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Urban Decay Lip Junkie Lip Gloss Flushed

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Brand: Urban Decay / Type: Lipgloss / Suitable for: Lip / Skin type: All skin types / What it does: refreshens, defines, texturizes

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    7 Reviews
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      12.05.2013 13:49
      Very helpful



      I like this lip gloss very much but not the name of it

      WHAT IS IT?

      Lip gloss by Urban Decay.


      Lip Junkie comes in a tube that looks solid but it is made of plastic so that you can squeeze the gloss onto your lips.  There is a nozzle on the end where the gloss comes out and it is at an angle so you can follow the shape of your lips.  I like the lid of the lip gloss because it looks very lacy and sexy, I like that I can see the colour of the gloss straight away in the tube also and that it looks a lot like how it comes out on my lips.  


      I have got Lip Junkie in the Peroxide shade and think that it is a very lovely colour.  It is one of the Urban Decay nude shades and is a little bit pink on my lips, I do not wear it alone but the shade lets me apply it over the top of a lot of lipstick shades without spoiling the original colour of my lipstick and adding a lot of shine.  If you wear it without lipstick it looks good on some women but I think the pale pink does not look well for me.  

      I think it is easy to apply but I squeeze mine onto a plastic card and use a lip brush to apply it so that I can be more accurate, that wastes some of the gloss sometimes because I squeeze out too much but that is my fault.  I do not like that sometimes it is very hard to get the gloss out of the tube and I think that is because air gets into the nozzle and makes it hard for the gloss to get past it.

      Lip Junkie smells and tastes like mint and it is a very nice taste, it does not leave any bits inside my lips like some lip gloss does and that is good because that makes me feel sick sometimes.

      I like how glossy my lips look after I have used Lip Junkie because the shine is very bright.  I think it is too bright for a lot of women and I know that when I have offered Urban Decay to me clients some of them have said they do not want their lips to be so shiny and thick with lip gloss.  I like it for myself though and the lip gloss is not sticky or slimy so it feels very nice to wear on the lips.

      I dislike the name of this product and feel embarrassed because in Italy to be called a junkie is the worst insult but in the UK it is used very freely and I hate that Urban Decay should use this word to name their lipgloss.


      Lip Junkie costs about £9 and there are a lot of colours that you can pick from.  I will buy it again but I do not call it by its proper name and just say that it is my Urban Decay lip gloss.

      4 Dooyoo Stars.


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      11.05.2013 22:20
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A gorgeous treat for your lips

      I'm a big fan of Urban Decay products because of their ethics, mainly that they make cruelty-free products but also because they make a lot of products that are suitable for vegans, and I have been vegan for over a decade, so...

      I bought Lip Junkie on a whim while I was out shopping and with the vague recollection that last time I was pregnant my lips got quite dry, though this has not been the case with pregnancy #2 so far. The Junkie lip gloss comes with minimum packaging which is what partly made me purchase it, but also I liked the look of the lip gloss tubes, which are quite funkily designed test-tube-shaped containers. The colours really stand out to you and personally I could do with a collection to suit my many new moods..! But after some deliberation I chose the 'Runaway' colour, There are 16 styles to choose from and I anticipate trying others over time!

      I really like the fact that the tubes are of a good size- I was always losing smaller lip glosses I used to buy because they'd get lost in my rather large and wild handbag contents.. This lip gloss is a little thicker than some cheap brands of gloss which means you get a lot of use out of one tube, and also that it stays on for longer because of the thickness. It also feels quite moisterising.

      The Runaway shade in my experience is a very fresh looking shade which gives the lips a certain 'pucker up' look. It isn't as dark as lipstick would be of course, but it adds a lovely tinge to the lips that is not always noticeable right away, which I like. Lip Junkies doesn't have to be applied too often- I have used it twice a day since buying it, to good effect. It doesn't have that 'fake' or 'cheap' taste a lot of lip balms has, which is just as well as this brand prides itself on not using horrid ingredients that can be found in standard lip glosses, and it is also not a cheap product in terms of price!

      I bought my Junkie gloss at a local Vegan Fayre I went to for only £7.00 which was a bargain as they retail for £13 in Debenhams, so I recommend shopping around rather than buying new.

