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Urban Decay Skull Shadow Box

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9 Reviews

Brand: Urban Decay / Type: Eyeshadow

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    9 Reviews
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      23.07.2011 00:13



      Good starter kit!

      Urban Decay create a range of great products used by musicians but are affordable for the paying masses as well.

      This particular product is covered in a pink skull which may appeal to the younger alternative kids out there, and upon opening a nice big mirror is perfect for applying makeup in. The nine different eyeshadow colours differ from other eyeshadow palettes in the fact that instead of being fairly samey colours in a particular shade, they actually have a series of completely different eyeshadows, something less experienced make-uppers will enjoy as they just want a different bunch of eyeshadow colours. A lot of the colours are however complimentary to one another so there is room for experimentation within this colour palette as well.

      The eyeshadow applies well and even the lighter colours come up well. The eyeshadow is best applied with the fingers, not with an applicator as it is quite powdery and can be compacted easier with the finger and it is easier to choose placement with the darker colours in particular.

      All in all, this product is great, and can easily be used by the more seasoned make up fans as well as the younger ages this is designed for.


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      21.09.2010 10:57
      Very helpful



      A great compact

      Having always been a bit of a make-up fiend, I am easily sucked in by pretty packaging so could not resist this Urban Decay compact, with its funky exterior and colourful contents.

      The box is silver coloured and has a textured surface emblazoned with a big, bold pink skull on the front. It is sleek and lightweight, yet surprisingly sturdy and has withstood the test of time well, still looking great, despite being bashed around my make-up bag for a few years now!

      I bought this compact a couple of years ago and while I don't use it every da or even every week, it has been dragged out time and time again due to its portable nature and wearable, vibrant shades.

      The box seals with a magnetic closure and inside are a dazzling array of pretty colours, with my favourites being 'vert', which as the name suggests is a shimmering, deep green and 'shattered', a lovely pearly blue. Both appeal to me due to the intensity of the pigment, since I favour strong, dynamic colours to highlight my watery blue eyes.

      Some of the other shades are much more neutral and they have their place too. For example I would use 'cherry', a pale, non-offensive but slightly glittery pink, as an everyday shade.

      There are some shades that are not suitable for me such as 'oil slick' which as a pitch black, glittery concoction just does not work for me at all. However the choice of shades in this compact means there's something for every skin tone and personal preference.

      All the shades have an element of shimmer, with some of the more intense colours containing a full-on glitter instead.

      Coming with two sponge applicators, the colours are easy to apply using a single stroke and they stay put for several hours before re-application is needed. The shimmery shades feel soft and silky on the eyelid but unfortunately the glittery ones contain harsher particles which can feel a little gritty, especially if more than one layer is applied.

      The applicators do not fall apart and are pointy at the ends so that the shades can double up as eyeliner if required.

      With a big, substantial mirror taking up much of the inside lid, this compact is pefect for taking out and about, since it's easy to see what you are doing.

      I really like this pretty colour palette and have had good value out of it over the years. It cost me around £18 from Boots and despite having had loads of use, none of the colours are completely used up yet, and they are still fresh and at their best. I know the bacteria count is probably pretty high by now but I can't bear to part with this yet, especially as my young daughter has discovered it and thouroughly enjoys streaking the colours all over her face in a warlike fashion and then inspecting the damage with pride!

      I can't really fault this set - yes the price is high but the variety of colours makes up for it as there are different shades for every mood, meaning I get much better value, and can justify the cost, unlike single colours for a lesser price.


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        25.01.2010 20:35
        1 Comment



        a good buy

        i love urban decay but have always found it quite expensive, however this set is perfect, i picked it up for around £14 at boots and the variety of the different eye shadows is perfect, and they aren't too big which is good as you don't feel like you are wasting it if there is a colour you are not keen on. With 9 different colours you can match it to what you're wearing and there are a few neautral tones in there too that can be worn with anything, two brushes are also included which is good but i tended to just use my finger as it spreads on easier, there is also a mirror inside which makes it perfect for carrying aroung and re- applying when you're out, the box itself is only small, they haven't wasted space pretending the eyeshadows are huge in size and then you open the box and are dissappointed the box is also quite thin which means it doesn't take much space up in your bag or when taking it away on holiday, this is perfect if you aren't sure what colour you'll like, having said that though it is more than just a tester and the size of eye shadows are good for the price.


