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W7 Paintbox

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Brand: W7 / Type: Eyeshadow

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    3 Reviews
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      13.06.2010 21:25
      Very helpful




      I actually won this on a tombola earlier this year at my daughters schools Spring Fete . I have to say, I was pretty chuffed to have spent a mere quid and got a box with 77 different eyeshadows in - but what did I think after using it for a while .

      Essentially it's a glossy black plastic box with 77 different eye shadows - a real mix of colours ranging from subtle pastel tones to brighter more vibrant colours, in every colour of the rainbow . The box also has two double ended applicator brushes . I have to say right from the start that you need more brushes than thiswith so many shades, but I suppose you can't have everything .

      I think the actual pallete itself is pretty smart - the shadows nestle securely inside, and it has a simple clasp to open and close it . There are small windows in the lid so you can see the eye shadow shaded even when the box is shut - although I think this is pretty pointless and would much rather have had a larger mirror to help with application . There IS a mirror, but it's a thin strip, justwide enough to show the eyes, but no use for seeing if your eye makeup looks good alongside your lipstick, or for applying other make-up. The box looks smart on a dressing table, and doesn't take up too much room so could easily be stowed in a drawer . However, I find it rather too large for carrying in a handbag, which causes problems if I find I need to reapply make up - hence I just use this shadow for everyday use rather than evenings out .

      The eyeshadow is not of the best quality - it can be applied and blended easy enough, but after a couple of hours it's all shifted into the creases of my eyes . You could get around this by using some kind of priming product, but really I think an eyeshadow should be capable of staying in place on its own . The colours fade after a little while, but initially look quite good , and whilst there are a few shades in the box I personally wouldn't wear, the majority are nice enough colours .

      I personally think that the retail price of this (generally between £7-£10 online) is fair. However, I don't think these are the best quality eye-shadows really, and while I think this set is great for people experimenting with new looks, I think I personally prefer something with much better quality . My box is now used by my daughter for dress up- and I think for this purpose it is ideal .

      Overall, 3 stars . A nice enough product - not great, but not bad either .


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        28.12.2009 14:20
        Very helpful



        good for everyday use

        W7 PAINTBOX

        **WHAT IS IT**

        It is a palette of eye shadows, which has 77 different shades for you to chose from.

        The colours range from cream, gold, orange, brown, light pink, purple, blue, green, brown and grey mostly. I have to admit a lot of the colours are very similar in colour. It has a great range of neutral everyday colours for you to chose from. Also it has some pastel colours and then a few bright colours.


        The palette itself is black, chunky and sturdy. The palette can be closed to protect the eye shadows inside from smashing. I feel it protects them very well.

        The clasp to open the palette is very easy to open however it wouldn't open easily if it had a slight knock. I wouldn't recommend dropping it to the ground though as it might be a different story.

        There are small circular windows when the palette is closed so you can see the colours inside. I like this feature as you can decide what colour you may wish to use before you open it.

        The palette comes in a bright pink box with a lady on the telephone printed on it. I never kept this box and threw it away once I got it, as it was annoying opening the box to get the palette out when the palette protected the eye shadows enough.


        Once the palette is open there are 77 small circles of different shades of the eye shadow. There is enough space between each one so it's not being mixed when you are using it. At the bottom there is two double-ended eye shadow applicators and a space for them to sit. At the top there is a small strip of mirror, which you could use to help with applying your makeup.

        The eye shadow itself will apply to your eyes very well. The colours are bright and vivid once you put them on the only problem I have is that these colours fade as the day goes by. You may need addition brushes if you wish to blend your eye shadow in correctly this is al personal preference though.

        **MY OPINION**

        This product costs £10.00 on ebay, which is ok value for money as you get lots of different colours. These eye shadows are not the best quality but not the worst either and do well for everyday use.

        Some of the eye shadow tends to sometimes fall off your eye when apply which means you sometimes have to wipe it off your cheeks. To stop this just don't put as much on your brush at any one time when applying.

