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Too Faced Natural Eye Kit

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Brand: Too Faced / Type: Eyecolour / Suitable for: Face

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    4 Reviews
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      02.04.2012 13:29
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      I'm a bit of a makeup junkie, but when it comes to eyeshadow I just really don't care. I stick to the same few colours and shades 90% of the time because I prefer to change my lip colour instead of playing around with my eye makeup. I'm very much a neutral eye girl, none of these blues and greens on the eyelids for me! I know what suits me, what is appropriate and what makes my bright blue eyes pop. It's for this reason that I stopped buying MAC eyeshadows just because they were pretty (talk about waste of money..) and started buying palettes that catered towards my desired look. After shopping around, I decided on the Too Faced Natural Eye Kit (TFNEK). Having used this brand before, I knew that I'd be getting a good quality little palette that would enable me to change up my eye looks as and when I wanted to, but still stick to my natural beige, browns and golds.

      TFNEK is described as "everything you need to create the pretty, soft and slightly sexy 'natural eyes' you've seen on super models and celebrities and have always wanted to perfect for yourself." I was sold on that alone, but after looking at the test palette in Boots, I knew I had to have it.

      The palette comes packaged in an outer sleeve identical to the design on the palette itself. As I've had the palette for around 6 months now, I no longer have the sleeve, but it seemed to be a bit of a waste of packaging anyway.
      The palette itself is absolutely stunning. The cream base with nude and beige designs is perfect for the look the palette gives off. "Too Faced Natural Eye" is written across the front of the palette in dark brown whilst the centre of the palette shows a beautiful hazel eye done up with cream and brown eyeshadows.
      The back of the palette provides some information about natural eyes, shows the founder of Too Faced and explains how many eyeshadows are in the palette. I'm told that there are 3 2g shadows and 6 0.9g shadows. These are accompanied by a little illustration showing that the palette should be used within 12 months of opening it, as with any other makeup product, it can go bad and build too much bacteria over time.

      To open the palette, you simply tug on a little fabric tab on the front to pull up the magnetic lid. This reveals the 9 eyeshadows and unfortunately, another image of an eye instead of a mirror. Personally I'd have found the mirror far more useful, but the image of the eye isn't totally pointless! It's actually a little sleeve that contains 3 cards to show you how to use all of the eyeshadows to their best potential. I'll talk more about these later.

      The eyeshadows included in the palette are split into 3 different looks. Day, Classic and Fashion.
      Day contains
      Heaven - a matte, milky cream colour. This is the least pigmented of the bunch and the poorest quality in my opinion. It is slightly chalky, but the rest of the palette makes up for it. It's one of the 2g shadows.
      Velvet Revolver - a matte, light taupe colour. This is heavily pigmented but as it is a light shade, it gives the perfect natural look. It's much smoother than Heaven and there is nothing chalky about the feel of it.
      Sexspresso - a matte, dark brown colour. Again, this is heavily pigmented and you only need a tiny amount to go a long way. However, the quality of Sexspresso isn't as good as Velvet Revolver and is more on the chalky side.

      The Classic look contains
      Silk Teddy - a peachy, champagne colour with oodles of fine shimmer. This is creamiest, smoothest shadow of the lot in my opinion. There are no chunky monkey bits of glitter because it is so finely milled. Considering it's such a pale shade, the pigmentation is fantastic. My favourite of the lot. This is the second 2g eyeshadow.
      Push-up - a light shimmery bronze. This is very similar to Silk Teddy in terms of quality, smoothness and shimmer. The colour is absolutely stunning and would flatter anyone's skin tone in my opinion. As with Sexpresso, you only need a tiny amount of this.
      Erotica - a dark grey-brown with gold shimmer. This is one of my least favourites of the bunch due to the shimmer appearing to be sitting on top of the shadow and not being infused. The shimmer isn't chunky at all, but it's much more obvious that it hasn't been as finely milled as the previous two shimmers. It's still very highly pigmented and very creamy though, so my dislike for this is more due to the colour/shimmer colour than anything else.

