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Vivo 12 Shade Colour Block Eyeshadow Palette

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Brand: Vivo / Type: Eyeshadows / Suitable for: Eye

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    1 Review
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      07.04.2013 11:56
      Very helpful



      A lovely palette with a great mix of shades of a decent quality for just £4!

      When it comes to eye shadow I tend to stick to the same colours. I have greys and blacks for nights out and pinks and browns for the more casual wear. A few months back I decided to be a little more adventurous with eye shadow colours and went on the lookout for a palette so I could try and a few different shades without having to purchase loads of singular eye shadows I'd probably only use once in a blue moon.

      The palette I ended up purchasing was this Colour Block Palette by Vivo. This palette included several of my usual type of shades meaning I knew my money wouldn't be wasted (providing the quality was good anyway) if I decided against the different and new shades also included which I wanted to try. I'd never heard of the Vivo brand prior to browsing their stand in my local Tesco and I've still yet to see it any other store but a twelve colour palette with some pretty shades in for £4 was too good for me not to try.

      Aside from Tesco the only other place I can find to purchase Vivo make-up is via their website (vivocosmetics.co.uk). The make-up on this site is rather cheap with most items being less than £5 and plenty of £1 offerings, I've been impressed by the quality of my palette and with free delivery on orders over £5 I'll be sure to check out this site the next time I require some new make-up items.

      As mentioned the palette contains twelve shades all housed in a transparent plastic square casing which allows you to see the product before flipping open the lid. You'll also find a double ended eye shadow applicator brush in there too and I really don't think you can moan at this one for just £4!

      The shades are clearly set out in little square blocks going four across and three down to create a larger rectangle of eye shadow shades. The shades are as follows (going from left to right):

      Falling - A dark burgundy matte shade.
      Going-on - Almost identical in colour to 'falling' but this one is a shimmer shade.
      Sorry - A really lovely shimmer shade of deep purple.
      Chance - A lighter burgundy matte shade.
      Sweet - A shimmer shade of pale pink.
      Demand - A shimmer shade of turquois.
      Hold On - Very pale matte shade of yellow.
      Truth - A deep matte shade of emerald green.
      Kind - A shimmery gold shade.
      Taking - A light brown shimmer shade.
      Me Too - A dark brown shimmer shade.
      Fine - A light brown matte shade.

      Okay, so the names of these shades do sound like the people of Vivo just downloaded some random word generator app or something to help them come with ideas but, regardless, the shades are very, very nice and the palette has a lovely mix of colours in both matte and shimmer shades. 'Falling' and 'Going-On' look absolutely beautiful when worn together and whenever I've worn 'Sorry' I've had no end of compliments on the colour of my eye shadow. 'Demand' is an absolutely stunning colour which I wish would go with more of my clothes so I could wear it on a more regularly basis! 'Truth', on the other hand, has gotten a lot of wear with a great deal of my clothes being a similar colour. The bottom row of brown colours have also seen some wear when I've been feeling less bold and wanted to stick to my usual neutral day time look.

      I find the applicator brush this comes with adequately picks up the eye shadow and transfers onto my eye lid but I also find it to be very hard making it feel slightly uncomfortable when applying the eye shadow thus I tend to use my own eye shadow applicator brush as I think most people do anyway.

      The shades all pick up really easily and a simple brush over the top of my chosen colour transfers it from pot to brush and then brush to skin very quickly and easily. The shades are all very pigmented and look virtually identical on skin as they do in their casing with the exception of 'Hold On' the very pale shade of yellow which is actually pretty much just white when applied to the eye area. This does mean it makes a great highlighter though! The shimmer shades inparticular are really bright and colourful and seem to spread across my eye lid vibrantly with just one sweep from my application brush. Application is just very quick and simple and the colour choices available are more than pleasing. A shame then that these are not the most long lasting of colours...

      I find these eye shadows need touching up after about five or six hours as they dramatically dull in colour after this amount of time and all seem to just turn into a grey shade! This is fine for nights out I think as I'm not one for going on all night benders but for every day wear I require something more long lasting which will see me through from morning until night. Having said that the dulling and somewhat colour changing properties of these eye shadows is their only downfall. They don't crease or smudge and they certainly don't mysteriously disappear altogether after a few hours like some eye shadows I have tried have done.

      When it comes to removing the eye shadow this is easily accomplished using my regular eye make-up remover wipes and comes off with great ease so I'm not left scrubbing away at my eye for ten minutes where it becomes irritated and sore.

      All in all I feel I have gotten value for money from this palette. I absolutely love the colours contained in it and have had great fun playing about with them to see what works well and what doesn't, if that initial vibrancy just lasted a few hours longer then I'd happily give this palette five stars. Unfortunately the shades do require a quick touch up half way through the day so I'll knock a star off for that. I'd still recommend the palette though!

      NB: If you prefer more subtle and natural eye shadow colours then Vivo do another Colour Block Palette which contains twelve shades of more neutral brown and fleshy tones of eye shadow.


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