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Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. lll

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6 Reviews

Brand: Urban Decay / Type: Eyeshadows

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    6 Reviews
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      14.03.2012 19:51
      Very helpful



      A great palette with a mixture of brights and neutrals.

      I got this as a Christmas present, and I have to say, I love it! I have always been a huge fan of Urban Decay products since I discovered them a couple of years ago. I find that they are always really good quality, and they are also cruelty-free, so no animal testing. I think that's something that is important to a lot of people nowadays.

      This is a gorgeously designed palette with a New York theme. When you open the lid, you are greeted by some awesome illustrations based on famous New York scenery, and some cute fashion-related drawings. It even lights up, which is a nice touch! Visually I can't fault this palette, it is well designed and laid out, and it feels like a quality product. It also isn't too bulky, which is a bonus.

      There are 16 large eye shadows inside, 2 mini eye liners, and some of Urban Decays famous primer potion.
      I think that the eye shadows they have included are really diverse with a nice mixture of neutrals and brights. The formula's are gorgeous as you would expect, silky and non creasing, they really do last all day! There are some glittery shadows which I am a big fan of.

      I have always loved Urban Decay eye liners - they are super creamy and long lasting. You get a purple and black one, which I think are very wearable.

      The primer potion is ideal for using as a base for your eye shadows, it stops it from creasing, which I don't think these shadows really do anyway.

      All in all, this is a great product and would make a lovely gift for any make up lover.


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      12.08.2011 22:50
      Very helpful



      When can be nicer than chocolates in box ,this is your anwser

      Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. lll is the third genius idea Urban Decay have come up with not one the norm when it comes to what you would usually expect from a set.It is fun and imaganative and perfect for creating and experimenting with ,lets just say boys have toys well this is one for the girls .Opening it up will be like when u first got to try on your mother or sisters makeup for the first time and an event calender in one teamed with a musical jewellery box this all the little things that bring a little smile to your face.I saw the first one when i use to work in a west end department store these where selling faster than hot cakes very in demand.The girls working there had amazing colour eyeshadows on and eyeliners plack and one purple you can see even without testing that the makeup was of a good quality.I was even asked to be a model to have a makeup demonstration done on me which was fun obviously as i got to try out even more colours and things they had to offer.There great as gifts and will definatley be appriciated there are so many diffrent colours in this set 16 to be exact,also you have a eyeshadow primer which allows your eyeshadow to stay on longer and two eyeliners which help to change up your eyeshadow style.The box is like a pop box with its fab new york city night light vibe.


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      18.02.2011 00:37



      colourful eye shadow palette

      This 3rd instalment of UD's book of shadows is a collection of different colours and textures and if you're new to UD and you like colour, you'll love this palette. I believe you can get these from places like boots and Debenhams for about £30 and for the amount of shadows you get, this is excellent value for money!

      There are only a couple of draw backs for me as I'm already an avid UD eye shadow collector and that is that there are quite a few repeats and only 2 originals which I don't already own from previous single eye shadows or palettes. Also, the case is quite bulky, it's made of card board which is quite durable but it's a bit big and bulky to carry around travelling. There's also a pop up feature at the top which doesn't make it that much bulkier but aside from it being cute for the first few times, I don't quite see the point in.

      I think this would make a great gift as there are 16 shadows in different colours and finishes and 2 pencils and a mini primer potion which is absolutely wonderful and makes your eye shadow last all night.

      The quality of these shadows and pencils are great; they blend well, are very vibrant and last forever... petty much till you remove your make up. So I would highly recommend this, especially if you haven't' tried UD before!


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      16.01.2011 15:30
      Very helpful




      Being the lucky sod that I am, I was spoiled rotten at Christmas time. One of my favourite, and most used gifts this year is the final addition to my Urban Decay collection - Urban Decay Book of Shadows 3, otherwise known as the Urban Decay NYC palette. I've always been a huge fan of Urban Decay and anyone who knows me will tell you that I usually gravitate towards my Urban Decay palettes when it comes to doing my makeup. This palette is the most recent, and most gimmicky release in the Book of Shadows collection.