      I recommend this product as a gorgeous treat to yourself which will also last you a long time.


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        11.05.2013 21:10
        Very helpful



        Brilliant buy!

        I got this free as part f my naked 2 palette by Urban Decay. I thought this would just be a little extra to add to my lipgloss selection but I wanted to express how much I love this little thing.

        I got this colour in the colour 'naked' but the gloss also comes in the colours:
        -streak and
        are just a few in the range available and they vary in price depending on where you get them from and some colours I think are on sale at the moment. The normal price for these is around £13.

        I cannot put into the words the gorgeous shine that comes with this lipgloss but without the sticky mess. The light reflects it so well it really makes your lips appear bigger and more sexy. In the colour 'naked' this gives you the gorgeous glossy sheen but doesn't make the colour of your lips too bright. It is a subtle colour that brightens up your lips and overall, your whole look.

        The bottle is a clear plastic tube with the typical urban decay design top. This simply twists off to reveal a plastic nozzle so you simply squeeze and glide it across your lips. This isn't as easy to apply as a wand/sponge applicator but it means there is more gloss in the tube!

        I also have to mention the taste of this product. The naked colour has a minty taste and it is difficult to not lick it off your lips. It makes you lips feel refreshed and lovely. Im not sure if this is the same for the whole range but it is quite simply, delicious.

        After only wearing this a couple of times I am so pleased with it that I will definitely be purchasing the full version in a different colour if I can afford to spend the money. It is hard to part with so much money on makeup as a poor student. But I think this is a worthwhile investment.
        If you want a gloss that is not so much for colour but for a true glossy shine I recommend the naked colour and these glosses in general. I don't know how pigmented the brighter colours are so I cannot comment but it is for sure a brilliant buy.


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          01.12.2012 13:52
          Very helpful



          A nice lip gloss from Urban Decay

          I received this Urban Decay "Lip Junkie" lip gloss as part of a set from Urban Decay. I didn't get a choice in the colour of the gloss and so I ended up with "Midnight Cowboy" shade which is a shimmery pinky nude colour. There are 11 shades of this lip gloss available in total, so there is definitely one to suit all tastes.

          The lip gloss comes in a long tube which holds 10ml of product. The tube is clear so you can see the shade of the gloss through it. The lid is grey metallic and screws on and off easily. Underneath the lid is a slanted plastic applicator tip. A gentle squeeze of the tube releases enough gloss to cover your lips.

          When you squeeze some of this gloss out, the smell is immediately evident. The product has a minty smell which feels cool, fresh and tingly as it is applied to your lips. This lip gloss spreads easily across your lips without feeling gloopy or thick. Urban Decay advertise this lip gloss as not making your lips sticky and I would agree with this. Having tried many lip glosses I can say that this is one of the least sticky I have used.

          When applied to my lips, the "Midnight Cowboy" shade gives them a nice glossy finish with a very slight hint of light pink colour. This shade gives my lips a quite natural look and for this reason I like to use it during the daytime when at work. If I am going on a night out, I will apply this lip gloss over lipstick. For those who like more colour in a lip gloss one of the other shades would probably suit better. The gloss tastes nice and minty if I lick my lips after applying.

          Urban Decay say that if this gloss is worn daily, it will plump your lips up making them appear thicker. I am not sure if I agree with this claim and don't really use this gloss for it's lip plumping effects. The lip gloss lasts for a long time on my lips and I tend not to reapply it any more than every 2-3 hours. Again when compared to other lip glosses I have tried, this is longer lasting.

          The lip gloss costs £13.00 and is available at anywhere that sells Urban Decay products. I think this is good value for a long lasting and less sticky lip gloss. Overall I really like my "Lip Junkie" lip gloss and I think when it runs out I will buy it again in a different shade.

          Thanks for reading/rating, I hope you enjoyed my review.


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          20.04.2012 20:39
          Very helpful



          A long lasting lip gloss which makes the lips look fuller and prettier

          My lips are quite thin and they sometimes need a big of a helping hand in order to look pretty, especially when I am going on a night out. When browsing in Boots recently the Lip Junkie Lip Gloss by Urban Decay caught my eye and so I had to purchase one.

