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The Body Shop Skin Primer Moisturize It

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Brand: The Body Shop / Primer / Type: Foundation Primer / Subcategory: Moisturiser / What it does: Moisturizes,

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    3 Reviews
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      30.06.2013 12:37
      Very helpful



      Feels nice, easy to use (if you know how) and look out for a sale if you are going to try it!

      Item: Skin Primer
      Price: £6 (this was bought in on of the Body Shops many sales at 50% off, usually costs £12)
      Bought from: The Body Shop

      Why did I buy this?
      I was in the body shop looking for a lip pencil and as they were having a 50% off sale I had a look at the other beauty products. I saw this item was only going to cost £6 so tried it on the back of my hand. I was lured by the sale and ended up leaving with more than I needed, oops!

      Packaging, size, contents and scent:
      This skin primer comes in a tube very similar to the shape of a lip gloss. It is 11cm long. The lid takes up 1.5cm of this length (it also passes my "does it shut tightly" test, no fear of it coming off by accident!). The tube is clear and has a silver band across one end and the lid is also silver. The liquid inside is clear too (but not quite clear so actually looks a tad grey) but it is very handy that it is a clear package as it means that you can see how much is left. I have used it around 6 times now and the liquid doesn't seem to have gone down, instead the tube is now full of little bubbles that fill the gap of all the liquid that has come out. The writing on the tube is black but not bold so is a little bit hard to read. The words The Body Shop are in the biggest font size, but since you are in the Body Shop and all products in their are Body Shop's own brand I think that they could have made the name of the product the biggest size so you can actually see what it is. The words Skin Primer, are half the font size so you really do have to look hard to see what it is. There are virtually no other details on this packaging other than to tell you it is 25ml and on the back is a peel off barcode that tells you inside that they are "against animal testing". Wasn't that always the Body Shop's big selling point, so why is it now only stated inside a peel off label in tiny type? Anyways, if you didn't know what primer was or how to use it, this packaging would be useless to you. Luckily I do know what primer is and what to do with it so when I finally read what the product was (after a bit of squinting) I tried it on the back of my hand. It felt lovely!!! I squeezed a small amount out of the tube and rubbed it in to the skin on the back of my hand. The tip of the tube only has a small opening so no fear of too much coming out and the tube is quite pliable so you can squeeze as much as you need. The primer is a clear thick gel. Once it touches your skin and you start to dry straight away. Even though it is a "wet" liquid, it feels like it is powder you are rubbing in to your skin, basically makes your skin feel like a rose petal to touch. This primer actually has NO scent at all. Weird as all others I have had have some kind of scent, but that's no bad thing, just unexpected.

      Does it work?
      So maybe not everyone cares if their skin feels like rose petals and the real question is, does it really prime your skin. Yes it does for me. For this primer I like to take 4 small finger tip size dollops and spot them on each cheek, forehead and chin, then start to rub in. Once I can feel it all over my face in a good even layer, I let it dry in for 3 or 4 mins. It actually feels dry quite quick, but I give it a couple extra mins to let it settle in to my skin. Then I apply my foundation, which smoothes on so much more easily when I have this primer on. Like I said, it feels like your skin is made of rose petals, all smooth and silky. I then apply the rest of my make up as normal. For me, this primer maybe doesn't make my make up last all day, for me the wow factor is that it makes my make up go on much easier in the morning and it feels like a real treat on the skin. I try not to use this every day as I like to mix up between a few different primers and BB creams as each have their own plus points but when I do use this it is on days when I feel I need a wee boost to make my skin feel extra nice. As the packaging makes no claims as to what it "should" do I can only assume that the Body Shop are happy that it only "primes" rather than elongates make up wear or reduces oily skin etc that other similar products do, so as a simple primer it does "prime" my skin ready for my make up.

      Overall this is a good little product. I do like the way it makes my skin feel but I wouldn't pay full price for it, I will look out for the next Body Shop sale before replacing it. The packaging is simple...but too simple. If you didn't know what it was or how to use it, it would be useless. A couple of stars off for the lack of info on the packaging and I think that at full price of £12 it is quite expensive for the 25ml size tube.


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        04.06.2013 23:18
        Very helpful




        Body shop primer

        I like to wear a primer under my normal make up since I think it helps to even out skin tone. However, I have no llegience to any specific product so when I wasalready in Body Shop and saw this one I decided to give it a go.

        The primer costs £12 for 25ml of the stuff and can be bought in store or online at www.bodyshop.co.uk

        The product promises to be suitable for allskin types and apparently absorbs excess oils to give skin a shine free finish. It is suitable to wear under foundation or over lip colour for a matte finish

        It comes in a small 25ml tube with the ingredients but no instructions on the back of the tube and has a screw on/off lid. When I get the little foil piece off and squeeze out a bit of the product I find that it is a kind of creamy gel rather than a definite cream. This seems to help the primer actually stay on my skin to act as almost a barrier for the foundation to be absorbed into my skin and so give the evened out skin tone. It is however nice and creamy and easy to apply to my skin and I find that a pea sized amount is sufficient for an application. Although there are no instructions I tend to dot it around my cleansed and moisturised face and then massage it into my skin and this seems to do the trick for a good even coverage.

        I have skin which tends towards the dry rather than oily and find that by using this product my make up stays in place for longer without becoming a bit flaky.it also seems to make the application of foundation much easier and more even because my skin is nicely moisturised before the foundation is applied.


        I would recommend this product as it really does do as it promises and provides a moisturised matte base for foundation. My make up stays in place for longer and for some reason I can't quite work out, it seems to be easier to remove at the end of the day. One thing I cant understand is why there are no instructions on the tube, although I assume the manufacturers think people know how to use it. Another issue I have is the fact that the tube is so small. I tend to use this even when using tinted moisturiser so almost every day and even using a pea sized amount it didn't last very long.