        I find that they blend well enough however can come off your eyes very easily. One problem I have is, as the day goes on your eye shadow will look duller and faded. When you first apply them they seem bright and vivid, this is a slight disappointment.

        I feel that this palette is great for experimenting new looks with, as there are lots of different shades. Half of the palette does have similar colours mostly being creams, gold's and browns.

        A lot of the colours are neutral so its better for everyday use and if you were wanting something more special for a night out I would advise getting another type of eye shadow which is different.

        The palette lasts a very long time and is worth the money for everyday use.


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        29.07.2008 15:58
        Very helpful



        A decent "toy" for someone just starting out with makeup who wants to try out colours.

        I have only recently started wearing makeup, and despite the fact that I have a good deal of reviews on it, that's mostly due to the fact that I'm new myself and want to know what's good, so like sharing my own opinions. I also only tend to wear makeup when I'm wearing my contacts, two or three times a week, so I don't like to pay the earth for something I only use when I can be bothered! Besides that, I'm not totally hideous without (I hope!)

        So whilst shopping on a discount makeup site recently, I decided to get a big palette I'd spotted, meaning I'd end up having to buy less colours. Little did I know then that the world of makeup shopping is very compulsive, and I would buy more no matter what.

        The palette I had my eye on was the W7 Paintbox, and at only £6.99 from Magic Makeup, I figured I would give it a shot. I had heard of W7 before and owned maybe a concealer of theirs, but knew not to expect wonderful results from a cheap brand.

        The palette has 77 colours, the colours breaking down as follows:

        4 white/creams
        6 greys
        14 greens
        12 blues
        4 purples
        14 pinks
        2 golds
        5 browns
        6 peaches
        3 black/very dark grey or browns

        I realise that this does not add up to 77. I tried but some colours are debateable as to which category they belong in, and some are quite similar, so that's a rough idea.

        The paintbox is approx 9x7 inches and made of black plastic, with little windows on the lid over the shadows, although you still can't really see the colours too well as they are dimpled. Inside the lid is a long, narrow mirror. It's adequate if you want to hold the box at a funny angle whilst applying, but could maybe do with being a tad bigger (removing the pointless 'portholes' over the shadows would facilitate this, if W7 happen to be reading!). There are, of course, the obligatory useless foam applicators (two) which are double-ended and I threw away immediately as they kept falling out of the box. The shadows themselves are about the size and shape of a 5p pence, so a decent amount for such a large palette. The colours are roughly arranged by type, with half being green and blue and half a muddle of pinks, browns and peaches, some of which are quite similar.

        So onto the shadows themselves. I have only used this palette a few times and stuck to quite neutral colours, so for the purpose of this review I swatched a couple on my hand, and couldn't see any sign of them, even after several swipes at the shadow! Fortunately they show up much better on the lid, I found the gold/metallic shades to be particularly impressive. They are not as pigmented as more expensive brands, and some shades are definitely worse than others, but they are fair for the price and amount you get.

        I wouldn't suggest wearing these shadows without a base or primer, as they aren't top notch. They do crease quite a bit. Again, as to be expected for the price. With a primer they last a decent amount of time, but none of the colours are vibrant enough for a really dramatic look, in my opinion, if that's what you are going for. A lot of the darker colours work well as liners, although be careful as there is a bit of fall-out with these which can irritate if you get it in your eyes.

        For me, the palette is quite useful as it has allowed me to experiment with different colour combinations without spending the earth on separate shadows. It has also allowed me to incorporate neutral makeup into my everyday look (when I'm not too lazy), as there are quite a number of subtle tones that would suit almost everybody.

        People who are used to high-end products probably wouldn't appreciate the palette too much, but for everyday neutral looks or playing around with colours, it's worth the comparatively tiny pricetag, and the quality isn't totally horrible. Give this to a child who loves playing with makeup and I daresay they would be overjoyed!


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      • Product Details

        77 shade powder eyeshadow palette from W7 contains just about every shade you can think of / From vibrant to smokey eye, create just about every look under the sun /

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