      If you've seen any of the Urban Decay BOS palettes before then you'll know that they aren't exactly the smallest or most sleek palette around, but I think that this kind of adds to the appeal. The NYX palette in particular is very much like a box, with a drawer at the front that pulls open to release the products. The top of the palette flips open (and is held closed by magnets) to reveal a mirror and a crazy NYC pop up scene. Unlike any of the palettes before, this one contains lights so you could even do your makeup in the dark if you have a power cut! Urban Decay are known for their beautiful packaging, but I think they may have gone a little far with the whole pop up effect - we aren't reading a children's book now, are we? It all seems a little gimmicky, and is probably aimed towards the collectors more than anyone else. The pop ups have been illustrated fantastically though, they host images of famous New York buildings, taxis, scenery, landmarks and random people that seem to fit in well with the New York stylings of the packaging. The front of the lid simply says UD♥NYC, except this hosts photos of the city instead of illustrations.

      Okay, okay, enough about the packaging! Upon opening the drawer you'll be met with 16 0.8g eyeshadows - slightly smaller than the full size Urban Decay eyeshadows. You are also given two of the famous 24/7 eyeliners and a mini primer potion. We already have great value for money as the palette costs £30, which is less than you would pay for 2 eyeliners and a full sized shadow!

      I have previously reviewed Urban Decay Primer Potion, so I won't say much on that. It is a great addition to the palette though, and I'm always impressed when Urban Decay include a primer potion as it really does ensure that you are getting the best out of the shadows.

      I have never reviewed the liners, although I do intend on doing so shortly. The liners you get with this palette are Zero and either Flipside or Ransom - this is due to Urban Decay producing separate batches of the product and including different liners in each of the batches. Mine came with Zero and Ransom which seems to be the most common (and most popular) combination.
      Zero - an intense, creamy black with no added glitter or shimmer. Perfect for a smokey eye or for simply defining your peepers!
      Ransom - a deep, yet vivid purple colour.
      Flipside - bright teal.
      The liners are both very creamy, just as you would expect from these world famous eyeliners. My only issue with them is that the smudge fairly easily, which can be both good and bad. For me, it's bad, you can make your own mind up though.

      The eyeshadows included are:
      Perversion - an intense matte black, the only matte eyeshadow in this palette. No noticeable fallout.
      Uzi - shimmery white, this includes a lot of silver glitter and produces a lot of fallout. I recommend you apply this before your face makeup, unless you want a lot of clean up afterwards!
      Loaded - a deep hunter green with subtle green shimmer. No chunky monkey glitter in this one and no noticeable fallout.
      Kush - shimmery lime green with very subtle silver glitter. Slight fallout.
      Midnight Cowboy Rides Again - a famous UD eyeshadow. Pink toned champagne colour with a lot of chunky glitter. A beautiful colour but produces a ridiculous amount of fallout.
      Last Call - a deep, shimmery berry pink colour. No fallout.
      Rockstar - one of my favourites in the palette. This is a very deep, purple colour with beautiful purple shimmer and no fallout.
      Money - this shadow looks different depending on how you look at it. It is a silver, grey colour with both blue and green tones in it and some chunky silver glitter. Slight fallout.
      Haight - shimmery teal. Nothing to write home about, no fallout.
      Maui Wowie - another of my favourites. It's a golden champagne colour but again contains a lot of chunky monkey glitter! This is another one that will need to be applied before your foundation so that fallout can be wiped away easily.
      Smog - a medium chocolate brown colour with subtle golden shimmer. No fallout.
      Bordello - a dusty pink colour with subtle silver glitter. I have found no way to ever use this colour on my eyelids, therefore cannot comment on the fallout.
      Radium - medium to deep shimmery blue. Again, I have found no way to use this as it's just not my kind of colour.
      Snatch - baby pink with silver glitter. A pretty colour, but certainly not for an eyeshadow. Slight fallout.
      Suspect - similar to smog, but 2 or 3 shades lighter. No fallout.
      Psychedelic Sister - bright purple with subtle fuchsia shimmer and no fallout.

