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The Body Shop Cheek Colour

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4 Reviews

Brand: The Body Shop / Type: Blushers / Subcategory: Colour / What it does: Smoothes,

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    4 Reviews
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      14.02.2014 08:45
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      A pretty little blush which will get you compliments

      Definitely up there with my favourite blushes and I've tried a few brands over the last few years - this blush comes in a small round pot with a silver lid and you can see the product before you open it as the centre is clear designed a little differently to when I purchased this a few years ago. This product is currently priced at £8 and is available in different shades to suit you.

      The product description: This extra-fine powder blusher gives smooth, buildable colour and has great staying power. With ingredients including vitamin E and marula oil, it's make-up and skincare in one. Superfine, Blends easily and lasting colour - all of which are true.

      Swirling the product with my blush brush with no problem the colour goes on well with a few strokes and I get a perfect pink cheek. I had many compliments when using this blush and that's why I like it so much not only that I never had to re apply during the day. At the moment I am currently using a blush by Clinique - iced lotus but I would defiantly buy this product again.


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        15.12.2013 17:23
        Very helpful



        Very nice blusher that looks great!

        I'd been wanting a light pink blusher for a while and while shopping online at The Bodyshop I noticed that I could get their regular cheek colour for half price during a special promotion period. This was quite an appealing offer as the blusher is usually £8 and it was a hefty saving. I have used Bodyshop makeup products before but never their cheek colours so I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of shade and quality. However,
        the information about the product that was available online was enough to convince me to buy one!

        This product comes as a 4g or 0.14 OZ sized pressed powder blusher. It has an individual plastic case which is lightweight but sturdy and durable. The lid is transparent so you can see the blusher shade through the top. The lid has a little clicking lip which you can prize open with a fingernail and then snap shut with ease. One the bottom of the little case there is an information label regarding the product which details the shade number and name as well as full ingredients and contact information for the brand.

        I was surprised to see as many as eight different shades available in this 'all in one' blusher. They are mostly quite light strong shades of pink although there is a darker brown one called 'Cookie' Shade 08. I chose to buy shade 05 Bubblegum as I was looking for a fun, dynamic pink colour. Comparing my blusher to the digital palette as shown on the Bodyshop's website I have to be honest and say that the colour of my blusher is a little different to the colour patch they show. It's always difficult to show shades online that match the physical product exactly, of course, but my 05 Bubblegum actually looks closer to their 06 Guava shade. Despite this it's a great colour and it's intensity and vibrancy is exactly what I hoped to receive.

        These blushers are said by the brand to be "extra-fine" powder blushers with "great staying power". They contain some interesting and special ingredients (as all Bodyshop products do) including Vitamin E and marula oil which is said to be caring to the skin. The brand go on to state that this blusher blends very easily, can be built up and is also long lasting.

        I have my own brand blusher brush although you are also able to purchase specialist blusher brushes at The Bodyshop. I find my brush works perfectly well at picking up the colour onto the hairs and unloading it onto my skin. I find that the powder is much finer and softer than my old brand of blusher so less powder is loaded onto the brush. I find this great as it means if I want a heavier look I can simply build the colour up with a few more strokes. Otherwise I just brush once and it's done. I used to sit and tap or blow the excess blusher powder off my brush with my old brand and this wasted a lot of the product. I don't have to do that anymore!

        This shade does have a very fine smattering of sparkle through it although it's very subtle. I barely notice it unless I really look or it catches the light. It looks like a shimmer of light and it brings the pink colour to life and makes my face look healthy and glowing.

        I really like the way this blusher looks on my cheeks. It's really made a difference to my end result compared to the other brand blushers I've been using. It has made me look a little younger and brings a lovely vibrancy to my face that leaves me looking happy and well presented. I'm pleased to have bought this blusher and will probably buy it again in the future. I like that I have the choice of eight shades which allow me to alter my make-up look for different occasions. It does last the day too and always looks even on top of a fine powder base.

