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The Body Shop Brilliance Powder

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Brand: The Body Shop / Powder / Type: Bronzing Powder / Subcategory: Powder

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    7 Reviews
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      01.03.2011 11:01
      Very helpful



      Gives your skin a shimmering sun kissed glow

      Body Shop are renowned for creating beauty products inspired by nature and ethically produced. They pride themselves on searching the globe for natural ingredients to enhance your beauty.

      Brilliance Powder by Body Shop is described as being a lightweight sparkling powder with shimmering pearls that will make your skin look naturally sun kissed and is appropriate for use on the face and body.

      The powder contain Vitamin E which is an antioxidant which promotes healthy skin by leaving it softened and conditioned. Is is also filled with light diffusing particles which will brighten your skin and help to reduce the appearance of fine lines. Its key ingredient is Marula Oil which is a skin conditioning moisturiser and feeds your skin with essential fatty acids which helps to restore the skins moisture barrier, leaving it smooth, supple and healthy looking skin.

      At £16 for 4.5g, it seems very overpriced and I had to think twice about buying it. However I am addicted to all that shimmers and glitters so I decided to treat myself. The Brilliance Powder comes in two shades, Shimmer Bronze and Shimmer Gold and I purchased the Bronze shade. It can be bought from The Body Shop online or in the actual store. It has been dermatologically tested.

      The powder is actually contained with the clear handle of the brush so it's simple to see when it will run out. The bristles of the brush are very thick and bushy but soft and gentle on your skin. To use the product, you need to click the button on the end of the brush numerous times to release the shimmering powder into the brush. You then sweep the brush wherever you want the product to appear.

      My thoughts on the product;
      I wouldn't say that the powder does anything to soften or moisturise your skin as it claims. The light reflecting particles mentioned above are in fact just little pieces of glitter. And I'm not sure what the claim about reducing the appearance of fine line is about! I wouldn't ever use this on my face as it really is more of an intense glitter than subtle shimmer. As my skin is fair, I would also look like I'd been tangoed if I used this anywhere but my body.

      The bronzing powder does give you a healthy glow and the glitter looks wonderful in the sunshine when used on the body. It does sometimes need blending into fairer skin like mine if you don't want to look stripy! You do have to pump the brush a lot to get the powder out and keep pumping continuously as you use the product.

      All in all, its a nice sparkly body bronzer that I enjoy using. However as the price is extremely expensive for what it is, when mine runs out I will be buying a cheaper alternative. After all, this really is just a glittery bronzing powder.

      Mica (Opacifier), Talc (Absorbent/Bulking Agent), Nylon-12 (Absorbent/Bulking Agent), Polyethylene (Opacifier), Silica (Absorbent), PTFE (Bulking Agent), Sclerocarya birrea (Marula Oil) (Skin Conditioning Agent), Phenoxyethanol (Preservative), Tocopheryl Acetate (Antioxidant), Methylparaben (Preservative), Tetrasodium EDTA (Chelating Agent), CI 77891 (Colour), CI 77491 (Colour), CI 77492 (Colour), CI 77499 (Colour).


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      25.01.2010 21:47
      Very helpful



      A bronzed, sunkissed look without the orange tinge!!

      As with the Body Shop Shimmer Cubes, the Brilliance Powder has never let me down, and remains one of my favourite make up treats!!! The reason I say treat is because at £15.65 it's not something I can afford to buy each week but something I buy and wear on special occassions.

      Having had many many fake tan disasters, from looking like a giant tangerine to looking as though I'd rolled around in mud, I seemed to spend so much time looking for a product which would give me the more sun-kissed bronzed goddess look....personally I don't think thats asking too much! I have medium skin, and on tanning can get quite brown, but in those winter months, gone is the lovely tanned 'healthy' look, and enter the white ghostly look, unfortunately not the kind of look that suits me!!

