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Secret Liaison Eyeshadow Palette

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Brand: Topshop / Type: Eyeshadows / Suitable for: Eye

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    1 Review
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      16.09.2011 17:15
      Very helpful



      A good palette but it has some flaws - the flaws being the two darker shades :(

      Topshop Secret Liaison Eyeshadow Quad/Palette

      The topshop make up line has been available to buy instores and online for months now and I have not really found any product that I really liked and had to buy, until a couple of weeks ago. This eyeshadow quad/palette is part of their new smoke and mirrors collection - they have two other collections: the core collection and the sandstorm collection. The smoke and mirrors collection is a limited edition range of products just for autumn/winter and it is inspired by the 70's - "Embrace the high glamour of the early 70s" (topshop uk).

      - About the product and the packaging

      "Four complementary eyeshadow colours to create a gorgeous smokey eye look. Use the highlight colour to brighten the whole eyelid, add colour from outside corner and into crease, finish with the darkest colour to line." The palette contains 4g or 0.14 oz of eyeshadow. The palette on the whole is called: "Secret Liaison" but the colours/shades themselves do not have names. Item code is: 20T01ZBRN. Some of the ingredients in the eyeshadows includes: Talc, Mica, Silica, Corn starch, iron oxides and potassium sorbate.

      One of the main positives about this product, in my opinion, is the divine packaging. The packaging reminds me of the limited edition tortoise shell collection from Bobbi brown (this collection was released this summer) as the packaging looks is really similar - in terms of the design and colours of the packaging. The palette comes in a small cardboard box which has a matte black finish but the front of the box has a gold/yellow geometric design. The palette itself is made out of plastic and it feels very strong and durable - which is great as I think it will be able to withstand being thrown in my bag and make up draw. The quality of the palette/packaging is really high, I did not really expect the packaging to be as good as it is. The lid of the palette is also really strong so it will not open in your bag. The colour of the palette is dark orange/red/copper colour which looks gorgeous and really high quality. The geometric design that is on the front of the box is also on the lid of the palette. Overall, I think the packaging is really nice and the palette itself feels very durable and of a high quality.

      - What is in the palette?

      The palette contains four eyeshadows, a double ended sponge applicator and a large(ish) mirror is situated within the lid. There are two shimmery shades in the palette and there are two matte shades. The two shimmery shades are also the lighter colours and are as follows: a light shimmery beige/champagne (top left) and a shimmery orange (top right). The two dark matte shades are as follows: a deep plum/purple (bottom left) and a medium brown (bottom right).

      - The four eyeshadows

      Firstly, the light beige/champagne shade, this is the lightest shade in the palette and it is a shimmery shade. I love this shade as it is so wearable - like all of the shades in the palette. The shade is a really pretty colour and it has a really nice smooth texture - this is due to the silica in the eyeshadows (silica is commonly used in cosmetics) to make the eyeshadow have a smooth texture and to make the shadows apply smoothly to the skin. This eyeshadow is really nice to apply due to the texture, which makes the eyeshadow feel soft, smooth and creamy on my skin. I apply this product with a small brush as I mainly use this shade to highlight my inner corner (which makes your eyes look bigger and more 'awake') but I also use this shade as a easy, simple all over the lid colour and I use this shade to highlight my brow bone - it only creates a subtle, natural highlight. It has a good colour pay off - it has a good amount of pigmentation but it can look a little bit powdery sometimes. Overall, I really like this shade it can be used as a highlight and as an all over the lid colour. It has a super smooth, creamy texture and it stays on my lids for ages!

      * Shade: 4/5 - it has lost one point as it is a really general shade that can be found in a lot of palettes
      * Texture: 5/5
      * Pigmentation: 4/5
      * Longevity: 5/5

      Secondly, the last shimmery eyeshadow in the palette, it is a gorgeous orange shade. This shade seemed a bit odd to me for this palette as I did not see at first how it would work with the other shades and also as in the palette it is a bright shimmery orange colour! But it is so wearable as on my pale skin tone it appears not as a bright orange but as a gorgeous golden peach shade, which in my opinion looks so nice. This shade works really well with the light champagne shade next to it in the palette and it is great for everyday wear. This shade has the most amazing texture ever! It has a really smooth and soft consistency and when I apply this shade to my skin it just feels incredibly smooth and creamy - which makes applying this product really nice and it also means that the shade is super easy to blend. I use this shade as an all over the lid colour as you can not really use it for anything else, such as a highlight and obviously not a eyebrow colour. I apply this shade with my finger tips as it is really easy to blend using my fingers and it is very quick and easy to apply/blend all over my lids. The pigmentation of this shade is really good, the shimmer comes though clearly and on my skin the shade looks like golden, peachy and metallic, due to the fine shimmer particles. This shade lasts for a good few hours on my skin which is great and it works well light shades in my other eyeshadow palettes too. Overall, I think this is a fantastic shade and I don't think a shade like this is any other palette that I have seen or owned.