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          26.05.2009 00:01



          Despite price still one of the best on the market

          I am a big fan of Urban Decay products but I thought this was a bit of a let down. Like any of these compact eyeshadow boxes, it is reasonably good value for money (at least compared to the single eye shadows sold by Urban Decay). I felt the selection of colours was disappointing. The colours are not the usual strong and bright ones that i associate with Urban Decay. There were too many neutral colours that didn't suit my skintone. I use quite a lot of Urban Decay products, but I found this box irritated my eyes quite a lot the morning after I wore it. Of course this might just be down to me not properly removing my make up. The choice of reasonably priced colourful make up that won t ruin sensitive skin is very limited, and I find that Urban Decay is a little bit overpiced.


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          25.11.2008 12:15
          Very helpful



          great and inexpensive way to try their shadows

          This was the first UD shadow palette that I ever purchased. My best friend had one and I used it before we went out one night. I was so impressed that I went out and bought myself one!

          You get 9 vivid shadows to experiment with and they go on so smoothly! And even though it doesn't seem like a whole lot of product, let me tell you, a little goes a long way! I can tell this product will last me a good long while.

          My favorite shades are the three neutrals on the bottom and I've almost used them all up. I use all three together and they make my blue eyes pop. The other shades are great, too! I use the black "oil slick" shade with my eyeliner brush in place of eyeliner and it works well! The shadow doesn't crease even after a 10 hour workday!

          I am so happy with my Skull Shadow box; I'm going to order the rest of Urban Decay's shadow kits and probably some of their lip gloss kits, too!! What a great way to try several new shades without the commitment or risk of buying expensive, full-sized products that you might not like.


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          15.11.2008 23:26
          Very helpful



          My favorite eye shadow in the world.

          I am an Urban Decay convert.
          Hook, line and sinker.

          I had always coveted Urban Decay makeup, but its virtually impossible to get hold of in Chester, and I have always been dubious about buying makeup online.
          I want to see it, up close, and test it on the back of my hand before I part with my precious pennies for it.

          I stumbled upon an Urban Decay counter in a branch of Boots in Leeds. Immediatly in heaven, I snapped up an eyeshadow pallette.
          After using it, and realising it was the answer to all of my eyeshadow prayers, I ventured back, and bought the other two pallettes.

          Today I am reviewing the skull shadow pallete, in my opinion, the most subtle, and wearable of all three Urban Decay eyeshadow palletes.

          Urban Decay products, in my humble, always come in beautiful packaging.
          The Skull Shadow pallette is the same height as a standard sized envelope, and a little less wide.
          Its metallic silver, and the surface is kid of raised and textured.
          On the front, there is a spongey, raised, light pink skull, with lilac eyes and teeth. Next to this, there is the Urban Decay logo in a metallic pink. Very very pretty.
          The pallete opens by lifting the lid like a flap (again, like an envelope flap).
          When open, there is a little rectangular mirror in the top section.
          On the bottom section there are nine eyeshadows, in rows of three. On the left, there is a little space for two sponge eyeshadow applicators, that come with the pallette.

          The eyeshadows.
          According the the Urban Decay website, the pallette contains 9 of Urban Decays best selling shadows.

          A very pale metallic pink. There are tiny tiny specks of gold glitter in this eyeshadow, but they are incredibly minute, so the shadow is still very wearable.
          I personally would wear cherry as a highlighter, underneath my brows, and on the inner corners of my eyes.
          This wouldnt work for everyone though. I am very very pale, and have a pink complexion. Anyone with any yellow skin should avoid wearing this under the brow. It could end up looking drag-queen.

