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Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation

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5 Reviews
  • easy to apply
  • Cheap
  • Lack of shades
  • Not a slong lasting as i'd of liked
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    5 Reviews
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      08.12.2016 19:33
      Very helpful


      • "Makes me feel good"
      • Cheap
      • "Good coverage"


      • "Not a slong lasting as i'd of liked"
      • "Lack of shades"

      I've officially swapped foundation

      Why I chose to change foundation

      My last review was of Estee Lauder double wear foundation and how I would never change despite the price because I was happy with the results I was getting from it, well I decided to try a new foundation. Since my skin has cleared up of acne except for redness and different tones, I was looking through my social media and someone I knew posted a video about the body correction cream they have and how it ahs covered their tattoos, so I began to look into this and saw that Dermablend was created specifically for proper cover ups so I decided to give this a go.

      Price and Availability

      Originally I bought my first bottle of this from www.escential.com which stocks certain amount of products at a reduced amount, my first 30ml bottle was £12.20 but the price was never that low again, so I opted to buy this from boots as they stock a lot of the foundation, concealers and powders (but not body corrective ones) it is £18 but boots have a lot of offers on the Vichy range often such as three for two, or 20% off but I noticed this generally is on certain shades and not the entire range so I paid full price for my shade which was £18, which I also collected boots points for this. This can also be bought in a lot of online places such as www.dermablend.co.uk and www.vichy.co.uk and amazon.

      Choosing a shade

      For problematic skin, it is quite essential to have a lot of shades because there are that many tones and problems that often it's hard to match a shade, and that was quite hard with this brand because not only is the range not kept in the beauty section with testers, they only offer eight shades as it is, these are porcelain, opal, nude, sand, gold, bronze, coffee, espresso. These are common shade names and they are pretty accurate against other brands, the porcelain is too light and the nude comes off a bit orange like so I go for the opal, and the espresso isn't that dark so this bran only caters for certain skin shades, it was quite difficult picking one from the internet, at first I had nude and it was way too dark so I sent back and swapped it for opal.

      Application, wearing and removing

      I also apply liquid foundation with a brush, it's more precise, less is needed and it's easier to blend and have a nice finish, I squirted out a little on the back of my hand, only a pea sized at first because this is a squeezy bottle I don't like to waste it. It is quite viscos but not watery, this is really pigmented to give great coverage so in theory a lot doesn't need to be applied anyway. When applied this glided over my skin really easily, easy to blend and cover despite using so little, this helped with it feeling so light weight. It was very noticeable that it has evenly toned my skin, all the redness was evenly covered, I do put some concealer under my eyes but tbh it doesn't make much of a difference, on my eyes.
      The brands says this has 16 hour lasting power and to be honest I don't think this is the case in the slightest. I think I could get 6 hours out of this without having to re apply in certain areas, those being around my nose, and mouth and my forehead, generally the T section of my face could do with a top up during the day. I don't know if this is because of the cold weather or because of my skin, or even the product itself. When I first wore this I used a different brand powder and they didn't work together at all, it's like the foundation didn't set right, so I had to buy the same brand powder to set, but since I've got that it sets much better and feels much nicer.

      Removing this is extremely easy, it comes off in one cosmetic wipes, it doesn't cling to the skin and I always wash my face at night to make sure I have removed all my make up anyway, I always make sure I give my foundation brushes a wash too just a little fairy liquid and water, because if this builds up on the brush it doesn't apply correctly and then old make up is getting into the pores and isn't very good.


      Overall, I am happy with the change that I've made, dermablend is a fraction of the price of estee lauder what I was originally using, for a 30ml bottle that costs £32 and for a 30ml bottle of dermablend it is £18 maximum price and can be cheaper, I think I can make this last longer on my skin and it's just a case of discovering what works best for me, it goes on great, it makes my skin appear brighter and healthier and with the same brand concealer and powder they all work great together,


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      16.06.2015 17:06
      Very helpful


      • "does not clog pores"
      • "easy to apply"
      • "amazing coverage"


      • "not enough shades"

      Quality foundation to try!

