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Too Faced Quickie Chronicles

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Brand: Too Faced / Type: Eyeshadows / Suitable for: Face / Gender: for Women

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    4 Reviews
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      05.01.2010 21:38
      Very helpful
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      Gorgeous looking makeup

      This is a review of the quickie chronicles by too faced. I had a moment of madness clearly as I was so taken by these I bought three of them! The are approximately £18 in Boots but you can pick them up cheaper on ebay.

      I just loved the way they are made to look like little books but they are very clever, as they have a magnetic strip which keeps them shut and makes them ideal for when you're on the move.

      I have got 'The fabulous flirt' - a pink pleasure palette - which has a gem studded cover and inside a pinky blusher, four lipglosses in pinky colours and three eyeshadows in silver, pink and grey, all with a subtle sparkle in them. You also get two double ended brushes to do eyes and lips but you do need your own bigger brush to apply the blush.

      The second palette is called 'the tropical tease' - spiced rum palette- you get the same brushes. a bronzer, three brown eyeshadows and four darker brown lipglosses.

      The third palette is called 'the bathing beauty' - the summer sunset palette - and comes again with the same brushes, bronzer, four pale pink and brown lipglosses and three eyeshadows in turquoise, taupe/mink and pink.

      I think the quality of too faced make up is excellent. It's like a pressed pigment so the colours are intense and very high quality. I prefer to use my own brushes with them but that's because I like a longer handle. The ones they supply are handy for on the go.

      I know I'm a sucker for makeup but everything about the quickie chronicles ticks my girlie boxes from the well thought out packaging to the quality of the makeup. I don't use the lipglosses as often as I prefer a tube with a wand on it when I'm on the go but I do use them at home with a brush and they are a bit sticky, but not too bad. All the colours are usable and look nice on too.

      I have used the pink palette most but they have lasted me a long time so having three is probably a bit excessive! I 've got my eye on a couple more in the range and would buy again if I ever finish these. They are slimline and don't take up much room.


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        20.05.2009 00:03
        Very helpful



        This is an essential to any girls home made make up counter, what isn't to love about this product.

        Too Faced quickie chronicles
        This is an essential to any girls home made make up counter, what isn't to love about the Quickie Chronicles.


        Jerrod Blandino, an exciting young makeup artist working behind the counter at Saks, couldn't find the exciting shades, rich pigments, and silky textures he desperately wanted for his clients (some of which were of the A-list celebrity variety). So he did what any logical, creative-minded person would do--he began whipping them up himself. So after long days at work, Jerrod spent his nights mixing and melting colors at home and delivering his custom concoctions (in paper cups) to clients the next day.
        With a funky style of his own, and an obsession with all things makeup, Jerrod started to make a name for himself and soon, Hollywood came calling. With a growing list of star-studded clientele clamouring over his signature creations, Jerrod's talent for turning ordinary girls into sophisticated glamourinas became legendary. But after months of making a mess of his kitchen and ultimately destroying his microwave in the process, Jerrod was at a crossroads--and itching to get out from behind the makeup counter.
        Enter Jeremy Johnson, a cosmetics marketing guru who also happened to be Jerrod's best friend. Jeremy noticed the frenzied demand for Jerrod's shimmering and sparkling made-to-order makeup and encouraged him to turn this hobby into a business. And so his very own makeup brand was born.
        But what to call it? Jerrod, stealing a phrase cooked up by him and his friends at the makeup counter (referring to those high-maintenance makeup junkies who's world comes to a screeching halt upon hearing that the their favourite lipstick is out of stock, or gasp! discontinued) named it Too Faced
        Source:- www.sephora.com

        Beautiful beauty counter items, packaged and designed with more intelligence than is usually lent to make up palettes. I actively bought into the Too Faced 1950's starlet brand and felt that the concept delivered on so many levels incorporating packaging, quality of product and general usability.

        *****The Packaging****
        The packaging is divine, styled as a Kitsch 19050's romance/pulp novel featuring an array of beautifully made up beauties pouting for all that they are worth. An added bonus is the size, the palettes are an adorable hand sized booklet and can easily fit into any make up junkies make up bag.

        Each Quickie Chronicle is themed with a genre defining story board enlightening the consumer as to what type of girl owns and wears each Quickie Chronicle.

        For example:- Story board:
        She had always been a good girl. She played by the rules, never kissed on the first date and agreed daddy always knew best. But then this innocent girl picked up the "Quickie Chronicles," and honey, she was never the same. Kits contain 3 coordinating shadows, 4 glosses and 1 brush.
        Source:- Too Faced Make up palette

        The titles themselves are enough to send me into a make up lusting frenzy. An example of some are:-
        The Plaything of Passion, The Fabulous Flirt, The Bathing Beauty, The Sex Kitten, The Temptress, The Summer Lover & The Starlet.

        Each Quickie Chronicle contains 4 Lip Glosses, 3 Eye shadows and one blusher & applicators.
        What I also loved about this product is the versatility of each palette as each one appears to cater a particular skin tone and even just two palettes could be combined to create a unique personalised look.

