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W7 EyeshadowTrio Shimmer Pots

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Brand: Cosmetic Fairy / Type: Eyeshadows / Suitable for: Eye

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    1 Review
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      19.02.2008 10:53
      Very helpful



      You get what you pay for!

      This product originally caught my eye due to its cheap price. I was looking on the make up stand, in Ethel Austin actually, searching for a few cheap products that I could use the morning that I flew out on holiday, as all my other make up would be packed. I can't remember how much I paid as it was quite a while ago but I know it was really cheap and it is available to buy online for £1.99, which is cheap considering you are getting three eyeshadows.

      The thing that caught my eye and made me buy these (other than the price obviously) was the fact that they were loose powders, similar in style to Barry M Dazzle Dusts, GOSH Effect Powder or MAC Pigments - three of the greatest products known to man surely? The similarity ends there however as these are not even in the same league as the other mentioned products. I don't know exactly what I was expecting from such a low price but these products are low quality.

      The pot is split into three sections with it's own applicator that goes in through the applicator sized and shaped hole to pick up some product. This, I think, is supposed to be a clever idea. It's the same as the one used by Bourjois on their inferior Dazzle Dust copies too. I think the idea is that it is less likely to spill, although I've never spilt any of my others either they would make more of a mess if I did because they would go literally everywhere. Also some people may like the idea of each colour having it's own applicator, as they aren't going to get dirty but you can not expect high quality applicators in a product.

      I personally don't like the packaging. I would rather use my own eye shadow brushes to apply my make up more accurately than with a cheap, rough, sponge applicator but if I wanted to put my eyeshadow into the pot I could not as it wouldn't fit through the applicator shaped hole. Also you can only get so much product onto your applicator which is not good considering due to the lack of pigment you need to apply a lot to get even a hint of colour.

      The colours in the pot look nice, otherwise I wouldn't have bought it. The one that I have is "Mermaid" which has three complimentary shades in it which are a turquoise green, a yellowy green, and a colour that is almost white but with a hint of yellowy green. It is also available in Shell (pinks), Bronze Baby (bronzes) and Sky (blues). I like the idea of three complimentary shades as it means you can create a whole look with just the one purchase.

      The problem is, the colours that are in the pot aren't highly pigmented enough, meaning that when applied to your eye, they don't show up as the same colour as in the pot. On first application, the day I went on holiday, I could barely see anything there, it certainly didn't make me look any better. Needless to say, even with a touch up towards the end of the flight, by the time I arrived at my destination you can not tell on any of my photos that I am even wearing eye make up at all, let alone a vibrant green mermaid style.

      After this initial disappointment I had pretty much resigned this pot to a thing of the past until recently. I had tried applying them wet with a little water and it didn't work at all. These were left at the boyfriends as 'emergency make up' (make up there for when I've forgotten to bring my proper make up round but need to wear some). I don't even know why they were resigned to that instead of thrown away, as it would have seemed pointless even applying something that won't show up but anyway there they were.

      Now, recently, it was one of those occasions. I had forgotten my make up, and here everyone was, coming round for a drink and to watch the football. So out came the eye trio. This time I decided to try something a little different, and apply them with my home made mixing medium (1 part glycerine, 3 parts water) to see if it would make any improvement to the product. To do this I actually had to use a lid to an old product (Lee Stafford's Soflee Soflee) and take out the applicator for the colour I wanted to apply, hold the other two applicators in whilst banging the pot repeatedly down on the old lid to get some loose powder out. A lot of banging later yielded a tiny bit of powder. This stuff really doesn't want to come out. No chance of spilling ever, seriously. Anyway, I persisted, then (using the applicator provided as I had no brushes with me) I mixed the powder with a little mixing medium. It didn't work well like with Dazzle Dusts, it didn't make a paint like texture, to look at. However, I wet the sponge applicator, and picked up as much of the mix as I could on the sponge and applied it to my eyes. I had to repeat this process for each of the three colours, cleaning out the lid I was using between each colour.

      Now what I will say is the finished look was good. It was vibrant, it didn't crease and it lasted the day. However, the result wasn't as good as with the other loose pigment products I have mentioned, it just didn't look quite as high quality, although over all it looked good enough for me to be happy with it. However, it was a lot of hassle and effort to get a somewhat average result. That said, this result has saved my trio from the bin as I now know that in emergencies I can actually get a pretty good result out of it.

      Would I ever buy this product again? In a word no. It's got far too many faults. Yes it is cheap and it is possible to get an alright result out of it. On the plus side you get three different colours for half the price of just one Dazzle Dust, a third of the price of one GOSH Effect Powder, and less than a quarter of the price of a MAC Pigment. If you are on a budget, don't mind the hassle it takes to get a good result and you don't already own many different colours then this may be an okay idea for you, as it does give you the three complimentary shades to create a look with. I personally would rather pay the extra and get the quality of at least a Dazzle Dust.

      Also, due to the stupid packaging I don't see that all the product will be useable as it's going to be hard to access all the powder due to the stupid design.

      All in all, not one for me, but I did manage to eventually get some half decent results out of it.


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