      It goes without saying that these shadows are all highly pigmented and of fantastic quality. You really don't miss out on quality when you use an Urban Decay shadow. They are very easily blended without becoming muddy with one another - a common thing among heavy handed eyeshadow blenders or poor quality eyeshadows.

      My favourite combinations from this palette are:
      1) Uzi on the inner corner, lid and lower lashline. Money all over the lid and on the centre part of the lower lashline. Perversion in the crease, outer corner and outer part of the lower lashline. This produces a beautiful smokey eye that will suitable for any evening occasion!
      2) Maui Wowie on the inner half of the eye. Smog on the outer half and blended into the crease. This leaves you with a lovely, but subtle brown smokey eye - my go to everyday look at the moment.
      3) Maui Wowie on the inner half of the eye. Last Call on the outer half of the lid. Smog blended into the crease and smudged along the lower lashline. This is perfect for those of you who want an added pop of colour in your eye look.

      I've skipped out on using Kush, Bordello, Radium and Snatch as they just aren't usable colours for me, although those of you who like the bright eyes will be head over heels for these!

      You can probably tell that this palette is fantastic value for money and any Urban Decay lover will need to snap this up soon as it is limited edition. I believe that Debenhams have recently sold out, but this is still available in Boots and House of Fraser.

      Quick tips!
      If you forget to use one of the chunky shadows before applying your foundation, simply tilt your head forward and apply the shadow in a patting motion onto you lid. This will ensure that the glitter falls onto the floor/mirror/whatever your head is leaning over, while the colour is pressed onto your lids.
      Always tap the excess product off of your eyeshadow brushes to ensure you experience as little fallout as possible!

      This palette is highly recommended by me and many beauty bloggers all over the world. I will remove 1 Dooyoo star for the chunky glitter, as I know that Urban Decay have been made well aware that their customers do not like this yet have done nothing to change it. I also think that the packaging is a bit too bulky to carry around which is a bugger for traveling! Other than that, this is an incredible palette and one that I think every makeup lover should own.

      Thank you for reading!


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        07.01.2011 21:29
        Very helpful



        A fantastic Make up set!!

        I was very happy to receive this Urban decay set for Christmas this year. I had never owned any of Urban decays product before, only tried and used my friends, but I am very glad that I own my own now!

        On the Urban Decay website it says, "Totally obsessed with The Big Apple? So are we (how could anyone NOT be?) " This for me is totally true! I have always been obsessed with New York City, even though I have never been there, I hope to one day go. But in the mean time I will just buy everything with NYC written on it! So getting this set was so exciting and a total surprise...well done Mum, good job! :)

        After opening this set I fell in love with the light and pop up scene of New York City. The lights inside highlight the buildings and in the centre of the scene there is a mirror. So I have to admit I was very easily amused with the light and pop up scene, so much so that the first things out of my mouth were, "Aww look at the wee lights!" Childish I know, but I just adds so much more to the set and therefore makes it a perfect gift!

        The drawer beneath the lid contains the eye shadows and other eye products themselves. Now in this set you get 16 of the eye shadows, 2 eye pencils and eye shadow primer potion.

        Well.. First things first. The Eyeshadow Primer Potion. I had heard many great things about this eye primer and I am very happy to reveal that all those thing were true. Before having this set, I didn't use eye primer and if I did it was always just a low cost brand, or something like Vaseline. But after trying this primer, I don't think I could go back to anything else, because they just don't compare! I usually only use a little of this, because you do only get a 3.7ml potion bottle. But it honestly does go a long way and I have noticed a big difference when wearing my Eyeshadow with the fantastic primer underneath.

        Next... The eyeshadows. Fantastic, amazing and brilliant can be used to describe these! What I found most brilliant about these eyeshadows, was that how little of the actually product you needed to cover your eyelid. This is because the colours are so bright and very strong colours. Another brilliant thing about this set is that you really do get a wide range of Eyeshadow colours. Which is great as there is a good selection of colours to suit everyone and anyone. Along with the primer, I find that when I wear these they stay on brilliantly, it almost seems a shame to take them off each night, because they really do stay on so well!