        The make up is of a good quality standard and I found that each item has good durability throughout the day and the eyeshades blend really easily without creasing. I also found that each palette had a unique scent which was never unpleasant.

        I think the Quickie Chronicles are no longer available as part of the current Too faced range but can be found at various make up websites and EBay and due to this prices do vary, so I am not confident in advocating a general price range.

        A great addition to any make up bag and a simple, effective way to create a new look with good quality products encased in beautiful packaging.


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          25.11.2008 12:23
          Very helpful



          if you an find it cheap enough on ebay it's a bargain!

          It has very cute packaging. I have this and the cupcake and definitely prefer the cupcake more. the blush is more of a shimmery powder for your face and the lighter shade of eyeshadow doesn't show up at all except as shimmer.

          The darker shade of dark plum eyeshadow works well for smokey eye but that's about it. the glosses were a nice consistency but weren't that pigmented. the were more pearley than the ones in the cupcake palette but were still good all the same.

          The texture of the lippies is very nice; they're quite creamy and feel nice on the lips. Not an exceptional amount of lasting power on the lippies though and I found them a little drying so in the future I will put a balm on underneath. I think the lippies would look gorgeous on top of a lipstick to add some shimmer and depth to a lip look.

          Overall it's a very practical (perfect size to stick in a purse for travel) and wearable palette and I would purchase again/rec. it to someone who wears purple e/s.


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          30.07.2008 12:35
          Very helpful



          A nice treat if you can get it discount.

          If you're looking for a totally adorable makeup treat, you might not have to look any further. Too Faced's Quickie Chronicles range are kitsch, quirky and adorable!

          These palettes are designed to look like a book, with a retro 50s-style print as the cover. Each 'book' has a picture of its star on the cover, and the colours and title represent this, for example The Temptress, The Flirt, The Cupcake, The Life of the Party, etc. There are a lot available, I haven't been able to find a complete list as some are a bit rarer than others, but there are at least 10 and they come in two sizes, small or large, costing around £3.99 to £7.99 respectively (RRP £11-18 but why pay more if you can shop online?)

          Small palettes contain two shadows, two lip glosses and a blush (no applicators). Large contain three shadows, four glosses, a blush, shadow applicator and lip brush.

          I will be reviewing the small version of The Temptress, which I bought for £3.99 from Save on Makeup. It is described by Too Faced as the "passionate plum" palette. On the back of the book there is a synopsis if you like, which in this case reads: "The Temptress had been around the block a few times and did not care how many hearts she broke on her way. Sexy, smokey eyes, pink cheeks and chococlate cherry lips were her uniform. Men wanted her, and women wanted to be her."

          The palette measures about 3x2 1/2 inches (I am not the best at guessing measurements, however!) and is made of sturdy cardboard, magnetically snapping shut. The inside of the palette is plain black paper, a mirror would have been a welcome touch inside the lid. The glosses and shadows are cushioned with black foam, but it's more rubbery than spongy so doesn't look tacky or cheap. The whole thing is totally adorable, in fact! It is a great size for slipping into your handbag although of course you would also need to pop in a brush.

          The Temptress has a really light blush, a champagney shimmery shadow, a dark plum shadow, a light petal pink gloss and a mid brown-red gloss. For me the blush was far too light, only really showing shimmer rather than colour. I haven't used it at all after trying it, but it might be good for a natural summer look if you don't mind too much shimmer on your cheeks.

          The two shadows, however, are wonderful quality, highly pigmented and blend seamlessly together to create a really nice look which you can make as dramatic or as subtle as you want. I have used the two colours together on my lid, the plum on my lid with champagne as a highlight, and the champagne on my lid with the plum as a liner. They don't crease with a primer, and don't fade during the day.

          The glosses I am not really a fan of. They feel quite thick and almost heavy, applying with a finger would be messy and using a brush it seems like you really need a lot to make it noticeable at all. They do however smell lovely, it really does smell of chocolate cherry, in fact the whole palette does as soon as you open it, so the smell does linger on your lips as long as you can bear the gloss, in my case!

          My main faults, besides colour preferences not being totally for me, and the gloss just not suiting me well, are the lack of an applicator (even though I don't use them much, would be nice for travel) and mirror in the small set, and the fact that it gets quite messy. There is a lot of fall-out when you dip the brush in, the shadows and blush seem quite loose, and this sticks all over the black foamy part, making it look messy even on the first use.

          Overall this is a really cute palette and the products are good quality even if they don't all work for me. I look forward to trying others in the series that have colours more suited to me, I did buy this one on a whim as it was cheap and there wasn't a great selection on that particular site. The range goes from quite cute, girly neutral colours (The Cupcake) to vibrant going out shades (Life of the Party) and it's perfect for slipping into your bag or going away as you have all your products in a dinky palette, but a decent quantity of each.


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        • Product Details

          Too Faced Quickie Chronicles / The Temptress is a passionate plum face palette which contains two eyeshadows, two lipglosses and a blusher which comes in a handy handbag size / The Temptress has been around the block a few times and payed little attention to how many hearts she broke / Sexy smokey eyes coupled with pink rosey cheeks and unforgettable chocolate cherry lips is what every man desired and what every woman wanted to have /

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