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Virgin Vie Underwear' Protective Base Nails

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Brand: Virgin Vie / Suitable for: Nails / What it does: Protects,

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    1 Review
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      16.01.2007 19:47
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      A big disappointment from Virgin Vie

      As you may have guessed, I'm quite a fan of Virgin Vie products and it is very rare that I write an unfavourable review about any of their products.

      Having biten my nails for more than 30 years, I have finally kicked the habit and have surprisingly, strong, long nails, considering the 'battering' they have taken over the years. Although I have had a slight relapse of late.

      As acknowledgement of my achievements in the nail biting department, after all it's a hard habit to break, my friend bought me a range of Virgin Vie nail products, bless her, knowing how fond I am of V.V products. (More reviews to follow about the other products she bought for my birthday!)

      ~ Price ~

      Not being used to buying nail varnishes, I am told that this is expensive at £7.50 per 10ml.

      ~ What is it and what do V.V promise? ~

      * A protective base coat
      * Fast drying with a durable gloss finish
      * Gentle to nails
      * Specially developed brush to work with the formulation for easy application
      * Colour lasts longer with this base coat

      ~ My Experience ~

      I'm just getting used to applying nail varnish, the right hand being the trickiest to apply it to as I'm not ambidextrous!!

      Apparantly the way to apply any form of varnish is one stroke up the middle of the nail and one either side.

      This base coat has a pale pink palour to it when it's in the bottle but it is clear when applied.

      I dutifully applied it correctly and it did have a sheen to it and was quicker to dry than usual nail varnishes which I am prone to smudging since I haven't the patience to wait up to 10 minutes, so this was great for me.

      I then, as directed applied the very, very pale pink varnish of my choice (I'm not daring when it comes to nail varnish colours!). No problem at all that went on very well on top of the base coat.

      As to it lasting longer thanks to this protective base coat........... well it really didn't last any longer than usual. It may well be gentle to nails and protect them from some of the harsher chemicals in standard varnishes but the colour didn't stay on longer and was no less prone to chipping, a look that I deplore. I'd rather see no nail varnish than chipped varnish!!

      The application was easy but as for Virgin Vie marketing the brush as being specially developed, I really couldn't see any difference between this brush and the brush of the coloured varnish I was using which was a different make.

      In general, by applying this, my nails looked no better than without it. I'm going without 'underwear' from now on as it just extends the nail care preening by 5 minutes with no more of an enhanced look!

      Don't be put off by other V.V products which on the whole I have been more than satisfied with, it's just a shame that this didn't match up to it's promises!!

      ~ Availability ~

      Three options:
      * Online at www.virginathome.com Just watch out for P&P charges which are usually around the £2.75 mark
      * At a virgin vie night
      * At a V.V outlet store, if you are lucky to live near enough to one. But be warned they don't always have the thing you are looking for in stock but some great bargains are to be had!!


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    Colour lasts longer with this protective base coat /

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