      I finally found the Body Shop's Brilliance Powder, and as I was in America at the time and the product was on special offer, I thought why not?! Back then the only option was shimmer bronze....perfect!! The product comes in a slim cannister looking package, with a button on the top and a brush on the bottom. The 'cannister' is see through which enables you to see how much shimmer you have left, which is always a bonus!! Both tips are a bronze colour, which given the purpose of the shimmer is very complimentary. The brush is fully retractable with a plastic cover which is great for when your wanting you to wear the product rather than the inside of your handbag!

      The design is simple, you click the button on the end, and hey presto out comes the bronzer. My one and only tip is to apply it in the light, I tend to forget to do this and end up stepping into the light looking like I've had a bath in shimmer. The product goes on easily, but be careful not to get it all over your clothes which I always seem to do, although it does wash out quite easily!

      Once on the shimmer could easily be mistaken for a high-end fake tan, apply as little as you like, to give you a simple shimmery finish, or apply a few coats to give you more of a sun-kissed look. The shimmer doesn't leave you looking orange which can be quite off-putting, and definately a look I try and avoid at all costs.

      I mainly use this product on nights out or special occassions, just to give me a little more confidence when baring skin. Its definately one of my favourite products and it seems to last for ages!! As with most Body Shop products, it is a little pricey, but well worth the money!!!!


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      07.11.2009 17:26
      Very helpful



      Don't waste your money.

      In my opinion this product isn't up to the usual Body Shop standard. I bought it because I thought it would create an evening party glow and I've been left really disappointed.

      The major issue I have with this product is the cheap packaging; it isn't secure enough to keep the product contained (I've had makeup bag leaks), you can't get the right amount of product when you press the release button (you either don't get enough or not enough) and the packaging looks so cheap and tacky (something that you'd expect a product that cost half the price to be contained in) and the brush feels bristle.

      When you use the product on your shoulders it does create a nice glow, but the glittery particles don't look good on your face (unless you like the Christmas decoration look).

      Don't waste your money, it is £15.00 for only 4.5 grams of product, invest in a good makeup brush and bronser instead.


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      04.03.2009 20:53
      Very helpful



      Recommended as an evening make-up enhancer.

      **** Introduction ****

      I hosted a body shop at home party last week at my house, a friend has recently started to work as a body shop consultant and she was desperately trying to get business so I offered to host a party.

      I have always liked the body shop products so I was really looking forward to seeing what products they had to offer.

      As I had over twenty of friends my friend said that I could have the party incentive money, which is basically a percentage of all products sold at the party, so I had over two hundred pounds to spend in free products just for hosting the party.

      As I had so much to spend I one transaction I found myself ordering stuff I would not normally buy, just to spend the money. To be honest some of the products I have bought have proved to be very good and the one I am reviewing today is the brilliance powder.

      **** Brilliance Powder ****

      This brilliance powder is a shimmer and brush all wrapped into one, it is contained in a five inch plastic tube that has the application brush on the end, making the application very simple.

      The brush is retractable so when you want to use it you just pull the brush out and apply it directly to your face and body, as first the brush was very hard and poked into my skin but the more I have used it the brush has softened making the application much nicer.

      I had the choice of three different colours as shimmer, which is the one I purchased this is beige in colour and deposits shimmer glitter bits all over my body, so basically it is similar to a body glitter.

      You can also get this in a darker shimmer shade and a matt powder which is the same as a loose foundation, I feel that I would buy the matt one next time as I would be able to use it everyday, with the shimmer is can only be used if you are having a night out because it is very glittery.

      There is a little button at the bottom of the tube, when pressed it pumps the powder into the brush ready for application. This unique packaging design is great as it can be carried around easily and it is not at all messy to apply, unlike a bronzing powder.

      **** Effects ****

      This is a very light powder with a fantastic shimmer that enhances your face and body, it look good once it has been applied but I personally feel that you can use to much and look like a disco ball, so I would only recommend this it you are having a night on the town.
      It is very easy to remove and the best bit is you can buy refills for the actual brush, so if it is something you like it will be cheaper to replace the powder and you don't need to buy the whole brush again.

      **** Price ****

      This is the down side as it costs 15.00 for only 4.5 grams of product, but you are paying for the application brush as well so it will be much cheaper to replace.