        I would say that £8 for a blusher product is quite expensive. It's much more than I would normally pay so I was glad to have paid only £4 for it. However, you do have to take into consideration things like the extra special ingredients that are used to create this and the fact that The Bodyshop promote non testing of animals and Community Fair Trade. Getting a Love Your Body loyalty card from the store might also help ease the price a little.

        You can see the range of shades in their make-up section on the Bodyshop website:


        This review is also on Ciao!


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        25.11.2012 23:42
        Very helpful



        A great blusher from The Body Shop...this is!

        When it comes to The Body Shop in recent times I have been in there quite a lot. Here in Weston Super Mare we don't have that many good shops to browse in and more often than not recently they have had a lot of offers and sales on and I've manged to nab myself a few bargains!

        I bought this on a recent shopping trip as I found myself looking at the cosmetics. Needing a couple of new blushers as they are something I use very often indeed as I am so pale skinned I decided to treat myself to one.

        This one is called 'All In One Blusher' and is available in seven colour options, most of those tones being pink shades but one is a peachy/brown tone and they all cost £8.00 each. Some have an added touch of glitter to them, mine didn't and is simply a plain powder called Marshmallow which is a really nice girly pink shade.

        The packaging of it is is a small round plastic compact and it has no applicator with it or mirror and is simply a flip open case with a see through lid to it and we are told that it is from The Body Shop then on the underside of it we are told the shade and what it is and contact details for The Body Shop are given. Its a nice and good quality, robust compact this one.

        The Powder:

        The powder is classed as superfine and it is that indeed and very soft. I use my usual busher brush for this powder and it clings really well to it and all I'm left to do is pop it to where I want to add a bit of colour...on my cheekbones!

        It sweeps over foundation and the likes like a dream and smooths on fine and in a none clumpy way. One sweep of it adds a little colour and it blends really well however I can add as much as I want to and blend it till I get the colour I want to of course.

        Once on it stays put all day long, its easy to blend and apply, easy to remove with my usual make up removing routine and I really do like this cos although it is more expensive than I'd usually pay it does give me longevity when its on and I don't need to use much out of the compact to get the results I require so it lasts ages any way you look at it!

        This doesn't agitate my skin or anything adverse at all and it really does get a huge thumbs up from me as it really is a superb quality and skin kind product!

        Only available from The Body Shop.

        This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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        27.05.2009 13:28
        Very helpful



        Recommend for a light weight flawless cover.


        I first became a fan of the body shop when I was at school, so when I got the opportunity to become a body shop consultant I snapped their hand off, all that make up and cosmetics to hand was brilliant.

        I have been a body shop consultant for over four years now, and I love the make up. Well I suppose I need to in order to advise and sell it to others, but honestly the body shop make up is fantastic and a wear it religiously now.

        Here I am going to review the body shops cheek colour, as this has taken up permanent residence in my make up bag over the past four years.


        The body shop has become a house hold brand name, which almost everyone knows of since 1976, when a lady called Anita Roddick founded the company and opened her first shop in Brighton.

        The body shop has become very well known for the policies it adopts, for example it is environmentally friendly and they support many community trade programmes across the globe, which therefore provide the body shop with its natural ingredients and the body shop pay them a wage in order for them to support them selves.

        A few years ago Dame Anita Roddick passed away and the body shop as become part of the L'Oreal brand, but this still supports the no testing on animals policy, which many believe to be un-true.

        There have been slight changes in the body shop, over the past few years for example you can no longer take you empty bottles in to a store for a refill, I thought this was a fantastic idea, but with new health and hygiene law I can understand why it had to be stopped.

        Over the past thirty three years since the body shop was founded I has become very successful indeed, it now has many store worldwide due to the popular demand of the products.


        This Dermatologically tested cheek colour is by far one of the best blushers I have used, so good in fact that I have sworn by it for the past four years.

        This blusher comes in five different shades so you will have no trouble in finding the perfect shade to best suit your skin type.

        Each shade offers a stunning shade of colour that is long lasting, I can apply this in the morning and when I come home from work it is still clearly visible, which was very hard for me to achieve before switching to this cheek colour.