          Midnight Cowboy rides again~
          This is the shadow that I have most often used out of this pallette. I have nearly run out. *sniff*
          This shadow is gold, and very densely packed with gold glitter. I think it still looks subtle, worn on the lid, but that depends on how much glitter you like to wear. One word of warning. The glitter in this shadow has a habit of dropping into my eyes, if im not really careful with my application. It doesnt seem as densely packed as the others, so beware of fallout.

          Another favorite. Grifter is a pale lilac. It has subtle silvery glitter in it. Its not as subtle as cherry, but is definetly less glitzy than Midnight cowboy.
          I use this all over my lid, and then use a darker colour in the socket line.
          One think I have found, and its probably just my colouring, but if I wear grifter on my lower lash line, I end up looking a little sickly. I think its on the pinker side of lilac...so yes. watch out for that.

          Vert is a mid green. Its bright, but still subdued enough to be subtle. If wearing green on your eyes is considered subtle by you lot :)
          Vert is glitter free. its just rather shimmery and metallic. I have found that when I put Vert on in the morning, but throughout the day, it fades to a slightly muddier colour. This can be rectified by a couple of top ups though, and it might work differently on different peoples eyelids.

          It is really really hard to find a dense black black. A true black. Oil slick is that. You dont need an awful lot to make an impact.
          Oil slick contains a really subtle silver glitter, so it shimmers slightly as you move. Lovely.
          Be careful when applying oil slick. Because of how dark it is, if you get any on your cheeks, you will be hard pushed to get it off without ruining the rest of your makeup.
          My suggestion is to pack loose powder under your eyes, before you apply your eyeshadow, and brush away afterwards. that way, all the fall out witll drop into the powder, and get wiped away, leaving your face perfect.

          Rather similar to Vert, except more of a blue green. Again, it contains no glitter. Its just shimmery and metallic.
          I have the same problem with shattered, as I do with Vert. I find it fades to a murky colour throughout the day.

          This is a very pale, highly pigmented gold. It goes on very smoothly, and you dont need a lot. There isnt any glitter in Blunt (its basically the same effect as Vert and Shattered).
          I think blunt works really well underneath Midnight cowboy rides again, just to give it extra staying power.
          Unfortunatly, im a bit too pale, and a bit too blonde for dense pale gold. I think it would work beautifully on someone with tanned skin and dark hair.

          Chopper is a slightly glittery rose gold. You know....gold, but a little pinker...a little more coppery. Again. Not so good for the pale blondes out there, but lovely for warmer skin tones.The glitter is really subtle, but sparkly enough to still be pretty.It would work well all over the lid for a subtle day look, or as a base colour, with a darker socket line for evening.

          Twice Baked~
          Twice baked is a dark chocolatey brown. The colour is really dense, so the same rules apply as with oil slick. Apply loose powder to your cheeks before applying, or they will end up with shadow all over them.
          Twice baked has a really subtle coppery glitter in it, but again, its hard to see, and really wearable.
          I tend to wear twice baked in my socket line, to give my eyes some definition and depth. i wouldnt wear it all over my lid, primarly because I have found it hard to blend. I havent had this problem with any of the other shadows, so perhaps its just the intensity of the colour demands complete precision with the blending.


          So, there you have it.
          As I have just mentioned, all of the shadows, apart from twice baked are really easy to blend. They work well with each other, and compliment each other. You could wear any of these shadows with each other...provided you are brave enough.

          Some of the more heavily glittery shadows are a little gritty, so application is less smooth...but I think the result is worth it.

          I have to quickly mention, although im plugging another product, that these shadows work better when applied over the top of urbn decay primer potion. its like a glue for eyeshadow. I am sure I wrote a review for it a while ago, so if you are interested, check it out. It works wonders.

          I have REALLY sensitive eyes, after having laser eye surgery, but have never had a problem with Urban Decay eyeshadows.