      The Fashion look contains
      Nude Beach - a peachy, champagne colour with gold glitter. Think Silk Teddy on crack. This is perfect for an amped up natural eye, but the glitter is a little too chunky for my liking. This shadow can provide quite a bit of fallout too. Again, highly pigmented and very creamy, the chunky glitter is it's downfall though. This is the last 2g shadow.
      Honey Pot - a gold shimmer. Again, one of my favourites. This is along the same lines of quality as Silk Teddy except it is a much more true gold colour. Perfect for blue eyes.
      Cocoa Puff - chocolate brown with gold shimmer. This is a warmer, more flattering version of Erotica and fits in with the palette much better. The shimmer is much more fine in Cocoa Puff than in Erotica and therefore wins in all aspects of competition between the two. As with every eyeshadow in this palette, the pigmentation is outstanding.

      As I previously mentioned, the palette also comes with 3 cards explaining how to use the shadows and which ones to use with which others. However, the palette is set out in such a way that these cards are only needed for the less inspired or experienced of us! The 2g shadows go down the left side of the palette - these are the highlight colours for the 3 separate looks. The darkest browns run down the right side of the palette - these being the crease colours for definition of the eye whilst the lid colours run down the middle of the palette. The cards explain the very same thing except they also have a diagram for application. I have never used these, having only looked at them once upon purchase and again for this review. I would prefer a mirror took their place.

      My everyday eye look tends to be a little different than the recommended looks, I use Silk Teddy on my lids and then blend Push-Up throughout the crease. This gives a beautiful, but not too overpowering natural shimmering eye look. If I'm going straight out from work, I'll pop a little bit of Cocoa Puff in the crease too, just to darken it up.
      If I want to change my eyes up a bit, I'll use Honey Pot on the lid and Push-Up or Cocoa Puff in the crease. I use Heaven for highlighting my brow bone everyday, no matter which look I'm doing.
      I only tend to use Velvet Revolver and Sexpresso when I'm attending an event that shimmer eyeshadow may be inappropriate for. Interviews, funerals and the like. It defines the eyes in such a way that you can barely tell you have anything on, but it completely improves the look.
      I avoid Erotica and Nude Beach at all costs.

      These eyeshadows have relatively good staying power, however I do have regular eyelids so if you're someone with oilier lids than me, these might not be the best for you! I do find that even when I use a primer, the creamier shadows of the bunch crease after 4 or 5 hours and need touched up. This is normal for eyeshadows though, as even the Chanel shadows I've used have creased in less time than this.

      These eyeshadows are also very simple to remove and don't leave any staining or pigmentation on the skin after removal. Some eyeshadows I've used have been overly pigmented and have left feint stains on the eyelids until the next morning, so I was very pleased about this!

      Despite 6 of these shadows only containing 0.9g, I've only hit pan on 1 of them, proving that they are good quality for money. I use this palette everyday, sometimes two or three times depending on the occasions and looks I want to portray. They're best applied with good quality eyeshadow brushes, but my best friend has borrowed it a few times and just used her fingers. The application isn't as precise, but it still works well.

      This palette is available from any Too Faced stockist, but as I mentioned earlier I got mine in Boots. I paid roughly £25 for mine, which is excellent value for money considering the quality and quantity of shadows included. Boots currently charge £26 for this kit, but it now also includes a little drawer with a small makeup brush. This wasn't included with my kit so I can't comment on that, however for £1 extra, I think it's well worth it.

      I will 100% be buying this kit again as it is perfect for all of my eyeshadow needs. I completely recommend it to everyone who likes to keep their eyes more natural, but likes a bit of shimmer too. You can't go wrong with this kit at all.
      I'll be giving it 4 stars simply due to the chalky consistency of two of the shadows, but my heart wants to give it the full 5 stars!

      Thanks for reading!


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        17.02.2012 16:18
        Very helpful



        I would re-purchase only if I would buy for less than £10-£15

        Too Faced Natural Eye Palette

        My first experience with the Too Faced make up brand was my purchase of their Chocolate Soleil bronzer which is outstanding. When I saw their collection of natural eye shadows in one palette I was extremely interested as I love to use neutral eye shades. The problem was the price - Boots are currently charging £26- I would have to say this is a lot of money to spend on eye shadows, even though this palette offers something really different. I resigned myself to a watch and wait approach, and eventually I was rewarded by the sighting of the product on Ebay where it was retailing for £8. I had no hesitation in making my purchase and here follows my experience with this rather special palette.