        After this has been applied to my cheek bones my complexion looks flawless and smooth to look at and touch, even if I have the odd blemish this still applies brilliantly to my face.

        This cheek colour is basically a powder that has been compacted into a case, to make application and transportation very easy.

        The blusher comes is a 5 gram small compact case, which has a silver lid and clear window for you to see the colour, the case is small enough so you can take it everywhere with you.


        The application could not be easier, I personally use a blusher brush to apply the product. Just sweep the brush over the compacted powder and apply it directly on to your cheek bones, brow line and under you chin. This will make you face appear lifted and slim it down.

        You can also apply this with a make up sponge, but in my opinion you will not get a precise cover like you will with a brush, so it is worth investing in one.

        If you find the blusher is to light just keep applying the product until you are happy with the shade and then, either blend it in to your skin with your blusher brush of you hands.


        I am not going to list all of the ingredients contained in the blusher only those, that I feel need pointing out.

        Marula Oil is a very effective natural ingredient that moisturises and conditions the skin, Murula oil contains a fatty acid that repairs your skins natural moisture and helps restore dry skin back to normal leaving it soft, supple and healthy looking.

        The Marula Oil is also part of the community trade programme, so this ingredient is sourced from South Africa, and the body shop buy this ingredient from the Eudafano Women's Cooperative in northern Namibia and therefore help by paying them a wage to support their families.

        Vitamin E and Lanolin oil are the other main ingredients in this blusher, they are antioxidants that soften, condition and protect the skin over long periods of time.


        This comes in five different shades, so there it defiantly one that will suit you skin tone.

        03 Heather pink, This was very dark pink and would be far to much for my skin tone, but I feel this will look fantastic on olive and tanned skin types.

        04 Golden pink, This is more like a pale beige with a hint of pink and in my personal experience looks fine on light pale skin types and darker skin types, it basically highlights you features, so this is a perfect shade for everyone.

        05 Tea Rose, this is the shade I wear on a daily basis. It is an orangey beige shade that works well on middle of the range skin tones. I find this is ideal for a day make up.

        09 Toast, this is perfect for darker skin tones, it is basically dark brown with a hint on rose pink. This was the first shade I tried and it was too dark for me, so only recommended on dark skin types.

        02 Raspberry pink, this is the newest shade available and in my opinion the worst, it is very dark pink almost red in colour so you will need a dark skin tone to pull it off.

        I tend to use the Tea rose on a day make up and the Golden pink on an evening make up as this shade has a slight shimmer to it making it perfect for any night out.

        Each of these cheek colours cost £8.50 and from experience I can honestly say they last months, my day blusher has just been replaced and I had it for eight months and this was worn every day, so they do last.

        You can buy this from any Body Shop store or online at www.thebodyshop.co.uk, but remember if you buy online you will need to pay a delivery charge, unless you spend enough to qualify for free delivery.

        MY OPINION

        The thing that first attracted me to this cheek colour was the fact that it contained Vitamin E, this is a highly regarded favourite of mine from the body shop so I thought the cheek colour was worth a try.

        After trying the cheek colour for the first few times I became instantly converted and have now been using it for years, over them years I have tried all of the shades but my favourites and the Tea rose and Golden Pink, these are always present in my make up bag.

        Since using this my complexion now looks flawless and natural, which was a very rare occurrence when I was using other blushers and I always managed to buy the wrong shades, with these having five shades to chose from you are sure to find one to suit you natural skin tone.

        If you are unsure what your tone is of which will suit you, you can go in store and they will let you try out the shades before you buy. If you time if right you may get a full make over, which is nice but you end up buying everything they put on you.

        I have no doubt that this is value for money as one case lasts me eight months, so I cannot recommend this highly enough. If you buy one you will not be disappointed.

        I strongly advise you to buy a blusher brush as this makes all of the difference when it comes to applying it correctly.


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        Give your cheeks a beautiful blush of color that is long-lasting, lightweight and super-smooth /

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