          They dont tend to budge during the day/night (esspecially when used over the primer potion), but come off really easily with facewipes. They dont stain the skin at all.
          This pallette is also really easy to carry around in your handbag. its so slim that it takes up hardly any space. also, dont forget, it has that handy mirror inside, so its extra useful for on the go.

          I know that you can buy this pallette at certain branches of Boots (the bigger ones), and certain department stores. Unfortunatly, its a case of trial and error. It took a bit of searching for me to find places that sold it.

          Boots sells it, online, for £20.00, and although this might sound a bit pricey, you truly get your moneys worth.
          The shadows last a really long time, and considering there are 9 shadows, its definetly value for money. It works out as only £2.22 per eyeshadow, not eveng counting the applicators or mirror.

          Oh yes! the applicators! As a makeup artist, its a sin that I still use sponge applicators, but I do, and these ones are wonderful. Unlike others, the sponge doesnt fall off after a few uses. They are just the right size, and really pretty as well.
          I use the applicator to place the eyeshadow where I want it, and then blend it all out with my brushes.

          Ok. I think thats all. Sorry for wittering.

          You can buy the skull shadow pallette here.



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            20.10.2008 21:55
            Very helpful



            great for urban decay fans or anyone wanting to try out but not sure where to start

            This Urban Decay Skull shadow box is coated in silver glitter and has a pink skull on the bottom left corner. When you open it up, there's a mirror in the top half and 9 eye shadows and two sponge tip applicators in the bottom half.

            The 9 eye shadows are some of Urban Decay's best selling shades; they include: Cherry, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, Grifter, Vert, Oil Slick, Shattered, Blunt, Chopper and Twice Baked.

            Urban Decay are known for their awesome eye shadows, these shadows are very pigmented and come in different finishes. Many of them have different sizes of glitter in them so it's best worn with a primer to stop the glitter from going all over the face.

            These shades are very pretty. cherry is a nice soft frosted pink, midnight cowboy rides again is a champagne colour with loads of silver glitter, grafter is a vivid lilac with silver glitter, vert is a nice green with sort of a brown sheen colour on top of it, oil slick is black with silver glitter, shattered is a blue/turquoise colour with like a soft gold sheen, blunt is a pretty peach colour, chopper is a mauve and twice baked is a rich dark golden brown colour.

            I love these eye shadows as they blend beautifully and have a great colour pay off. I'd recommend this as a gift for anyone who loves Urban Decay or wants to try out some of their shadows but isn't sure where to start. This shadow box costs 20 pounds and their shadows can be bought individually for 11 pounds, so you get to try out 9 for the price of 2 full size. (I'd say that the shadows in this set are about half to a third the size of the individual ones.)


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            08.09.2008 21:53
            Very helpful



            A great eyeshadow box with something for everyone

            Urban decay has a reputation for producting great make-up for young women wanting to create an exciting look. I use most of my urban decay products when i am going for a night out on the town, as they are products that make you feel good and very glamorous! This particular eyeshadow box is great value for money At £20 it is quite pricey, but you get 9 different eyeshadows that will make all of your friends jealous! It's a great variation of shadows as some are quite bright, others are more natural and some are dark, however there is an eyeshadow for all different times of day, and different types of looks. The only negative aspect about the eyeshadows is that they are very sparkly, so if you don't like glitter then this isn't the eyeshadow box for you. My favourite eyeshadow in the box is the black sparkly eyeshadow, as it allows me to create a smokey eye look with a bit of excitement with the glitter! In conclusion, this is definitely an eyeshadow box i would recommend, as it is versatile and looks great!


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            23.07.2008 12:37
            Very helpful



            A good way to try out Urban Decay's shadows before committing to larger sizes.