        I was impressed with the primer and did buy another tube although bigger sizes would be better.

        Recommended primer.

        Thanks for reading

        Daniela xx


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        15.03.2012 12:28
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A fantastic product - highly recommended! :)

        The Body Shop Face Primer - Moisturise it

        I have had this primer for about a month or so now and I have been using it every day since I bought it (from the body shop website, link at the end) and I love this primer. I have tried the matte it primer also from the body shop when I had oily skin but since my skin has become a lot drier due to eczema I had been using this primer.

        -Product description (from the American body shop website as the product description from the uk site is incorrect)

        "Create a perfect canvas for building a natural makeup look with a skin caring primer that creates a smooth and invisible layer to prepare the skin before the application of foundation, and helps makeup stay in place for longer. Best for: normal, dry and sensitive skin types".

        -About the product

        This primer comes in a tube container which I like as it is a lot more hygienic when compared to a pot/tub container. The tube contains 25ml or 0.84 us fl oz of product, which is not that much in my opinion. The tube is white, therefore you cannot see how much product you have left - also the only product information on the tube is the ingredient list, so if you do not know how to use this product then there is not instructions on the packaging (I have been using various face/eye primers for a couple of years so I know how to use them, although the lack of information on how to use this product would not be good if you are using a product like this for the first time).

        -Scent, consistency, colour and texture

        Firstly, this product is a creamy, gel therefore it has a gel like consistency which makes this product apply really quickly and easily to the skin. Also this product has a very smooth, silky texture, which again makes it apply very smoothly to the skin. The product itself is white in colour, although when applied and gently smoothed over the skin, the primer becomes clear - therefore this product would be suitable for all skin tones. The white primer also has a very slight iridescence of pink which does not really appear on the skin in my opinion but it definitely noticeable when you dispense some of the product. This product does not really have a scent, although it may have a slight plastic scent - this may be due to the plastic tube though.

        -How to use the product and application

        Using this product is really easy. I just wash and moisturise my face as normal, then I wait for a minute or so for my moisturiser to absorb slightly. I then take this primer and I apply it after my moisturiser but before my foundation/concealer. I dispense a small amount of this primer for each area of my face, for example, I dot a small amount on each cheek, one or two dots on my forehead and a small dot on my chin. You can just apply this primer where you need the primer to work and as this is a moisturising primer I apply this product to the places that are the driest for me; this is why I don't apply this product to my nose as my skin there is not dry. Once I have placed the primer in the places in which it is needed, I then gently smooth the primer over my skin - don't spend too much time working the primer into the skin as you could just rub off the product from your skin. Once I have smoothed over the primer my skin is smoother and ready for my concealer and foundation to be applied over the top of the primer. A primer is applied before foundation and concealer (and any other makeup) as a primer acts to create a film/barrier between your skin and your make up - also there are various primers that claim to do other things too. For example, there are mattifying primers for oily skin, brightening primers for dull skin, moisturising primers like this one and line/pore filling primers.

        -Results and longevity of my make up

        The results from this primer are fantastic in my opinion! Firstly, this product makes my skin smoother (not massively smoother, but smoother than before the primer was applied). The primer also creates a great base for my concealer, foundation and other products. I find that sometimes though out the day my skin/foundation can look a little bit cakey as my skin is really dry and when I use this primer my skin does not look cakey or dry at all though out the day, which is fantastic! As this primer stops my foundation from looking cakey/dry, it makes my foundation look good for longer which is great too - so it increases the longevity of my concealer and foundation. This product is fantastic for my very dry skin and I would definitely recommend this product for people with dry skin although it may work for individuals with 'normal' skin too. This product does not irritate my skin at all; therefore it may be good for other individuals with sensitive skin.

        -Overall positives

        The overall positives for this product in my opinion are as follows: this product is clear when smoothed over the skin, therefore it would be great for all skin tones. The product comes in a tube container, so it is quite hygienic. This primer smoothes on to my skin so quickly and easy and it does not really have a scent. Once applied this primer makes my skin feel really quite smooth and it stops my skin up from looking slightly cakey/dry throughout the day, which is fantastic as it makes my makeup look fresher and just as I applied it for longer.

        -Overall negatives

        The overall negatives of this product in my opinion are as follows: the packaging does not have any information on it other than the ingredient list, which may not be useful for people who are using a product like this for the first time. Even though I do not need a lot of product for each main area of my face, in total each time I use this product I use about a small pea sized amount - which is quite a lot to use especially as the tube only contains 25ml of primer.

        -Price and availability

        This primer can be bought from body shop stores and from body shop online, which is where I bought mine from and this primer is only available in 25ml tubes - and it is priced at £11, which I think is ok but not a great price as you do only get 25ml, which I am going through quite fast: as I use it 4/5 times a week and I use about a small pea sized amount each time. This product can only be purchased from the body shop, although you may be able to find it on ebay too.



        *Very easy to use and apply
        *Easy to smooth over my skin and it has a really smooth texture
        *White cream/gel but it turns clear when smoothed over the skin
        *Makes my skin smoother, it makes my makeup look great for longer and it also stops my make-up from looking slightly cakey/dry throughout the day, which is amazing!
        *A fantastic product for my dry skin and it also does not irritate my skin at all and I do have sensitive skin


        *Price for the amount that you get, and I am going through this product fairly quickly: as I use it 4/5 times a week and I use about a small pea sized amount each time
        *No other information on the tube/packaging other than the ingredient list

        www.thebodyshop.co.uk (although for the correct description of this product I would go to the usa body shop website).

        Thank you for reading my review - this review will also be posted on dooyoo under my username tigger1992


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