      In my mind, I have associated Vichy with pharmacies and ladies in white clothes. That's because in my country, I can find their products mostly in pharmacies. I happened to buy this foundation when I had an extremely bad ingrown hair problem with my legs. You might ask, what do ingrown hairs have to do with this? Well, due to my sloppy and lazy shaving, I had ended up with a good number of bumps and scars on my legs, which I was very ashamed to show. So when summer came around, I had no choice than to find a way to cover them up, so that I could wear short clothes.

      I went to the closest pharmacy and the ladies highly recommended that I buy this Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation. They claimed that its coverage is amazing, and even swatched it on my hand, and I was convinced. I bought it in shade 15 Opal, the lightest one, I believe for about 18 euros. It's a pale shade with pink undertones, and it suited my skin pretty good although I don't think It would do well on too fair skinned people. Unfortunately, as far as I know they only have 5 shades for this.

      It comes in a carton box, and the actual container is a tube, like the ones for hand creams, so you squeeze a tiny bit out of the nozzle. This is a good option sanitary-wise, and you can also control the amount of product you get.

      I started using this on my "trouble spots" as a concealer, since its coverage was good enough to match a high end concealer. I was amazed by the results, it covered up my spots completely, and soon after that I started using it on my acne and dark circles as well. I usually never used it as an actual foundation, because I have very oily skin and I try to avoid wearing full face coverage. I only used it as a foundation when I has extreme breakouts, which required more attention.

      The texture of the foundation is creamy and feels light on the skin. I applied this using my fingers because it gave me more control. I really liked the fact that it blends in smoothly, and does not have a greasy look. However I still had to use powder on top, because I have oily skin. As I said, I used this as a concealer and loved it. It never let me down even with the most stubborn marks.

      The 30ml of product took forever to run out, mostly because I only used a little bit at a time. I kept using it for 2 years, which I know is not a good amount of time to keep a foundation for. However it did not cause any problems, never made my skin break out, and I would be happy to buy it again.


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      21.10.2013 13:31
      Very helpful



      Vichy Dermablend Foundation!

      Admittedly, Vichy is a brand that I hadn't heard of until six or so months ago when I was looking for a new foundation. Personally, I like my foundation to be very full coverage but also like it to feel lightweight on the skin and not to look cakey, which can be hard to find, especially in a high street price bracket. Vichy is ultimately a skin care brand with products designed to promote healthier and younger looking skin along with a line that is especially designed for imperfection or acne prone skin. Despite this being their main area they have also got a make up line out in which one of their items is this Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation.

      ===~~The Claims / Why I opted for this foundation~~===
      This foundation claims to be a corrective foundation which gives total/ full coverage which is one of the main reason I opted for this. I am not often prone to break outs, however my skin is very uneven and does have some scars and hyper pigmentation left from previous years and personally I like my foundation to cover this without feeling the need to apply layers of foundation and concealer. Though it claims to be a full coverage foundation it also claims to have a lightweight, matte finish that can last up to 12 hours on the skin. Personally, I was not too sure as to whether it would live up to this claim as personally I find that many foundations I have used, despite the brand or price, rarely last this long on the skin and can begin to look a little tired before this.

      ===~~Price and Availability~~===
      This foundation costs £15.50 for 30ml. This is a little more than some high street foundations, though is also considerably cheaper than some higher brand foundations. I also find that brand Vichy is often on offer (especially in Boots) with offers such as 3 for 2 or 1/3 off which makes the foundation a little more affordable.

      As mentioned, you can buy this foundation, along with most of the Vichy range from Boots and also some Lloyds pharmacies also stock it.

      ===~~Colour Range~~===
      Personally I found that colour matching my skin to these foundations was a little difficult; there are only five available shades in Boots and each shade seems to be quite a lot darker than the previous and therefore it is hard to get an exact match. I currently am using this foundation in two shades mixed together in order to get a more 'perfect' match. The lightest shade that is currently available is number 15, Opal, which personally I do not find to be that pale and therefore is you have extremely pale skin then you may find it hard to wear this foundation. There are a few darker, warmer colours available, however again there is not a very dark colour on offer. I have also found this foundation to oxidise a little a couple of hours after wear on the skin, so it also worth considering this fact when purchasing the foundation.

