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W7 2 Step Mascara

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Brand: W7 / Type: Mascara / Suitable for: Eye

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    4 Reviews
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      26.10.2009 10:58
      Very helpful
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      Worth trying especally for a night out, Dual Applicator, Value for money,

      I bought this just really to see what it was like and also because it was cheap. I am always trying to find a good mascara that is reasonalbly price and does the job. This works and it is cheap and cheerful.

      The mascara that purchased was in a thick plastic box and took ages to get the product out. Ended up having to take a pair of scissors to it...

      Product is shaped nicely and mono toned in black and white.
      There are 2 wand/applicators one for the white under coat and black for the top coat.

      Directions of use
      Apply in the white undercoat in upward strokes to upper and lower lashes. Allow to dry and then apply the black mascara ontop of the white undercoat, using the same upward strokes to upper and lower lashes.

      The white layer went on well, although it does have a very chemical smell which makes you wonder if the product has gone off or not. But as product was new and sealed I assume it is the natural smell.

      Once the white layer is on you look like you have gone white over night and looks very strange..( i am sure some would leave just the white layer on... or maybe do the black first then the white second..??)

      It didn't go clumpy at first when product was new, but did once the product had been used for a while. It did start to clump a bit. This maybe due to it drying out. This in turn means it starts to fall off and you get dark patches under your eyes ~ panda ...

      The top coat went on ok, but it did go on thick, would say it was a night time make up a bit OTT for during the day.

      As the product is 2 items it is possible just to wear the black mascara on its own and this works well and does the job just fine.

      When using the white first you need to remember to replace the lid as this is the handle for the other applicator.

      Overall the product is good, wouldn't say it was the best on the market but it is good enough for the job. The recommend that you change your mascara every 3 months so it is worth trying. I found that I only really used the black mascara and occassionally used the white for an extra lift. Haven't bought it again though.

      It isn't waterproof so beware.

      I used Johnsons 3 in 1 facial wipes and they removed it without any problem.

      Thanks for reading.x


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        04.12.2008 15:26
        Very helpful




        I bought one of these 2 step mascaras purely to see if it worked and did indeed make my eyelashes so huge I looked like I was wearing false eyelashes. I chose the W7 brand because it was cheap and as this was just an experiment I wasn't too fussed about the brand. I've used W7 eyeshadows before and can confirm they are good so when I saw this mascara going for just over a pound on ebay I snapped it up.

        The product is exactly as the picture, the wands are attached to each other in the centre and the lids contain the liquid. The lids are just over an inch long and the brushes almost as long as that so as you can imagine there isn't much of either colour in them. In the centre is a sliver strip with W7 written on it and the wands are glued together in there.

        I tried this one night to see how well it worked and have to say I was surprised. The white colour goes on first. The best way to use the white is to get the brush right into the base of your eyelashes and zig zag it to the tips so you get maximum coating. With the W7 version this takes a few go's to get enough white on to make a difference. The liquid isn't very liquid if you get what I mean, it's quite dry but the brushes are fine if you get on ok with quite a long brush.

        That done you wait for it to dry, this takes seconds, then do the same with the black wand and the result should be long lashes that are lifted away from the eye and thicker than normal.

        Does it work? In a word yes! My eyelashes were indeed huge and fanned out from the eye like falsies! I've got quite long eyelashes anyway but this really did add to the length and thickness really well. It doesn't clump as you'd expect it to being so dry and stays put for hours with no flaking or smudging too.

        Problems? The packaging. The wands are supposed to stay glued together in the centre but mine seperated and now when I use it I have 2 small mascaras rather than one long tube. The amount contained within each lid is tiny too so this won't last long.

        What's it like to use? The white is very dry and thick and when you have just the white on it looks very odd! The black is slightly more liquid and covers easily and quickly though so no problems there except the fiddly size because mine has seperated. It also comes off easily, I use baby lotion to remove eye make-up and it removed this with no problems.

        The verdict? Definitely recommended for those of you out there who want eyelashes that you can really flutter! I'd recommend this as a trial brand but if you wanted to use it alot get a different brand.

        2 step mascara is definitely recommended and does work but pick your brand if you want to use it often. Perfect for the approaching party season and will save you having to stick spiders legs falsies on to achieve huge eyelashes!


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          29.01.2008 20:56
          Very helpful



          Ok if your stuck financially!

          Since the age of 14 I've never purchased a cheap mascara, not once. It's one of them products that use the wrong thing it really can screw up a good job you've created on your face. Even though I use fairly expensive mascaras they can have weird brushes or be clumpy etc so I didn't think I'd stand a chance ever using a cheap one and to top it off eyeliner and mascara are products I've always found hard to apply anyway so I do worry about the applicator! Also I really do suffer with sensitive eyes. Not so much when wearing eye products but what upsets my eyes more than anything is actual removers and if I leave any traces of product on my eyes by accident I end up getting eye infections. So there's my reason for not buying cheap stuff.

          However there is always a reason you try and convert. Mine is the cost. I'm spending loads of money on mascaras and cos I don't use them every day I'm not getting my moneys worth at all and I'm finding that I very rarely get 3 months of use out of one and even if I do I use it perhaps 5 times in that time! (unless I'm out partying lol). So when I saw this in my local chemist for 99p I thought what the hell if its rubbish I'll bin it for that money and it wasn't like I needed it anyway as I still have some mascaras left lol

          The Packaging....

