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The Body Shop Dazzling Rocks

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Brand: The Body Shop / Type: Bronzer

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    1 Review
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      26.12.2012 23:50
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      Another quality product from the body shop

      Until a few months ago I was a bit unsure about bronzer hadn't really ever used it - wasn't really interested in it, and well I also had a tan. That quickly faded as soon as the winter reared its ugly head, so my friend suggested trying a bronzer - and when we were shopping in The Body Shop, we both spotted this and began to test it out with a brush that was also in an offer in store. I quite liked it, but looked at the price and being a poor student I decided against it!

      ~*~ The Body Shop ~*~

      The Body Shop is a cosmetic and body care store that has been around since 1976, and currently has over 2000 stores across over 60 countries - so you'll not be short of places to find one if you're on holiday! A company, that is cruelty free, natural and environmentally minded - you'll be hard to miss one on the high street, because even the smell of the place just from walking past it makes you want to go in. From body butters, to perfumes, cosmetics, they have some of the best hand cream I've ever used - and you can get yourself a mini make over in there for the price of an item of make-up, what more can you ask for!

      ~*~ Dazzle Me ~*~

      Just to cut words out, that picture is exactly what the tin looks like so I'm not going to waste your time by describing it!

      So I'm going to start with a complaint - and it's a bit of a small one really, the tin the rocks come in is metal with a screw lid. Which in itself doesn't seem like anything to complain about, however come to put the lid back on and you might find yourself getting a bit wound up with it. Countless amounts of times I've put the lid back on, gone to screw it down to secure it and it's got stuck, or it's on the wrong run of the tub - it drives me nuts! I toyed with the idea of just leaving it open but I wanted to put it in my bag with the rest of my make up so that wasn't really an option, so now I'm spending an extra 30 seconds to make sure the lid is on properly... Fancy that! (Being sarcastic by the way haha!)

      So the 'rocks' are actually balls, I was expecting to open the tub and see sort of chunks of bronzer as the No 17 range is, instead they are regular sized bronzer balls that you get in normal packs of bronzer - actually.... They are a bit bigger than the ones in cheaper versions of bronzer such as Collection 2000 - they're much bigger actually, so you don't get so many in a pack so looks like you're paying a lot for not much. Especially as you only get one layer of balls instead of a pack full like you do with cheaper alternatives, so it really does feel like you've got really poor value for money. Which was one of the main reasons I was really reluctant to buy this item in the first place, after recommendation from my best friend - I knew I had to get them, so the ever elusive eBay hunt began!

      I use my kabuki brush to apply this bronzer to my face, neck, and various other body parts I feel like applying it to - so with that I'm getting a good application after just rolling the brush over the balls once and applying it to my skin. The fact that the balls come in two colours, a very pale and a dark brown variety - you get a higher ratio of pale balls, so don't expect it to make your skin look really bronzed like you might get from darker balls. It's much better for making your skin shimmer than making you look bronzed, so the fact that it's called dazzle rocks - it is very true to what it's meant to do. For example I wore it to a meal on Sunday night, inside the Chinese it gave me a bit of a glow - however when I was in the pub afterwards and there was a different kind of light on my chest and neck it was shimmering. So it will depend on where you are and what kind of light you have, but it does do what it says on the tin essentially, although the tin just says 'The Body Shop' on it - but that's beside the point.

      Now the real test is how long this stuff lasts on your skin, for pretty much as long as you want it to! I've had nights where I've come in and been lazy and not had a shower before bed and woken up the next morning, where I've still been shimmering away so it'll last nicely! For the best impact it's the first four or five hours, for any occasion I've never had to reapply so I can safely say it's a long lasting dazzle. Admittedly on your face, if you touch it a lot it won't last as long in optimal dazzle - but if you're one who leaves your face be once you've put your make up on, like I am I can't complain about how long it lasts at all. As I've said on my neck and chest it lasts for as long as you leave it on, obviously a week later it's not still going to be there, but I'm hoping by that point you would have had a shower and washed it off! So it might be £16 to buy, but when you think how long it's going to last it is worth it, I've had mine for a few months now and they don't look any smaller than when I first got them - so I'd say spending potentially £16 for a years' worth of dazzle isn't that expensive at all!

      According to The Body Shop website, this item is a limited edition - so if my review has made you want some rocks get some as soon as possible before they're all gone!

      ~*~ Price and Availability ~*~

      Surprisingly... The Body Shop in store and online for £16, or do as I did and buy it off eBay for a much more manageable price!


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