          What does the product do?
          What makes this lip gloss special is its promise that it won't make your lips feel sticky or gooey. In addition to this is the promise that it will plump up your lips by 40% when it is used daily for a month. It claims to coat your lips with a gorgeous splash of colour that appeals to nearly all of your senses by looking, smelling, tasting and even feeling gorgeous.

          Available Shades
          The glosses come in a variety of shades so there should be something for everyone. There are some neutrals shades such as Naked and Peroxide, some beautiful vibrant shades such as Crush and Red Light. Being the Glitter fan that I am, I choose one of the shimmering shades which was the delicious twinkling Midnight.

          How do you use the product?
          The product can be worn alone or over the top of your favourite lip stick in order to give it a glossy finish. You simply remove the cap and give the tube a gentle squeeze to dispense some of the gloss and then rub the slanted edge of the tube over the lips.

          Packaging and Price
          The packaging is the first thing which caught my eye with this product. It looks quite gothic with its dark metallic colouring and cut out detail with a purple background in the plastic lid. The body of the tube is transparent and you can see the product inside so you know exactly what colour you are getting.

          The top of the tube is slanted so that you can apply the gloss with extra precision and there is a tiny hole in the top through which the gloss is dispensed. The gloss will set you back around £13 which is on par with similar brands lip glosses such as Benefit. It is available in any store with an Urban Decay stand and it is also available from a variety of online websites.

          Aroma and Taste
          The product has a lovely minty aroma that has a touch of sweetness. Obviously the aroma of a lip product is not the main criteria that I look for in a lip gloss but as you do apply it beneath your nose, it always a good thing if it smells nice. It tastes just as minty as it smells and the combination of the two makes this a very refreshing product to use. When you breathe in with this on your lips it is like a breath of fresh air and if you do lick your lips, it is deliciously minty.

          The plumping effect
          The product does leave a slight tingle on the lips but nothing compared to the feeling that you get from most lip plumping products. It doesn't sting or feel uncomfortable at all so it's a nice way to plump. I haven't used the gloss consistency for a month but I have used it regularly and while it makes my lip look a bit fuller when I am wearing it, the product doesn't have a long lasting effect when I'm not wearing the gloss.

          The product leaves a nice colouring on the lips. Mine is slightly sheer so it's not to in your face and full on but it is most definitely there. The shimmer is delicate and classy so there is no disco ball effect on the lips, it just looks pretty. The gloss glides onto the lips easily and it doesn't pull or drag the delicate skin. It is long lasting so you won't be reapplying the gloss consistently even when you are eating and drinking. It feels tacky on the lips but it isn't tacky or gooey just as promised so Urban Decay gets full marks there.

          All in all, this is a long lasting lip gloss with a gorgeous range of varieties and shades. It taste and smells minty, plumps up the lips a little bit and makes the lip look glossy without feeling sticky or uncomfortable. As this product makes my lips look lovely and it is long lasting then it gets full marks from me.


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          06.02.2012 22:43



          Overall I would highly recommend this lipgloss, its my lips, but better!!!!!!

          Heavy which is a shimmering nude shade is by far my favourite but they are all great shades which I have been trying out. Heavy has a subtle shimmer in it and is surprisingly opaque. I already have full lips and hate when I find a great gloss but it's in a plumping formula for my face, Angelina Jolie is an awful look, so I'm glad that these don't have much 'punch' to them. Wallflower which is medium nude shade is my second favourite since it's very wearable and I think it's very flattering, it applies smoothly without any fuss. I know one of my friends is allergy to this lip gloss so anyone with sensitive skin and lips has to be careful. The smell is lighter and the gloss itself is much less sticky than the Pocket Rocket glosses. Personally, I'm glad I spent the money it's a "my lips, but better" kind of gloss, and looks very natural on me. There is a little tingle which I do feel when I apply it but it lasts for a very long time with a great coverage.