      ===~~Applying the Foundation~~===
      As with all my foundations I opted for a stippling brush to apply this foundation with as I find it the easiest way. I began by squeezing a little of the foundation onto the back of my hand and the first thing I noticed was how runny the foundation was which may be due to the fact it is enriched with thermal spa water. Despite the foundation seeming runny, it did not seem watery or greasy on the skin and I could already see how pigmented the foundation was, meaning that a little should go a long way. The foundation moved across the skin very easily and indeed did feel extremely lightweight when applying. The foundation had a satin like texture to it, in that it was not completely moisturising and neither did it feel drying on the skin and in fact the balance felt just right.

      Due to the high pigmentation of the foundation I found that I only needed to use a very small amount of this foundation as it did go a long way; considerably less foundation than I have had to use with some other brands. I found the foundation was extremely easy to blend and work into the skin, meaning that it did not look like the foundation was simply sitting on top of the skin. One thing I did find was that I had to work relatively quickly with this foundation as it did seem to 'set' on the skin and become matte fairly quickly. After one layer of the foundation I was very impressed to see that any redness in my skin was taken away, as well as the dark circles under my eyes. In fact the foundation had done well to camouflage pretty much everything I had wanted it to; I did feel the need to go in with just a tiny bit more over some scars although could have got away without doing so. Due to the high coverage of this foundation I did not feel the need to also wear concealer, however I did add come under the eyes just to make me look a little more awake.

      ===~~Results / How long did it last?~~===
      I was very impressed with how this foundation looked on my skin, although it claimed to be a matte finish I would actually say it was a semi-matte finish as it definitely added a glow and slightly luminous look to my skin. I actually preferred this as it made my skin look a little more healthy than had it been a perfect matte finish; even when having set the foundation with powder I still find it gives a semi-matte finish. I was pleased to see that this foundation really did give a full coverage, flawless look yet was even more pleased to find that it did not look cakey on my skin. Even where my skin was slightly drier I found that the foundation did not cling to these areas which some other foundations I have used in the past have done. Due to the fact that just a small amount was needed in order to create the coverage I found that the foundation felt lightweight on my skin all day and was very comfortable to wear.

      Despite the fact I had a little trouble picking out a shade to suit my skin, I found that it actually suited my skin pretty well and there were not any awful tidal lines. Although the foundations were very warm in colour and there were not very cool based shades available, I found that the foundation did not at all look orange and in fact looked every so slightly more pink toned if anything. As mentioned, I do find that this foundation can oxidise a little after being on the skin for an hour or so and appears a little darker, though it is nothing too dramatic and does not overly change the colour of the foundation.

      I do not believe that this foundation lasts 12 hours on the skin and definitely not the 16 hours it claims to when used in conjunction with their setting powder. I personally find that I can get a good eight hours of wear out of this foundation, which is plenty enough for me, however after this I find that the foundation does begin to look worn and I would feel the need to touch it up in a few places. I also feel that after eight or so hours the foundation can become ever so slightly 'clammy' feeling on my skin and therefore I would not really like to wear it for much longer. Within the 7/8 hour mark I find that the foundation stays in place very well all day, though despite the fact it claims to be a matte finish I do find I sometimes need to dust a little powder over my nose as sometimes it can look a little too shiny for my liking.

      I find that some cleanser removes this foundation easily and it is not at all stubborn to remove. Though I do find I need to go over my skin a few times in order to ensure that all the make up is removed due to the fact that it is such a high coverage foundation.

