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Too Faced Glamour To Go Fairy Edition

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Brand: Too Faced / Type: Make up palette / Contains: Eyeyshadow, lip gloss, bronzer and blush / Suitable for: Face

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    1 Review
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      17.02.2011 16:18
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      Looks cute, but not worth the price in my opinion

      It's fair to say that the Too Faced Glamour to Go Fairy Palette was an impulse purchase. I have tons of make-up already, especially eye shadows, so this really wasn't a product I needed, but I was drawn in by a 3 for 2 offer and the irresistibly sweet packaging that this comes in. What can I say, they must have seen me coming!

      This palette was actually my first experience of the Too Faced brand. I'd read a lot about their products - particularly their Lip Injection gloss - but I'd never got round to trying it out for myself. The brand is actually relatively new only being established in 1998 and can be found in Boots stores and online at places such as ASOS.com and lookfantastic.com. I'm not sure if it is available anywhere other than Boots on the high street, but certainly that is the only place I have ever seen the brand.

      It is fair to say the packaging was the real pull for me when buying this product - it's just so cute and girly! It actually comes in a cardboard box, which has the same design as the front of the palette. Although the box is of no real use, I suppose it does make the product look a little more presentable if giving as a gift.

      The palette itself is actually fairly small, being around the same size as a credit card. The top of the palette has a picture of a beautiful jewelled frame, decorated with roses, bows and butterflies, and in the frame is a silhouette of a fairy. It's all very cute and sweet and incredibly girly! When you lift the lid, you will find a full sized, good quality mirror in the lid and a tray of eight different eye shadows. There is also a small tray in the base which contains a bronzer and blusher which are equal in size and a smaller size of lip gloss.

      The eight eye shadow colours are all quite different so you should be able to create a range of different looks from this palette, although there are some colours which compliment each other well and could be worn together. Having researched it, I was quite surprised to find that seven out of eight of these colours are not available individually, so if you have a favourite, you would need to buy a whole new set. The exception is London Calling, which can be bought as a single shadow from Boots.

      I'll give a quick rundown of the colours from the top row, going left to right. The shades aren't in order, so I've had to use guess work to match up which colour is what, but I'm 95% sure I've got them in the right order!

      ~PINK~ The first colour is a matte baby pink shade which has the rather uninspired name of 'pink'! Now I must admit to a bit of a fondness to soft pink eye shadow. I regularly wore a Maybelline pink for years, and now I own an ELF shadow in a similar colour, which again gets a lot of use from me. I thought this would be a colour I would get a lot of use from, but unfortunately that's not been the case. The problem with it, is simply that it is not very pigmented and doesn't show up on my skin very clearly. It's almost invisible in fact. I tried adding a slick of Urban Decay's primer potion underneath as this tends to make eye colours look stronger, as well as building up with several layers, but again it looks like I'm not wearing any colour on my eyelids. I'm all for the natural look, but this is just a waste of time!

      ~CHAMPAGNE SPARKLE~ The second colour is champagne sparkle, and this is a beautiful pale gold/beige colour with silver shimmer running through it. This is a lovely shade and perfect for a subtle look during the day. The shade is very pale, but unlike the pink it actually shows up on the skin! The silver shimmer is not too over the top, it just subtly catches the light every now and again which gives a really pretty look.

      ~MATTE BROWN~ Again not the most adventurously named shadow in the set, but describes it perfectly. It's actually quite a dark brown, this one and I admit that scared me a bit at first! When I actually got round to trying it out, I was surprised to find that it wasn't as pigmented as it looks. In the majority of cases this would be a bad thing to say about an eye shadow, but for me it was a positive as I felt it looked way to dark in the case. It goes on a mid brown and it's a good one to build up, so you can add more to intensify the colour should you wish.

      ~PEACH PINK SHIMMER~ Another shade that does what it says on the tin! I love this shade, I think I'd have to say it is one of my favourites from this set. A beautiful peach/pink shade with a silver shimmer, it gives a beautiful look for daytime and is very pretty and feminine. The only downside is that I think it's a little pale when first applied, so I have to add a good few layers to get the look I want.

      ~WARM GOLD~ Moving onto the second row we have warm gold. This is a very similar shade to Champagne Sparkle when on the eyes, but the shimmer and gold toned base stand out more, which makes it more suitable for nights out. It's a very glamorous colour this one, and looks really luxurious.

      ~GOLDEN BLACK~ Perfect for a smokey eye look, this colour is essentially black with a very fine gold shimmer running through it. Unfortunately the shimmer doesn't really stand out very well, but on the plus side this is quite pigmented.

      ~LONDON CALLING~ This shade is a very shimmery bronze. I found that this was probably one of the most pigmented shades in the set, and didn't need lots of layers to build it up. The colour does look rather orangey on the skin though, so of the bronze shadows I own, this is not my favourite.

      ~VINTAGE BLUE~ I am not one for blue eye shadow I must admit. It just reminds me of my mother in the 80's! I have only tried this once (for the purpose of this review) and as suspected I don't suit blue eye shadow! I was surprised at how sheer this goes on - it actually looks quite silvery blue, and if you wanted to achieve the same blue colour you see in the palette, you'll need to layer the colour to build it up.

      So that's the eye shadows colours! All are easy to apply and with the exception of Golden Black, there is very little fallout with these shadows, so you don't get loads falling onto your cheeks. I was surprised - and if I'm honest a little disappointed - that the majority of these aren't very pigmented and need to be built up with lots of layers. This is something I may have expected from a cheap brand, but Too Faced is fairly expensive (a single shadow costs £11 in Boots), so this was a real let down for me. The longevity of the eye shadows is fairly good. I find that I can wear them pretty much all day with no creasing.

      Of course, I'm not finished as there are three more products in the palette I have barely mentioned yet. The first is the blusher. Now I have tried it, but oh my God, this is pink! It is a ridiculously bright (almost luminous) shade and to me, looks clown-like on my skin. I would have thought it would have been a better idea to include a more neutral shade in a palette like this so that it would cater for more people. I cannot comment on the longevity of this blusher, because to be honest I wouldn't go out with it on!

      The middle product is the lip gloss, in a shade called Fairy Wings. It's actually a beautiful shade - a sort of dusky pink. You will need a lip brush to apply it, as although I did on one occasion try applying with my finger (a bit like a lip balm) it is quite messy. I absolutely adore this shade on my lips as I think it looks natural and glossy without being over the top. It's not sticky either which is great, however there is one little problem with it, which is that it's quite drying, and I can only really wear it for around 10 minutes at a time, before my lips feel like they're going to crack!

      The bronzer is hard to for me to judge because bronzer isn't something I often wear and the shade isn't ideal for my pale skin. It says on the Too Faced website that this is a best selling shade, but it doesn't actually say what the shade is! It goes on quite sheer and it has a subtle shimmer to it. Again, I have not worn this for long periods of time so can't comment on how long it stays on.

      This palette will set you back £16.50 from Boots. I do feel this is quite expensive, because despite the fact you are getting 11 products here, I don't feel the quality justifies the cost. Whilst some of the eye colours are lovely and ones I use regularly, I don't think the overall quality is great. The lip gloss is very drying and the blusher is an insanely bright colour. I don't think I'd buy this particular product again and in total honesty I wouldn't recommend it on the whole. I'd say it's much a case of style over substance, and I wouldn't recommend being sucked in by the packaging like I was!


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