some people like heavier eye lashes. It does do what it says but I wish the brush had a more brush like effect.

          I think this would suit those with lighter eye lashes as the effect may work more for them but for me having dark lashes, I just feel the look is too much. It isn't just about the clumping but also that with the brush it doesn't separate lashes and when applying the brush to my eyes, each time the lashes were getting heavier and more coated and my eyelashes were becoming a thick block. You need a fine eye lash brush if you are going to use this to get a nice effect or you just end up with one big clump.


          If you do still want to go ahead and give this a try then you can buy this online or in store from The Body Shop for £10 for an 8ml bottle which should last you a good while.

          The official Body Shop website is http://www.thebodyshop.co.uk/.


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