      Overall I have been thoroughly impressed with this foundation, especially that of the coverage as it is just what I was looking for. I will most likely continue to purchase this foundation for a while, though as it is not quite the perfect foundation I suspect I will carry on looking to try out others. I feel that it is well worth the £15.50 and in many ways find it to be very similar to that of Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation which is over £10 more expensive. I also like the fact that a little goes a very long way with this foundation, meaning that I can see it lasting me a very long time. Since using this foundation, along with other products from the Vichy Skin care line I have also noticed a huge difference in the appearance of my skin, in that it looks more even and much brighter; though I am pretty sure that this is not down to the foundation I can confirm that I am now a huge fan of the brand Vichy as a whole and would recommend this foundation.


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        31.08.2012 15:43
        Very helpful



        A foundation that makes your skin look good when wearing and also when not!

        You may not have heard of the brand Vichy, I know I hadn't! But it is a brand you must know and must have at least one product by them in your collection. Why? Well with 80 years of expertise and innovation they combine cutting edge research with dermatological ingredients to give you more beautiful, and sustainable youthful looking skin. It partners its technologies with the Vichy Thermal Water which is extremely rich in rare minerals and is so unique that it cannot be reproduced by science! It is not just water though as it is SO powerful it can actually reset your skins health to be more luminous and younger looking. It also has therapeutic benefits which have been proven in 26 clinical and biochemical studies! Phew, now with the science lesson over - let's get on with the review.

        I heard about the wonders of Vichy and how brilliant it is for your skin so I decided to look out for them when I went shopping. I didn't have to wait long as when I was in Boots I noticed the Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation with SPF 20. its quite expensive at £15.50 for 30ml so I wanted to make sure that it was going to be worth it. It claims that its soft coverage texture and 'no mask like effect' give 12 hours of coverage for uneven skin texture, dark circles and redness. It sounded good to me and having researched it beforehand I was happy to pay the extra for something that was going to do good and look good on my skin.

        The packaging is more on the scientific, chemical design side rather than the cute looking however it is very appealing and looks more of a 'grown up make up!' it comes in a snow white rectangular box with black writing informing you of the greatness that is incased inside! Once you open the box you a presented with the foundation that is packaged in a similar way that you would expect a moisturiser to be - a plastic tube like bottle with a large lid at the bottom. Overall I like the look even though it does not seem like a foundation at first!

        There are 6 shades available in this Vichy range, they are:

        15 Opal - The lightest shade of the range, not as pale as I would like personally but light enough to suit lighter skin tones as long as you don't mind blending it in a bit!
        25 Nude - A slightly darker shade that has a really lovely creamy beige hue with yellow undertones.
        35 Sand - Medium shade with golden undertones.
        45 Gold - Slightly darker medium shade with golden undertones.
        55 Bronze - One of the darker shades with bronzed undertones.
        65 Cocoa - The darkest shade of the range with bronzed and golden undertones,

        I chose the lightest shade 15 Opal, and although it wasn't an exact match (not many are in my case) I still found that it suited me well just as long as I made sure the jaw line and hair line were well blended in. I would advise going to the shop and testing before you buy unless you have used before just to make sure you do not waste your money.

        So what is so good about this foundation in particular? This foundation will give you total coverage that is long lasting (12 hours and 16 hours with powder over the top!) The texture is very smooth and creamy and blends in effortlessly and evenly, it glides onto your skin and is renowned for its soothing and fortifying properties so your skin feels moisturised, supple and more importantly comfortable all day without feeling like you have got a mask on your face that melts off half way through your day. I apply this with a foundation brush as it distributes the foundation much more evenly! I find I don't have to wear a concealer underneath or on top as the foundation is thick enough to conceal any imperfections.

        I love this foundation and would recommend it to anyone who wants a foundation that not only looks good, but does good. My skin feels so smooth and great when I take my make up off that I want to wear it more and more!

        You can buy Vichy at Boots or Boots.com as well as any department stores that sell Vichy and online make up stores. It retails for £15.50 - quite high end price but very worth it and your skin will thank you for it with all the compliments you will get!


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          23.01.2012 20:40
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          a good quality foundation

          *Please note - dooyoo show the photo of the powder in this range but this category is for the powder or liquid foundation - I am reviewing the liquid*

          Vichy is a cosmetic brand offering skin, make up, body and sun care products.