        Beautiful Packaging
        The packaging is excellent. The palette is in a beautiful box which is opened by a short pink ribbon and a magnetic strip - it would grace any dressing table. Inside the box are 9 neutral shades, and inside the top of the lid are three special cards which contain instructions to guide you through the stages allowing you to create looks for different occasions. The box also has a small drawer which contains a dual ended applicator, (one is a sponge tip the other a liner brush) in case you do not wish to use your own brushes. My overall impression of this collection is that it is superb. I would say that as a gift it would be well received by anyone with an interest in make-up.

        Natural Shades
        Natural eye shadows are in some ways the easiest to work with, as they are less daunting than heavier colours and shades, but it takes a lot of practise to create special looks - too light in application and it can almost be too neutral. These shadows are anything but that, they are heavily pigmented and so with careful application you can create definite looks, rather than those which are too subtle to be worth spending time doing.

        Within the palette there are three shades which are 2g each and the remaining six are 0.9g -there is a reason for this. The three shades that are supplied in greater amounts are those that you use to cover the largest areas, and the remaining are contouring and blending shades. This is not just a collection of neutral browns, there are many more to choose from here - the colours are beautiful and I would say many of them are unique.

        To give you an idea of the colours here is a brief guide to their shades and attributes as I see them. First I must point out that the cards provided guide you through three different looks- Day, Classic and Fashion and the shades are arranged in three rows horizontally across corresponding to each look. Of course you don't have to follow the cards at all, you can mix and match to create any look you want, but there is something I love about copying their instructions- it is similar to the way that NYX label their shadows in their palettes, and the other US company- Wet and Wild has a similar approach. It gives you a good idea of what to put where, which is ideal if you are new to using eye shadows.

        The Top Row (All designed to create the "day eye")

        Heaven- Velvet Revolver and Sexpresso- these are all matte shades which have a lovely pigmented look and are gorgeous. Heaven is a matte cream, Velvet Revolver is a matte grey/brown and Sexpresso is a rich dark brown. Together they are beautiful-Heaven you sweep from lashes to brow, Velvet Revolver you blend into the crease and Sexpresso is used to line the lower lash lines.

        The Second Row- Classic Eye
        The second row is for the Classic Eye. Here you have Silk Teddy which is a shimmery pale peach. This shade is designed to be blended from crease to brow. The next shade is Push-Up which is a shimmery copper which you place all over the lid, and then there is Erotica which you blend into the crease and lower lash line. This is a dark but shimmery cool brown. The combination of these three shimmering shades is simply stunning, and they are ideal if you want to dress up a daytime look or go for a more glamorous early evening slightly sparking eye.

        The Bottom Row- Fashion- Let's Get Dramatic!
        The final and most dramatic look is achieved by the three colours in the bottom row which make up the fashion look. These shades are all shimmery again and this time there is a glittery champagne shade- Nude Beach which you sweep from crease to brow. Then you apply Honey Pot which is one of my favourite shades - a shimmering gold onto the inner lid and tear duct area, and finally Cocoa Puff which is a warm rich shimmering brown is blended into the outer lid crease upper and lower lash line.

        What I really love about these shades is that they blend together so easily and create a look which is so natural allowing shades to merge together without harsh lines. They also last well through the day especially if you prime your eye first. I will often use Mac Paintpots for this- the shade Painterly which is quite a nude shade or even Rubenesque which has a golden undertone make excellent bases.

        No Mirror?

        My only criticism aside from the price is that the palette has no integral mirror. I would like to see this incorporated as customers spending this sort of money should be given a mirror as standard.

        Check The Expert Review Site
        One of my recommendations before purchasing any shade or make of product is always to visit the cosmetic review site over at www.makeupalley.com. This I have found to be a tremendous resource especially for higher end cosmetics, and it has saved me many times from making expensive purchase mistakes. This website has a combined review rating of 4.2 out of 5 for this product with 79% of all reviewers stating that they would re-purchase. This is an excellent testament to the product that I can endorse with my own positivity with a few reservations.

        Final Thoughts
        The question remains would I re-purchase? The answer is simple- yes but only for £10-£15 or less. The reason is that I can't justify this sort of expense at £26 for a few shadows however good they are. The point is that although they are beautiful shadows they are a high end purchase, and I have many shadows that are cheaper and which yield excellent results. I think you are paying for the packaging and the unique design, but it has to be said some of the shades are unique and don't have dupes you can purchase more cheaply. The smaller shades are only 0.9g and soon run out if you use them with frequency so you are not getting a lot of product for your money. This is in contrast to their Chocolate Soleil Bronzer which I absolutely adore and would re-purchase even with the high tag, as it simply has no competition that I have found that even comes close to it in terms of what it achieves. With shadows there are more alternatives and price does not always equate with quality. In this instance it does, but sometimes it is hard to justify spending this level of money, it isn't as good value as I would like to see.

