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Vivo Alive With Colour Lengthening Mascara

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Brand: Vivo / Type: Mascara / Suitable for: Eye

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    1 Review
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      28.01.2012 13:04
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      Poor Performing Mascara

      Vivo are the newest budget brand to supply/sell cosmetics in Tesco stores. Launched last September, I am unsure how many stores stock the brand and can confirm that I can find no mention of Vivo on their website for online shopping.

      For Christmas I received a vivo mascara and eyeliner. The mascara faces scrutiny in this review. Presented in a violet 6ml tube with "vivo" written on a black band just below the screw top wand, this "lengthening" mascara has all its important information written in a barely there silver. Contrasted against the purple you would think this was easy to read, but in fact I had to tilt the product to the light to cast enough glare on the text to read it. Once read I can see it proclaims it "transforms lashes with dramatic effect".

      The boldest information on the product is the barcode sticker which is a bright white and has a lot number on it as well as the barcode.

      Unwinding the wand is easy and the mascara doesn't cause it to stick. That said it is noticeably messy as I pull the wand from the tube. Much of the wand, which is black, has mascara on it, indicating the tube is full. The sucking noise it makes as it is removed suggests a thick product.

      I was devastated when I pulled the wand from the tube and it revealed a thick brush. I prefer a defined brush, without bristles. However, this one is bristled and covered in what looked like fluff. Imagine catching the fibre from a face wipe or cotton wool ball on a mascara brush, by accident.... Well this is what the brush is like. I could have spent ages pulling them all off individually, but as soon as I put the brush back in the tube and repeated the action there was no less fluffy stuff on it.

      Worried this would transfer to my lashes and cause me to be pulling at them all day, I dubiously applied the mascara. Sadly this was extremely ineffective. The material the brush is made of felt like I was stroking my lashes not applying makeup. I am not used to such delicacy as my normal mascara, with its soft rubbery wand usually coats my lashes in three sweeps. It really felt like I had to make this stick. It required several applications to become noticeable and definitely did not appear to lengthen my lashes at all. This would not be suitable if you prefer a heavier look or noticeable mascara. It sits lightly and more naturally on the lashes.
      In addition to this, it took ages to dry. I stupidly sneezed after applying which resulted in a black line under each eye when the mascara had transferred. Normally, after the duration of time which had gone by between applying and sneezing this wouldn't have been an issue with my usual mascara as it would have dried.

      It wipes away easily with a makeup wipe or streams down your face if you forget to remove it before you shower.

      The mascara appears to retail at £1.50 judging by the online beauty blogs I have come across. Also I am wondering if it is just me as everything I have read praises the variations of this product as the next best thing. I personally wouldn't buy this mascara. It was fully sealed before I used it, which is brilliant for hygiene but not so great for knowing what sort of brush you are going to get. If you are as specific and choosy about your mascara as I am I would definitely research this different variations of this before you buy as you may find the Volume version (which I have seen discussed online) works better than the Lengthening one, though I cannot comment on that from personal experience.

      I have also read that many stockists sold out fairly quickly after the brand were labelled the Mac of the supermarket world by reviewers, so you may find that not all shops have the full range available.


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