          *~*Corrective Cream Foundation*~*

          Vichy offer a few foundation and tinted moisturiser products. The Corrective Cream Foundation is available in 5 shades (Opal, Nude, Sand, Gold and Bronze). This foundation is suitable for all skin types. It is oil and fragrance free, dermatologically tested, non-comedogenic and contains SPF11.

          Vichy claim that this foundation contains high-coverage pigments which allow the wearer to achieve a flawless, radiant appearance for up to 12 hours. This foundation is designed to cover and hide skin irregularities such as scars, dark circles and pigmentation problems.


          The full size foundation is presented in a 30ml, white tube. The tube features a flip lid at the base to allow the foundation to be dispensed easily. The packaging can be recycled and has a shelf life of 12 months.


          The following websites stock this foundation in the various shades :

          *www.escentual.com - £15.50
          *www.echemist.co.uk - £13.50

          Vichy also offer a stick foundation and setting powder in this particular range.

          *~*My Thoughts*~*

          Vichy isn't a brand I am overly familiar with but I received a few 10ml bottles of this foundation in a beauty lot last year. I have two shades - 'bronze' and 'sand'. The shade choice isn't brilliant and won't cover a wide range of skin tones. I have had more use from the sand shade than the bronze one as my skin tone is medium and darker shades look a bit too unnatural on my skin.

          I personally prefer loose powder on my face than liquid foundation. I have dry skin which is quite sensitive and I hate the whole 'tangoed' appearance that some liquid foundations create. Normally I would have just thrown this away or given it to someone else but given that this foundation promises coverage of skin issues, I thought it may provide me with a bit more coverage over a few small marks (scars) I have on my face.

          *~*Texture and Application*~*

          Regardless of which shade used, the foundation is identical in texture. This foundation has a typical 'cosmetic' scent which I associate with most foundations. It has quite a fluid like appearance which is cool and is easy to apply. Thankfully my little bottles have a spatula for easy application and I can apply this pretty much mess free.

          The foundation spreads like a dream and is very light weight on my face though of course not as light weight as my mineral powder. It rubs in well and doesn't 'cake' around my jaw line. This foundation isn't very moisturising. Whilst it doesn't dry out my skin further, it does emphasis the dry areas on my forehead so a decent moisturiser needs to be applied. The foundation sets quite 'matte' against my skin and doesn't clog my pores.

          *~*Colour and Staying Power*~*

          'Sand' is a medium shade which is pepped up my skin giving quite a natural, slightly tinted appearance. It gives a healthy look. This particular shade offers plentiful coverage and neatly covers up imperfections without looking heavy or fake and it blends in with my skin tone well.

          'Bronze' doesn't suit my skin very well. It isn't as dark as it appears in the bottle but is definitely more suited to darker or tanned skin tones. It acts more of a bronzer on my skin and I find it suitable for smoothing across my cheeks for a bronzed look but not for full face coverage. It is simply too dark for me.

          This foundation lasts well on my skin. It does start to fade after 8 hours or so and I find it beneficial to sweep some powder over my face to keep a colour going. It can be removed easily with a wipe or cleanser but has good staying power against the weather, sweat etc.


          £15.50 is about average for a foundation like this and it lasts well. A small amount provides ample coverage which lasts fairly well on my skin. It does include SPF11 which doesn't offer amazing protection so a separate SPF product should be used. Thankfully this foundation does not irritate my skin.

          Would I splash out on a full size tube? Well no. My 10ml bottles are lasting well as I do not use this foundation often. It is fine for when I need a bit more coverage and does give my face a healthy, tinted appearance. I do however prefer my loose powder as I find it easier to maintain throughout the day.

          This is a good foundation and is does do its job by covering up imperfections. I wouldn't say it does any better than any other foundation from brands such as Rimmel and No7 - it isn't anything special.

          4 stars

          Thanks for reading x


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        • Product Details

          For flawless 16-hour coverage with no mask-like effect / Results: Instantly, skin irregularities are perfectly concealed, without leaving demarcation lines or cakiness / The complexion is even and radiant; the skin is supple and comfortable.

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