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W7 Plumping Lip Shine Kiss Me

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Brand: W7 / Suitable for: Lip

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    3 Reviews
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      17.10.2011 09:52
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      Not reccomended

      I picked this up over the weekend in my local B&M discount store as it was only 80 pence and seemed like a pretty good product and therefor a total bargain - I suppose alarm bells should of been ringing but nope, I was really excited to try this out as it looked great however it is actually rubbish so it was a waste of my 80p lol. The lip gloss claims to provide a sexier and fuller look as well as a hint of shine. My lips are quite full as it is, but I love the OTT 'pouty' sort of look so i'm always on the look out for plumping lipglosses or lipglosses with high-shine to give my lips that extra bit of oompth and this looked ideal.

      The packaging of this is very eye-catchy, it's light pink and comes in quite a large squeezable tube - it's around 5 inches long and contains 14ml of product which is considerably larger then any other lipgloss at 80p. There is the W7 logo at the very top and then black writing on the tube - "Kiss me lip plumping" and a brief product description. At the very bottom in tiny writing it gives the net weight of the product which as mentioned above is 14ml/0.47 ounces. The back of the tube has the ingredients listed which is quite a brief list but contains some nasty sounding chemicals which I won't list but they don't sound great lol. It also contains menthol and perfume, bizzare.. I don't think i've ever come across a lipgloss that contains perfume.

      There is a little black lid which you screw off and this reveals a slanted tip which can be used as an applicator or alternatively you can just squeeze some out and apply it with your fingers. As soon as the lid is off it smells really strongly of peppermint sweets, it smells nice at first but the smell soon becomes quite sickly sweet, with a fake undertone and generally yucky. The lipgloss itself has a thick, almost jelly-like texture and it is clear. It spreads over my lips well but feels very heavy with even the smallest amount, this is not a lightweight type of lipgloss and the heavy feeling stays for ages as it doesn't seem to absorb. I though that because this contains menthol it would make my lips tingly but it doesn't at all, although the smell is very minty. The taste is also minty however really chemical and gross tasting.

      So, did this stuff make my lips look fuller, sexier and glossy? Not at all. It did give a slight hint of shine, just as a bit of vaseline will do. It didn't make them appear fuller in the slightest nor did it make them look any sexier or plumper than usual. The lasting power is awful and it came off within an hour as it simply doesn't absorb. This is simply a product that provides not-so-subtle shine and to be quite blunt it can look quite tacky and greasy, and also feel very unpleasant if I use more than a tiny bit - I wouln't reccomend this at all.


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        27.03.2010 13:41
        Very helpful



        worth a try if you're not looking for drastic results

        I've read a lot lately about lip plumping products & decided to give one a try when when I saw it on offer for £1 in Ethel Austin. I've not heard of this brand before & didn't have high hopes of it doing much for it didn't break the bank & you only live once lol....

        It's as shown in the picture & is quite a sturdy good-sized (14ml tube) which is manufactured by Warpaint Cosmetics in the UK. but as it's ove 4" long it may not fit into small make-up bags.

        The black top just unscrews & there's a well-designed angled tip with a perfect-sized hole which allows you to squeeze out as much or as little as you need & will therefore last quite some time. I've found it doesn't gunge up as some others (apparently) do.

        There's a faint smell of menthol when you open it but this soon fades & you don't notice it after a while. The texture is a bit like Vaseline lip therapy mixed with lip gloss & is a very pale pink.

        I have quite dry lips so personally I found it quite moisturising as although some it settled on my lips most was immediately absorbed which was fine for me. I looked as if I was just wearing a light lip gloss & it didn't feel heavy or sticky.

        From what I've read some lip plumpers tingle - some uncomfortably so - but I only noticed this a minute or so after using it & it wasn't unpleasant in any way so I was concerned that it wasn't doing its job....

        However, I have noticed that my lips look slightly fuller & a bit more plump but not drastically & not that much that people have commented!

        I'm quite happy with this product as I don't want voluminous lips just slightly fuller ones. The only thing I don't like about it is the fact that although I don't have sticky lips I have somewhat slippery ones!

        - cheapo product which seems to work to a degree.
        - easy to apply.
        - pleasant enough smell & texture.
        - should last a while.
        - tingling barely noticeable on application.
        - lasts a few hours & I've used my normal lipstick over the top.


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        07.06.2008 19:08
        Very helpful



        W7's Kiss Me

        My lips are pretty full as it is, but I'm always reading reviews on here about lip plumping glosses, and wanted to try one for myself. For someone who rarely wears lip gloss, I have managed to acquire 4 new ones in the past week - I think lip gloss fever has struck me! One of the four is W7's Kiss Me, lip plumping gloss, the cheapest one of the four. I bought it for no other reason than I wanted to try a plumping gloss and I love a bargain!

        ~About the product~

        W7 are a cheap make up brand that can usually be found at discount retailers such as TJ Hughes or those little accessory shops that seem to spring up all over in town centres. The gloss promises to give tint and shine to the lips and give a fuller look.


        As you can see from the picture, the gloss comes in a pink squeezy tube, with a black lid. The style of the writing reminds me of Philosophy products, so perhaps that is what it is trying to emulate. The back of the tube simply has an ingredients list.

        ~Using it~

        On removing the lid, you will see that the tip through which you dispense the gloss is slightly angled, which makes it easier to apply.

        The gloss itself is clear and has a slightly minty smell. It actually contains menthol, but I don't think there is an overpowering menthol scent to it. As the tube is pink and it states that it tints your lips, I had expected the gloss to be pink in colour. Oh, well...

        The gloss glides on easily, and is a nice texture - not too thick, nor too watery.


        I wouldn't say that it left my lips feeling sticky - more slippery. It's really noticeable when you're wearing it - you can just feel that you are wearing it all the time.

        Appearance wise, this did give a nice glossy sheen to my lips and made them look quite shiny. As for tint, as I mentioned above the gloss is clear, and it did not give any colour whatsoever, so that's one claim that it didn't live up to.

        Now, perhaps most importantly, did it plump my lips? Well...no! They didn't look any fuller at all - in fact the only difference this product made at all, was that it gave some shine.

        It did stay on for ages though, which is a good thing, and didn't come off onto the glass when I had a drink.


        I bought this for 99p from Boyes, but as I said, lots of the discount retailers stock W7 products, and it is also available online.


        This lip gloss promised four things...
        Tint - Did not deliver
        Shine - Yes, very shiny
        Sexier - Debatable!
        Fuller - Nope, just the same

        It was OK as a clear lip gloss - especially for the price, but if you are looking for plumped up lips, I would suggest trying something else.


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