            Whenever I'm going out and want to jazz up my makeup, I undoubtedly turn to my Urban Decay palette. At the moment UD have three palettes widely available in the UK, the Deluxe Palette, Skull Shadow Box and Ammo Palette. This review is on the Skull Shadow Box.
            This palette can be bought from Boots or department stores with an Urban Decay counter, or online. It, like their other palettes, seems to be only available for a flat rate of £20.

            The palette itself is slimline and roughly the same dimensions as a C6 envelope (think the small, squarish envelope that you would get in a pretty writing set). It is made from sturdy cardboard and covered with sparkly foil-like silver paper, and has a fadded foamy pink skull in one corner. The inside of the palette has purple foily paper around the shadows, and a large mirror inside the lid. I've had mine for about a year and half, and there are little bits of wear and tear on the spine where the silver has worn off and there are small patches of white paper. It's not all that noticeable but I haven't even carried it around in a bag so I would imagine it might look quite tatty by now if I had.
            So what's inside? Well, nine of the prettiest shadows around! There are also two double-ended foam-tip applicators, but I have rarely used them as I much prefer brushes. The shadows are arranged in rows of three and each is about the size of a thumb-nail. Not a lot then but you don't need much.

            The shades are: Cherry (light pink with sparkles), Midnight Cowboy Rides Again (gold with TONS of glitter), grifter (purple with sparkles), Vert (gorgeous bright green, metallic-y but no glitter), Oil Slick (black with glitter), shattered (deep sky blue with sparkles), blunt (camel-y champagney colour with..yes..sparkles), chopper (coppery brown with sparkles), twice baked (dark brown with some shimmer).
            So as you can see, these shadows are not for the faint-hearted. They are, however, easier to wear than those in the Deluxe Palette because they are more subdued colours with glitter, rather than bold colours with glitter! The majority of the colours can be worn to create subtle looks or more vivid going-out looks. Level of shimmer in the shades varies from a little to a LOT. There does tend to be a lot of fallout of glitter so you need to clean up around your eyes after you apply the shadows if you don't like having a glittery face!

            I find the shadows to be very pigmented and while they can be worn wet or dry, I don't usually find it necessary as they look great dry and you really don't need a lot to get a lot of cover. The shadows don't crease or fade during the day, I usually use this palette for nighttime looks but I often incorporate Twice Baked into my everyday makeup and it looks good all day.
            Another good thing about the palette is that it doesn't get messy during use. I've had a couple of palettes where the shadows have been looser and more powdery so as soon as you dip in your brush, the entire palette is dusted with shadow. Urban Decay shadows feel more substantial and don't fly everywhere like that.

            I have sensitive skin around my eyes, and admittedly sometimes my eyes do get sore after I've removed Urban Decay shadows, probably due to the amount of glitter which makes it take slightly slonger to remove than usual. This could be a result of the makeup remover, however, and just having to scrub harder than usual!
            If you are considering trying Urban Decay, I highly recommend buying a palette, as it's the most cost effective way to try their products. A single shadow of theirs retails for around £11! I am looking forward to buying the Deluxe Palette too, which comes with a small vial of Primer Potion and I have been hearing great things about that. I would say that if you are looking for a more subtle palette, go with the Skull Shadow Box, and if you're bolder, buy the Deluxe as you have the bonus of the primer, but that all depends what colours you like! I like this palette because if you were to buy it and the Deluxe, you would have no repeats, whereas the Ammo Palette contains several of the same shades.

            - Cute packaging.
            - Highly-pigmented, long-lasting shadows in a good range of colours.
            - Can be used to create a variety of looks from more subtle to wild and dramatic.
            - Good value compared to buying individual shadows.
            - Nice big mirror.
            - Can be used wet or dry.
            - No repeats between this and the Deluxe Palette.
            - Applicators aren't great (but then they never are).
            - No Primer Potion like in the Deluxe Palette and not as many colours as the Ammo Palette (10).
            - Would be nice to have a couple more shades with no glitter.
            - Can be hard to remove due to all the glitter!


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          Nine of Urban Decay's most popular shades in one box! Create endless colour combinations to match your fashion style /

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