        The eyeshadows colours are:

        Midnight Cowboy Rides Again
        Last call
        Maui Wowie
        Psychedelic Sister

        A couple of these colours do contain glitter, which I love but I do understand that wearing glittery eyeshadows aren't for everyone. But that is why this set is perfect because there are other colours like Perversion, which is a pure black colour.

        Finally. The Eye pencils. These have to be the best eye liners I have ever tried. They are so easy to apply and come out a strong colour, which is brilliant! I also find that they, just like the eyeshadows, stay on a amazing amount of time. Before I tried this set, I would have normally used a liquid eyeliner for my top eye lid, but I always found that it wore off quite quickly. Since getting this set I haven't used any other eye pencils.

        I would recommend this set to anyone looking for a good quality make up and I have actually already told all my friends and family about this great little set! Now for the price.... Well because it was a present I don't know the actually price. But on the Urban decay website they have it listed as £30 and you can buy Urban Decay product at House of Fraser, Debenhams and Boots.

        ***I also have this review on my blog along with pictures of the eyeshadows and the rest of the set. To check out my blog, here is the link: ***


        Here is the link to the Urban Decay website, if you wanted to have a look at this product for yourself :)

        Thanks for reading :)


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          28.09.2010 16:17
          Very helpful



          Buy, buy, buy

          - - - - - - - -
          - - - - - - - -


          Perversion - Matt black.
          Uzi - Silver with glitter, so there is some fallout.
          Loaded - Deep shimmering green. It almost looks navy in certain lighting*
          Kush - Medium green, with a shimmering finish. *
          Midnight Cowboy Rides Again - Mega glittery champagne. Gorgeous colour, but the large amount of glitter is very messy.
          Last Call - Pinkish plum, with an lilac shimmer.
          Rockstar - Deep blue-based purple. I think this is meant to be matt too, but there is a hint of shimmer. *
          Money - My favourite in this palette. Blueish mint, that is the almost the exact same shade as is seen on US dollars. Contains silver micro glitter*
          Haight - Cheerful swimming pool blue, with the shimmer finish. *
          Maui Wowie - Gold with a greenish base. Contains silver micro glitter.
          Smog - A shimmery golden copper.
          Bordello - Shell pink, with a lilac shimmer.
          Radium - Slightly darker than Haight and a heck of a lot brighter. Has a shimmery finish. [Not for the timid as when I say bright I mean it] *
          Snatch - Another favourite of mine. A lovely shade of apricot, with silver micro glitter. *
          Suspect - A light bronze with golden shimmer. *
          Psychedelic Sister - Bright purple, with a blue/pink shimmer. *

          * Exclusive. Not available to purchase separately.

          24/7 EYELINING PENCILS

          Zero - Traditional black kohl.
          Ransom - Bright purple, with some iridescence.

          Primer Potion - 3.7 ml

          This is a beige cream containing silicone that becomes invisible once you've blended it in with your finger. You apply it on your eyelid [and under your eye too if you'll be smudging shadow there] before you put on shadow and it'll prolong the wear of your shadow and make the colour appear more vibrant. I've my eyeshadow on for over twelve hours a few times and it still looked freshly applied. This stuff is magic.

          It'll work with any brand of shadow - not just Urban Decay.

          - - - - - - - -
          - - - - - - - -

          It comes in a box with a flip lid and a pull out drawer.

          I'm a sucker for pretty packaging and this doesn't disappoint. When you open the lid [It's magnetic] famous landmarks from NYC literally pop up; This includes the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge and a yellow taxi cab. Actually on the lid is a mirror framed by skyscrapers. And in case of people scoffing and sarcastically asking "does it come with lights" you can point out that yes, it does. The skyscrapers and Brooklyn Bridge have LCDs inside them :)

          The lid is purely for decoration. As with the previous Books Of Shadows, the cosmetic items are all housed in the drawer. The drawer can be pulled out completely so it is easy to place on a dresser whilst you use it and it is easy to fit back into the case too.