      * Shade: 5/5 - full marks due to its uniqueness
      * Texture: 5/5 - as the texture is feels very smooth and creamy
      * Pigmentation: 5/5
      * longevity: 5/5

      Thirdly, the purple/plum shade (bottom left of the palette). This shade is one of the two matte shades in the palette, this means that it has no shimmer at all. This shade looks like a really nice plum, purple in the palette but when it is on my skin it is a more browny purple and it also looks a bit darker on my skin than it does not the palette. This shade, like the previous two shades, has a nice smooth texture but it is no where near as creamy as the two shimmery shades. It is nice to apply and it can be built up or made more subtle - to make this shadow more intense I tried dampen my eyeshadow brush and then applying the shadow. Although I find that if I put a slightly damp brush into these matte eyeshadows they tend to not be as pigmented in that area where the damp brush touched. So instead you could just pat the eyeshadow on to your lid and just keep adding more shadow until you get the colour pay off and intensity you want. This shade is really easy to blend but I find that as I am blending this shade it can make the eyeshadow look a bit patchy - blending seems to make this shade less intense in some areas and normal in others. This shade does have a good colour pay off and it looks nice on my pale skin but this shade, even with a primer underneath, creases easily. Overall, I like the colour of this shade, it is easy to apply and it makes a good, subtle eyeliner but it creases easily and it goes a bit patchy when blending.

      * Shade: 5/5
      * Texture: 4/5
      * Pigmentation: 4/5
      * Longevity: 3/5 - and it creases easily

      Finally, the last shade in the palette is the medium matte brown shade. Again, like the plum shade, this eyeshadow has no shimmer, metallic or glitter particles. This shade is really nice, it is a good neutral brown colour which is great as an all over the lid colour (the main way I use this eyeshadow), it can be used as a subtle/natural powder eyeliner, it is a nice crease colour and it could be used as an eyebrow colour (to fill in and define eyebrows). I use this shade mainly as an all over the lid colour as it does not show up really strongly - it has a fairly good colour pay off but it is not great. This shade is the worst out of the four in the palette in terms of longevity as it creases really easily - without a primer this shade creases in under an hour! It is fairly good as an eyebrow colour, as I have dark brown hair I can use this as a shadow to fill/define in my eyebrows. This shade is not the darkest shade in the palette, as I thought it would be, the plum shade is the darkest. The plum and brown in my opinion don't look fantastic together (it just kind of makes a bit of a bruised colour, not the best look) unless you apply both shades subtly. I like applying this shade on my upper lash line, really close to the lashes, in a thin line as it makes my lashes look thicker but still keeps my makeup looking natural. Blending this eyeshadow is really easy, I find it blends well and it has a really nice, smooth texture too. Overall, I like this shade as a lid colour, brow colour and also as a subtle eyeliner to make my lashes look fuller/thicker but it does not have the best pigmentation and it is, in my opinion, quite a generic shade and similar shades could be found in other palettes.

      * Shade: 4/5
      * Texture: 4/5
      * Pigmentation: 3/5
      * Longevity: 2/5 - as it very creases easily

- Longevity of the eyeshadows

      I find that some eyeshadows in this palette last longer on my skin that others. For example, the two shimmery light shades last a lot longer on my eyelids than the two darker matte shades. I find that the dark matte shades do crease really easily - I tested them their ability to withstand creasing by applying them without a primer and observing how long they will last without creasing. I found that the two darker shades lasted about an hour and then they started to crease quite badly. Whereas the two lighter shades did not crease for a good few hours. With a primer the matte darker shades lasted about two hours before they started to crease.

      I would definitely recommend using a good primer (such as the urban decay primer potion or the too faced shadow insurance is supposed to be really good) underneath the two darker shades in this palette as they do crease really easily and they do not tend to last all day on my lids. On the other hand the two lighter, shimmery shades did not tend to fall down (where bit of the shimmer falls onto the under eye area) while applying or through out the day and they did not really need a primer. But I would always put a primer on before eyeshadow just to make sure the shadow lasts for as long as possible.

      - Additional information

      The applicator that comes with this palette is a normal double ended sponge applicator, these can be found in cheap beauty stores individually and they can also be found in almost every single eyeshadow palette I have purchased. I find this applicator does not apply the eyeshadow very well at all as it just tends to hold onto the shadow and not apply it to my skin - so I would just throw these sponge applicators away (maybe if companies stopped making these awful applicators to put into palettes they could possibly reduce the price of the palette?). Note: the eyeshadows are easy to remove, I just use a make up wipe or my lush eau roma water toner to remove them easily - and I have had no reaction to the shadows either.

      - Price and availability

      I bough this palette the day that I saw it had been released, as it did look amazing and they visuals for the palette looked amazing too. I bought this product from www.topshop.co.uk and it is priced at £12.50 - if I had purchased it from the store I could have used my student card to get 10% off.



      * Absolutely fabulous (no not the tv series!) packaging
      * Easy to use, the shadows are easy to apply and remove
      * Plastic packaging/case is feels very durable and lid is really secure
      * The shadows do not irritate my skin
      * Mirror in the palette is great for using this product on the go
      * Really small, lightweight and compact - great for traveling
      * Resonable price in my opinion
      * Gorgeous shades - the shimmery shades look so pretty on
      * The shimmery shades have an amazing smooth and creamy texture which makes they super easy to apply and blend
      * The darker shades are also easy to apply and have a smooth texture
      * Can create a fairly wide range of looks using the palette
      * The longevity of the shimmery shades is great!


      * The two matte darker shades crease in about an hour (without a primer)
      * The medium brown shade is a bit generic
      * The medium brown shade does not have the best pigmentation and the plum colour can look a bit patchy when blended

      For more information: www.topshop.com

      Thank you for reading my review - this review is also posted on ciao under my username labellavita1992


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