          The mascara comes in a clear plastic long box which on the front tells me it is by W7 and that it's a 2 step mascara and on the back tells me the ingredients, best before date and also contact details for 'warpaint cosmetics' (full name of manufacturer).

          The mascara itself is a cheaper looking version Maybelline XXL Volume Mascara. One end it is white and the other it's black and in the middle it's silver and says again, W7, 2 step mascara. Open it up one side is a white mascara with a little brush and the other end it's black with a little brush

          To Use....

          Coat eyelashes fully with the white mascara and then coat with the black till the white disappears.

          My Experience....

          Well I wasn't expecting much from it and when I opened it up I was a bit horrified! The feel of the packaging is incredibly cheap. I examined my contents and the white mascara looked like white tipex and at the end of the brush it was congealed and you when you look around the brush it looks dried on. The black mascara did look better but at the end still a lump was there. I tried to rid these bits on some tissue but all that happens is they re appear as this contains no 'de clumper'.

          However not to be deterred I decided to have a go with it anyway. The white goes on very very thick and heavy, not only does it look like tipex I can imagine it felt like it lol It went on very dry looking though it did separate my lashes somewhat. As I say though this stuff is very thick. Then I covered it up all with the black.

          The black was easy to apply and to be fair did really cover the white very well as it was fairly wet. I felt the whole application very tricky though with its clumpy brushes. As I applied I could see lumps form particularly at the ends of my lashes so I had to keep trying to brush the lumps out which meant I was adding more and more product on. I did manage to brush out the clumps a fair bit but my eyelashes weighed a ton and cos I had to keep brushing away I did get some on my eyelids and under my eyes and that but it did come off easy with a cotton wool bud and some eye make up remover.

          Finished Result.....

          Well Eyelashes did get covered properly but it wasn't half hard work compared to the more expensive brands. Eyelashes were heavy and felt clumpy and also lacked shine and gloss and they were very matted indeed. On the upside removal was fairly easy but then I do use very good eye make up removers!


          It's ok if your willing to work very hard for a result or are on a budget. I can't imagine it would last the recommended 3 months as it's fairly dried out looking from day one. It's just a very cheap mascara and you get what you pay for. I won't be buying it again no matter how cheap and cheerful it is though lol

          I've only ever seen this is small independent chemist for about 99p.


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            11.05.2006 14:22
            Very helpful



            A great mascara for thickening and lengthening lashes

            W7 Mascara

            I have found a new favourite website which seems to sell lots of cosmetics below their RRP, and being ever on the search for a really good mascara, was tempted by this BOGOF offer.

            To be honest, I had never heard of W7 before, so didn’t know what to expect, but any bargain has to be good.

            **THE PACKAGING**

            The mascara comes in a plastic box, with all the ingredients clearly stated on the back, as well as the date it was manufactured and a best before date- in this case, July 2007.

            The actual mascara has a white side and a black side and the bit in the middle is silver, stating, of course, the make and product description.

            The white side is the first coat and the other side is the black mascara which goes on after the first white coat.

            **HOW TO USE IT**

            Apply the first white coat which thickens the lashes and wait for it to dry. When it is completely dry, coat the lashes with the black wand.


            I bought mine from www.buycosmetics.com.

            The recommended price is £15.99 but they were selling it for £5.99 with another sent free…two mascaras for just under £6.

            I have seen it advertised as being sold on one website for £2.99 but when I went on the website, the product isn’t actually sold there.

            **MADE BY…**

            Warpaint Cosmetics Ltd
            SL0 9HW

            **WHAT I THOUGHT**

            I am always sceptical about mascara, having bought so many which didn’t live up to their promises. However, this didn’t come with any fancy advertising, and even without the BOGOF, it was reasonably priced, so I was prepared to be disappointed but not badly.

            The actual packaging is discreet and classy and since it is slightly shaped, is easier to hold than perfectly cylindrical mascaras. The brushes at both sides look exactly like mascara brushes, with no added extras ready to sweep my lashes to sky high heights.

            I applied the first coat which is white, and this is really thick, and easily gives great coverage. In fact, my eyelashes looked completely white, which sometimes doesn’t happen with 2 stage mascaras. When I added the black stage, it took a couple of coats to completely cover the white, but once done, they really did appear thicker, longer and more separated than before. Result!!

            It has stood the quayside in the cold test, followed by nights in smoky bars, and has proved to be a real find. Although it doesn’t state that it is waterproof, I wasn’t left with it running down my cheeks, and it is then really easy to remove, leaving no traces or anti panda face.

            I have been using this daily for about 4 weeks now, and it isn’t drying out at all; I don’t even have to frantically push the brush back into the wand to get more of the colour, because there is still plenty left. It’s made even better because I have another one.

            A great mascara for a lot less than I usually pay, so I will be using this again although I don’t know how keen I would be if I had paid the full price.

            Thanks for reading

            Daniela xx


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          • Product Details

            Apply the white fibre coating for thickness and then the black colour for length and colour /

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