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Ultra.glow Magic Lips Starter Pack

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Brand: Ultraglow / Type: Lipstick / Suitable for: Lip

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    1 Review
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      06.08.2009 16:25
      Very helpful



      Great lip stain that lasts all day, great colours, will last a very long time so worth the money.

      Ultra Glow Magic Lips Collection (Lip Stain)

      ~About Ultra Glow~
      Ultra Glow have been going for over 20 years, I remember it used to be sold on QVCUK and that was years ago, unfortunately they don't stock Ultra Glow now.

      Ultra Glow are renowned for their Magic Lips (stain) collection.

      They sell a rang of cosmetics from:
      * Bronzing Powder
      * Highlighter and Concealer
      * Lip Gloss in a range of colours
      * Mascara in black and brown (Cocoa)
      * Mineral Shimmers (used as shimmer or eyeshadow) in a range of colours and collections
      * Magic Lips collection or you can buy your favourite individually
      * Whole Beauty Without Cruelty range
      * Lip Stick Stains in a range of collections and colours
      * Cleansing creams and more

      ~About the Product ~
      All Ultra Glow's products are dermatologically tested and approved.

      All Magic Lips products are like normal lipsticks except there is sand, white, gold, green, peach, red, yellow and blue (which looks like purple).
      Instead of being a lipstick they are a lip stain, which means 12 hours of colour. They will stay on while swimming, kissing, drinking, eating, wont mark cups or glasses and more.
      You can use them as a colour base and apply another lipstick or gloss over the top and you're ready to go.

      They are none drying with aloe vera and vitamin E to help to keep lips moisturised throughout the day. They are soothing, healing and help to reduce inflammation of chapped lips.
      It also has anti-oxidant ingredients to help with environment pollution.

      Because they are "wacky" colours please don't think the green lip stain will come out green etc. All Ultra Glow's Lip Stains are designed to change colour with the pH level of your lips. So everyone who wears the green one will have a different shade of colour because of their individual pH level. So every colour is unique to you.

      Ultra Glow state to test the colours on your fingertips for the same effect as you will get on your lips. I have tried this and have to say it doesn't work very well as you have a different pH balance on your lips to your fingertips but you get the gist of the colour.

      Like for me I tired the white on my finer tips and it came out a nice sheer pink and on my lips it was bright pink so fingertip application you can be fooled.

      With me with all the colours come out red/pink/bright pink but then again I have tried some cheaper lip stains (the green one) and that said it would come out a lovely pink and it came out red on me so I guess that is just my natural pH balance. But like I said it wont come out like that on everyone, as you will have a different pH balance to me.

      Also be warned if you do test on your fingertips they wont come off as the stain will remain.

      ~Where to buy and Price of Product~
      Theses lip stains are £23.48 for the entire collection (8 lip stains). Post and packaging is free if you live in the UK.

      I bought them from there website http://www.ultraglowshop.co.uk just look under Magic Lips on the left hand side bar.
      If you just want one colour then there priced at £4.16 each.

      All Magic Lips packaging is in normal size lip sticks containers. They are 4g in size. I bought the whole collection and they came packaged

      ~Personal Review~
      I bought theses years ago when I was in my teens from QVC and back then I hated them, I hated any colour that was too bright on my lips so I gave them away apart from the yellow one as that was the only one I could wear without feeling self conscious.

      Now I am coming into my early 30's I can't get enough of them, I love the look of black eyeliner and a red/bright/pink lip. The look in itself is glamour's and great if you're running late but want to look like you've made an effort.
      Because you only need to apply once a day theses lip stains will last you a long time. Well worth the money.

      Personally I love theses, they do that they say they do and stay on! Fair enough I don't love all the colours but I defiantly have my favourites.

      Would I buy again?


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      Get one of every ultra / glows shades to match your wardrobe and mood!

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