          - - - - - -
          - - - - - -


          I'm not sure why I noted which shadows have a shimmery finish, it'd would have been quicker for me to note which ones didn't. It's because the shadows are so finely grained, highly pigmented and apply so creamily [their actually all powders] that makes them so gleamy. As you'd expect from such a rich shadow, the application, blending ability and wear is exceptional - over the years I've tried almost every brand on the market and have yet to find a comparable shadow. The shimmery shadows and micro glitter finishes last though my working day, even without using the primer potion - over eight hours.

          It's the matt shadow that is the least impressive - the colour applies as a grey and it shows wear after five hours. But then again black isn't really a day-to-day shade [not for me anyway], so I don't use it anyway. But you do, then the primer potion and being prepared to layer is a must.

          The micro glitters are contain finer glitter particles then the regular glitter finishes, so I've never had any problems with product fallout and the base shadow for these finishes has the same wear as the regular shimmers.

          The application of Uzi and Midnight Cowboy Rides Again is very important [particularly MCRA as it contains the most glitter]; it really reduces the fallout. ALWAYS use primer potion and apply the shadows with a finger using a patting motion, as opposed to sweeping motions with a brush. This gently pushes the shadow into the primer, so it sticks to the skin better. If a bit of the glitter still falls onto your cheek before you leave the house use a bit of sellotape to remove it, don't try to rub it off with a wet wipe of cotton wool as that can push it into your make-up.

          24/7 EYELINING PENCILS

          The pencils are a creamy formula, so they don't drag across the skin, so there is no scratching to the skin. Once applied to the lid, the liner will stay put until I wash it off. [I once fell asleep without removing my makeup. In the morning the liner still looked perfect].

          However when it comes to rimming my waterline is a letdown; Every time the line has disappeared within two hours. I don't have overly watery eyes or wear contacts/glasses.

          If you're fond of smudging your liner you'll have a hard time with these. They're described as being smudge-able for 30 seconds until the formula sets, but I found smudging close to impossible immediately after application.

          - - - - - -
          - - - - - -

          At first I wasn't sure about buying this - mainly because I already have Volume II [which contains Perversion and Midnight Cowboy Rides Again], and The Naked palette [which is entirely filled with neutral shades], plus three of the new shades are green - which is usually a no-no for my blue eyes. But I saw the final palette in Boots and a woman was following me around and willing me to put it back down, so I naturally went ahead with my purchase.

          I don't regret it one little bit. I've been using my set for a few weeks now and have used all of the green shades a few times [even all three at once last week], in fact Money is now my favourite Urban Decay shadow [the green is light and the blue tinge and silver glitter make it very wearable]. The only colour I'm not sure about is Kush - the shade is a tad too warm for my eye colour to be worn alone. I either blend it with another colour [Loaded is my favourite for this] or smudge it under my lower lashes like a liner.

          All of the brighter shades can be worn regularly with blending or using under the lashes, so if colour is not your thing I'd still highly recommend giving this a go and experimenting on mixing the shades up to find a unique combination. Out of the sixteen shadows and two liners the only things I'll never use are Perversion and Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, and out of those only one is because of because of the lackluster quality.

          I know that £31 seems like a lot of money to spend on a single make-up item to some people, so allow me to break down the individual prices and ease your guilt: Individual eyeshadows are £12.50 each, the 24/7 eyeliners are £11 each and the Primer Potion comes in at £11.50. So you smugly inform people that you have actually paid £31 for £233.50 worth of product. If you happen to be in smart-mouth mode add that you've saved £202.50 (Fine print: Individual product sizes are a bit bigger].

          My Book of Shadows: Volume II is the same size as this and I still have plenty of product left in that almost one year later.

          The Urban Decay website contain make-up application guides. Vist here:

          - - - - -
          - - - - -



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