      You can buy this for a body shop party and shop.

      **** My Views ****

      I don't think I would have been very impressed at paying fifteen pounds for this, but as it was technically free I can complain.

      I feel that the matt finish powder would have been much better and I would have got more wear out of it, as this will only be used occasionally as it leaves me with a very shiny result.

      I would recommend this to anyone who likes a really made up look but if you like minimal make up then I would avoid l this as it can look very over powering.


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        07.01.2009 15:08
        1 Comment



        Great applicator, poor product

        Ok... a good thought from Bodyshop but a product that dissapoints me considering their good name and reputation. The product description is that it adds a litle shimmer look. Personally when I used it I felt that I had the appearance of someone who had just received a bad allergic reaction to a product. Of course I hadn't, it just seems that the product gives you an orange appearance.
        Maybe to me it was a little unfortunate that I have a very light skin tone but even my friend whom has olive skin looked like she had been tangoed.
        I love the applicator and it was so very easy to use. If the product could have lived up to the containers performance then it would have received 5 stars from me as the concept of the powder being inside the applicator and just pressing down the top to let out the product works greatly.
        Sadly, not recommended highly from me unless you like the tea bag stained look. Sorry.


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          11.09.2008 13:25
          Very helpful



          A great shimmer, bronzer and blusher all in one.

          I have been buying body shop products for some years now, not only are the products very good but they also represent the fact the you have helped the environment, as many of you may already know the body shop support many good causes through out the world and by buying products you are also helping those causes in your own way and of course you are getting something out of it by the way for products and cosmetics.

          I have decided to write a review for the body shops Brilliance powder, one because the product is relatively good and the other being that if you buy one then you too are also helping towards these good causes.


          Marula oil is one of the main ingredients contained in this product and comes from the marula tree, native to Southern Africa. The oil is rich in oleic acid and is essential to maintain healthy looking skin.

          The Body Shop trades with the Eudafano Womens Cooperative in northern Namibia, which helps women in rural communities who have very few opportunities to earn money.


          This is basically a bronzer, shimmer, blush and a brush all in one. It is a light weight sparkle that will give your face and body the natural glow we would all kill for. If you don't like the shimmered sparkle look than don't worry as this brilliance powder also comes in a matt from which is the same as a bronzing pearl with out the shine.

          Sounds tempting well that is just the start, this brilliance powder comes in a 5 inch tube, with a retractable brush at one end and a push button at the other. All you have to do is push the button a few times to push the powder into the brush then off you go, brush you body until your heart is content.

          This handy little brush is fantastic for a night out as it will blush, bronze and shimmer with one little push, I love the fact that this is compact and it is very handy for your handbag, without taking up to much space.

          This product comes in three different shades, Shimmer bronze which is a dark glitter shimmer, Shimmer gold which is an almost white glitter shimmer and a matt bronze shade that is dark bronzer with out shimmer glitter.

          Each Brilliance shimmer contains 4.5g of product, and refills can also be purchased once you run out.


          As I have said this is all contained within a 5 inch clear plastic tube, and the product is visible through it so you can see when you are running low.

          The brush itself is protected by a plastic pop on and off lid and it also has a retractable plastic section on the brush that slides up and down, this helps you replace the lid without damaging the bristles of the blusher brush.

          The bristles are on the hard side, and they do tend to fall out of the brush easily but other that that I feel that this is a perfect product for any woman to take on holiday or for everyday use.


          Mica (Opacifier), Talc,ylon-12 (Absorbent/Bulking Agent), Polyethylene (Opacifier), Silica PTFE (Bulking Agent), Marula Oil (Skin Conditioning Agent), Phenoxyethanol (Preservative), Tocopheryl Acetate (Antioxidant), Methylparaben (Preservative), Tetrasodium EDTA Chelating Agent), CI 77891 (Colour), CI 77491 (Colour), CI 77492 (Colour), CI 77499 (Colour).

          The key ingredients here are Marula oil as it is a very effective moisturiser that helps to condition the skin over time and also provides essential fatty acids that help to repair the skin's moisture barrier.