        I love this palette but it is too expensive at £26. The shades are beautiful and offer a unique look away from just brown tones. The packaging shows originality and the shadows last long and blend well together, it just comes down to price in the end.


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          06.11.2011 20:40
          Very helpful
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          Overall a great buy

          I was given this palette as a gift last year and was almost scared to like it too much because of the price, but since then it really has been one of the staples of my make up collection and I certainly will be purchasing it again when it runs out.

          As with all Too Faced products, the packaging is gorgeous. It's a sturdy little box that holds a pull out compartment underneath containing an applicator. Anyone who has travelled with compacts whether it be a long trip or inside a handbag will know the risk of digging it out and realising your products all smashed up. I find this has happened to me a few times (I've dropped a fair few pressed powders during the morning routine when my coffee hasn't quite kicked my clumsy brain into shape!) but rest assured I think the developers of this kit must have had this in mind, I just can't see how you could smash this thing.

          The kit itself contains three different suggested looks. I say suggested because I personally only stuck to the rows in the beginning when I was just starting out. For beginners or anyone looking for simple, beautiful looks the kit comes with three cards containing easy-to-follow diagrams of where to put each colour. I've tried all three and I'm a fan of the "Day" and "Classic" look for quickly applying before work or a shopping trip. I won't bore you with a run-down of all the shades, but there's a couple in this collection that I think deserve a special mention because they're something I can't seem to find anywhere else. "Silk Teddy" is one of these, a gentle beige colour, it sits in the middle row and (thank goodness!!) is one of the bigger sections of the palette meant for between the crease and eyebrow. This shade has a beautiful shimmer that really reflects light and will glam up even the most basic look. I use this colour more than any other eye shadow I own (although I may have to start rationing as I'm starting to see the dreaded shiny surface that means it's starting to run low  ). Another colour that is definitely worth a mention is "Erotica". This is a mixture of deep brown and a dark metallic gold/bronze that can create a really sexy dramatic smoky eye if used the right way. The beauty of all the shadows in the collection is that they really are so versatile and blendable that you can use the same three/four shades in different ways to create completely different looks just by changing the amount of product used and the way it's blended!

          The shadows also have a lot more staying power than I expected, and the great thing is you can wear a look all day at work, and quickly change it by adding some shimmer for night time. The only thing I think this kit lacks is a mirror, which would come in really handy in the situation stated above, and also more experienced make-up wearers should be aware that to create looks other than the three on the card and to use the palette to its full potential, you WILL need a crease brush etc as the applicator that comes with the kit is pretty basic.


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            23.09.2010 21:21
            Very helpful



            If you're looking for natural shadows, why look elsewhere?

            If anybody out there is looking to start an eyeshadow collection- Too Faced Natural eye kit is definitely worth a look.

            This kit contains 9 shadows- three shadows in each "look". One predominant colour (3x2g) and two contour colours (6x0.9g)

            The day look has a light cream, (a matte shadow which is highly pigmented and has the perfect consistency, the best highlighting shadow I've ever used) a midtone brown and a very dark brown with very very fine gold glitter.

            The classic look has a light pink with pink shimmer, a midtone reddish brown with gold fine glitter and a darker gold/brown with gold shimmer.

            The fashion look is my favourite. The predominant shadow is the same light pink as the classic with coarse silver glitter, there is also an amber gold colour with gold shimmer and a very dark brown with lots of gold glitter.

            The set comes with cards inside which show how to apply the shadows according the look you are going for. Don't be restricted by this however, the most fun is in mixing it up and trying it all for yourself. The instructions are not the clearest I've read so if you are slightly less experienced with makeup a little practice will be required but that's okay- practice makes perfect after all!!

            There is also a pullout drawer in which there is two double ended sponge tip applicators. I have never used these as I prefer brushes but they appear pretty standard.

            I have never heard of Too Faced being commended for their eye shadows but they should. I have this set and the Smokey eyes set and between them I don't use much else. As with all makeup sets there are shadows better than others but the three predominant colours of this pallette... "heaven" "silk teddy" and "nude beach" are amongst the best shadows I've ever used.

            BUT IT NOW!!


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