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          04.01.2012 22:03
          Very helpful



          Guided by Marley's Paw

          Urban Decay - Lip Junkie

          Why Junkie?
          It's by Urban Decay which is one of my favourite brands. Longstanding cruelty free company who have an amazing website which makes researching the products effortless. Not all products are suitable for vegan persons so all you have to do is look out for a paw print (Marley's Paw) and you can rest assured that the item is okay for a vegan. Prices can be a little expensive but I can normally source for less at Debenhams when on offer or online from eBay. I like my purchases to be presented nicely and be of high quality - that is what I experience consistently from this company. Buying Lip Junkie was a breeze - I knew it would be a great product as I am never disappointed with this brand.

          No Box
          I am not disheartened about the omission of a box for this lip gloss - it really does not matter. The tube is plastic and squeezable in order to release the gloss - it is as good a quality as you would require and feels thick and firm. The lid is unique to Urban Decay and looks kind of gothic in style - this appeals as I really do like the quirkiness of this bold brand. In line with the lid the graphics are gothic - UD Lip Junkie. Information for you to access is kept to clear and concise on the back. I'm good and ready to go.

          I'm to be a Lip Junkie!
          This product was recommended to me by the Urban Decay assistant after I enquired about the product which a model was wearing as it looked natural but really lush. She had a tint on her lips which was pinky and then a top coat of this gloss in the shade of 'Midnight Cowboy'. There are plenty of shades to choose from and a few are stamped with Marley's Paw - Midnight Cowboy is one of them.

          I popped some pinky lip tint on which sat with a matt finish on my lips and looked quite bright - I then applied the gloss. The lid screws off easily and the gloss is teased out with a firm but controlled squeeze - I find that a little goes a long way with this one so I am not wanting to place a huge amount on the lips. It is swept over the lips with the end of the tube - nice and smooth, easy to do. The shade is shimmery nude/naked so on bare lips it sits pretty with a natural look. Over the pinky tint it is stunning. It looks like the English Rose moist pink lips - my word it is effective!

          I have used lip glosses in the past and found them to be really sticky. If it was windy outdoors my hair would stick to my lips - not a good look. This one has a slight tackiness to it but not enough to glue my hair to my lips when windy - that is a relief as I really do like this product.

          Endurance wise - this gloss is pretty hardy stuff. I can have a good few warm/cold drinks and a meal and this is still in place - not as much as when applied but one would not expect it to be really. I don't spend all day replacing it as it is noticeable when I smack my lips together or look into a mirror. I am very pleased about that as it makes it last longer and I am not harassed with reapplications.

          The gloss smells very nice and feels gorgeous on the lips. It is a treat and looks like a high quality product when applied. It is high end stuff.

          Added extra
          This gloss also boasts a lip plumping effect which I have found to be a gentle and slightly tingly affair rather than an uncomfortable experience and the effects are naturally noticeable. My lips are full naturally and this wasn't the reason I purchased but the more enhanced plumpness is a nice bonus.

          Where to buy so that you can be a Lip Junkie
          House Of Frasier



          Final words from a Lip Junkie
          It is time for me to admit to being a Lip Junkie - this stuff really is addictive! Once I was exposed to the quality results and ease of use I was hooked - I have to confess I will be buying more. It is a bit more expensive than other glosses but you get what you pay for and this does last a long time as you only need to put a small amount on which goes a long way. It has good endurance and smells great. Quality packaging from a cruelty free brand which makes vegan shopping simple by the Marley's Paw system. I can recommend this one.

          Star Quality
          FIVE STARS


          Thanks for reading - also on Ciao


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        • Product Details

          Urban Decay Lip Junkie Lip Gloss / You want a super-shiny gloss / but can't stand the sticky texture / right? Wait till you feel the soft / cushiony texture of this gloss! Lip Junkie stays put longer than other glosses / but never feels gummy or gooey / It comes in a range of pretty amazing shades / and the color payout is amazing / Take your pick from sheer pretty neutrals / kick-ass brights / or glimmering near-black / And the flavour? Think yummy wedding mints / a sweet mint with a little zing that makes breath feel fresh / The bonus ingredient- Maxi-Lip* even plumps lips an average of 40% when used daily for a month / This superstar ingredient can actually help your lips become better defined / super hydrated and full / *Maxi-Lip is a non-irritant plumping ingredient that don't sting or inflame your lips like other short-term plumpers can / Plumping / Brush included.