          Vitamin E as it is an antioxidant that helps to soften, condition and protect the skin.


          Well applying the product is very easy, just push the button and the product will get pumped into the brush, then all you have to do is apply it to your cheeks, forehead, neck, chest and body.


          This is the only draw back as it is 15.00 and I feel is a little bit expensive, but if you think that it is blusher bronzer and shimmer in one, then you would pay a lot more that 15.00 for those three items wouldn't you?.

          And don't forget that the body shop help many good causes so that also reflects the price tag.

          MY OPINION

          I have really fair skin so I bought the gold shimmer and I found that I didn't really do anything except add a white looking glitter to my skin, so I returned and got the shimmer bronze which was perfect for me as it is just like bronzing pearls but easier to apply, and you can take it everywhere.
          I love the fact that you can buy refills for these handy little brushes, to the initial outlay of 15.00 isn't bad as the refills cost considerably less, the only way I will ever have to buy a new one is it I loose it or all of the bristles fall out of the brush.

          I find this perfect, as I am really lazy when I comes to applying make up and I only apply the works when I am going out, otherwise it is just the mascara I am afraid. Thanks to body shop I can now dolly up everyday without spending to much time doing it.


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            22.07.2008 19:15
            Very helpful



            Might just as well have well have put £15.00 through the shredder!

            We all like a product that saves time, effort and space don't we?! Well I know I do, I like three in one products especially so that when I go away I can take as little as possible, I pack light!

            I like bronzer but when out or away I don't take it as it isn't easy to take a blusher brush without it ending up with the bristles all bent and ruined. I went to buy a retractile blusher brush the other day but when I came across this product I thought it would be ideal.

            The idea is that you have the brilliance powder inside of the brush, perfect right? WRONG!

            The packaging is cheap and doesn't look all that good but I see past that anyway, I wouldn't have bought it otherwise would I.

            Lets start at the bristly end shall we?
            The brush is encased in a clear plastic lid this lid comes off easily but putting it back on isn't until you pull up the section next to it which encases almost the entire length of the bristles so that the lid slides over it easily.

            The bristles themselves are rather coarse and are not pleasant on your skin, far too rough!

            The central section holds the powder and while in there it looks nice and fine with a nice brown colour and not too much shimmer.

            The end is a bronze colour with a button to push, this button depresses rather easily and pumps the powder through to the brush ready to apply to your face. It isn't so easy that it will get pushed enough in your bag to waste the product. This is so well thought out and designed it's just a shame it looks so cheap and tacky.

            Doesn't sound horrendous yet does it?! Wondering why I dislike it now aren't you, well I am getting to that part!

            Applying it is simple a click or two of the button then apply like any bronzer, on areas of your face that the sun would usually tan the most, the forehead, cheek bones, chin and bridge of your nose.

            The thing is the powder goes to the centre of the brush and doesn't really get to the tips of the bristle so applying it is tricky. Also the bristles are far too coarse as I said before so it actually makes my face feel a little sore. The bristles should be far softer and in my opinion longer too as I find this doesn't offer as much durability as a good blusher brush does.

            Now to tell you about the brilliance powder!
            It offers no actual colour, just tonnes of sparkle! It just covers you in gold specks of shimmer! It isn't bronzer it is glitter!!!!!

            I can't tell you how disappointed I was that I had forked out £15.00 for this rubbish!

            If you are interested after reading just what a let down this is then I will tell you that there are three shades, this one which is shimmer bronze, but also there are shimmer gold (better for light skin tones) and also matt bronze, I think I should have bought that one but it wasn't in the store I visited. They each contain 4.5g.

            The Body Shop is involved with many charities and foundations, information on these can be found through links on their website. None of their products are tested on animals. They also run their own version of fair trade, which they call community trade, they pay fair prices to farmers of the ingredients they buy. Details of their community trade programme can also be found on their website.

            The website is very user friendly and means not only can you buy online (good P&P charges and fast delivery) but you can also find out more about their products and find out where your local store is situated.


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          Add a little shimmer to complete your sun-kissed look!

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