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Wet n Wild Brow Essentials

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Brand: Wet N Wild / Type: Eyeshadow

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    6 Reviews
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      29.06.2010 20:11
      Very helpful



      A great compact, even if the lid does break

      A year or so ago I had never heard of the cosmetic brand Wet N Wild, I came across a post on the forum of Money Saving Expert and they we're saying the brand was having a sale, everything 99p and postage was free if you bought so many products, without the sale it would cost £3 so still not the end of the world. Me being me I couldn't miss an opportunity to buy some new cosmetics for cheap, so off I went to their online shop http://www.wnwbeauty.co.uk (at the time of writing I found the online website to be up but the shop is not but I did find you can purchased products from their American site).

      I bought a few bits and pieces from the brand and I was disappointed with a few things, especially their lip products as I found them to be very drying on the lips and generally no good but as I didn't pay a lot for it I wasn't that disheartened.
      The one good thing I did purchase was their Brow Essentials. When I was younger I had okay brows, they weren't too bushy but they did need tidying. Since I've been getting older where I have plucked all these years I am lucky if the hairs grow back and if they do it's not many and takes a white to come through, but what I have noticed is at the beginning of my brows where I have never plucked I am loosing hair and I am looking a bit spars in places.
      Normally I'd leave my brows as they are, and do the rest of my makeup and carried on with the day unaware how important this step is, however I have bought brow pencils in the past and hated the look, none I tried looked natural on me and always looking too harsh, and they we're never as dark as my brows, which meant I had to press harder to get it to look darker and it never looked natural looking and quite frankly I looked silly.

      Buying Wet N Wild Brow Essentials was new to me as it is a powder and not the dreaded pencils I were used to using and not succeeding in.
      I bought the kit for brunettes (Medium/Dark), which comes with two square powders in light brown, and the bottom one in dark brown and one square white wax at the top. The kit also consists of a small angled brush, a mirror, which pops at from the bottom and small tweezers, which all comes in a plastic casing with a see flip top lid.

      At first I swatched the lightest colour and knew it would be too light for my ever so dark brows so I dived straight into the darkest shade and began to play. Over the years I have learnt eye brow shaping to be an essential part to do, especially if you're plucking. Your eye brows can make or break your face. They can make you look like you've had a mini face lift or they can make you look tired.
      Instead of using the small, narrow and firm angled brush that is provided I decided to use my own brush and keep the provided brush to use with the wax, that way I am also not contaminating both products with the same brush and making a mess of the powder with wax.
      I find with these powders you don't need a lot of product at all on your brush, literally a light dab at a time is all you need to get your brows looking perfect. The powder clings onto your natural brows and fills in any gaps perfectly, while looking very natural. When using powders it is best to use light and short brush stokes to get a nice natural look and don't try to hard to get it looking absolutely perfect looking as I have found it looks like you've tried to hard and it can look a little fake.
      When I have finished filling in my unsightly gaps I then grab the provided brush and stroke each side of the brush into the wax 4 times and apply to my brows to keep them in place all day and shiny, healthy looking.

      The one thing I have noticed when using this product is a little fall out on my cheek. It doesn't matter how little I apply I manage to always get some. Sometimes it doesn't matter as it just wipes away with a brush or foundation brush but other times it smears and leaves you with brown smudge marks. I have also found if I don't apply a lot of wax I will get fall out in the day as well.

      The darkest shade is the most perfect shade for my dark hair and something I am very happy about as it's not something I could archive before.
      If you in between light and dark you have the option to create your shade with the two shades provided in the kit.

      The other thing I found is eventually the lid broke, so now I have tape going around the compact to keep the lid on and stop the powder breaking everywhere. But for 99p am I complaining? The compact has lasted me over a year and I am no where near the pan yet.

      This is a great compact for keeping spars brows tidy and filled in. I just wish I knew where the next purchase is coming from.


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        11.06.2010 00:03
        Very helpful



        Boost your Brows!

        I am a natural redhead and towards the end of last year I decided to dye my hair a darker shade of red. However, I felt that dying my hair so dark drained my face somewhat and left my eyebrows looking extremely light in comparison to my darker shade of hair.

        Fearing an eyebrow tint, I instead opted for the Brow Essentials kit from Wet n Wild. At 99p (on special offer at the time), this was much cheaper in comparison to any salon beauty treatment and being a student, I always look to save a few pennies where I can. I was also dreading a disastrous outcome should I opt for tinting, so the brow kit seemed liked the answer to my eyebrow problem and for the small price it was worth a try.

        I bought this from the Wet n Wild website: www.wnwbeauty.co.uk. Although, I have noticed recently that this website is no longer is active. Instead only the American website now remains (www.wnwbeauty.com). Nonetheless, I have heard from a few others that you can find Wet n Wild products in various Tesco stores, so it may be worthwhile keeping an eye out for this particular product whilst doing your weekly shop.

        The kit itself comes in a silver compact case which can easily be kept in your clutch bag/purse = Bonus! The underside of the case slides out to reveal a small mirror, which is perfect for applying the product on the go. Also included is a small pair of tweezers. However, I find these not to be particularly effective and often struggle to get the tweezers to actually pluck the eyebrow hair. Despite this, I would say that having the tweezers on hand is a good thing, just in case a beauty emergency arises where the odd unruly hair remains out of place and needs plucking! It is literally perfect for taking with you on a girls' night out!

        The kit comprises a small angled brush and three squares, each containing a separate product. Contained within the top square is the brow shaping gel. You apply this gel to your eyebrows after brushing through your selected shade of choice. This simply helps your brows to keep a nice defined shape throughout the day.

        The two squares below this contain two distinct brown shades that can be applied to give your brows that little bit more colour and boost their appearance. One is a darker shade, the other a much lighter in comparison.

        ~*~ My Opinion *~*

        Personally, I like to switch between both shades in this kit. I find the darker brown shade enhances my brows significantly and really makes them noticeable, but in a good way.

        On the other hand, the lighter shade suits my hair colour better and I use this on days when I like to keep my make-up minimal and 'natural'. Both shades are very versatile and natural looking. That was one thing that surprised me about this product, the fact that after use it actually looks as though that is the natural colouring of your eyebrows. In no way does it look made up or artificial and I was really impressed with this product considering its really cheap price tag.

        The brow shaping gel performs well in giving my brows a sleek look and I find that it adequately keeps each hair in place all day without the need to reapply the gel. I just brush through a thin streak of this gel and it does the trick.

        Recently I purchased Benefit's Smokin' Eyes kit at £28.50 and I was surprised to find that this includes a similar kit to that of Wet n Wild. However, I must say that Wet n Wild's version is much more portable, discreet and produces better results than its more expensive comparator.

        This definitely solved my brow issue and now I have no need to resort to pricey tinting. At 99p this kit is an absolute bargain and contains everything that you will need for the job. I am sure that once you give this a go you will use it everyday like I do and will not be disappointed with the results. Go on, what are you waiting for?


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          28.02.2009 19:56
          Very helpful




          Product: 4 out of 5
          Packaging: 4 out of 5
          Quality: 5 out of 5
          Overall: 5 out of 5
          Where to purchase? WnWbeauty.co.uk
          Price: £0.99 - £3.90
          Shade I bought: Light Medium
          Would I buy again? Hell yes!

          What they say:
          Make your brows wow... show them off by using the best kit available.

          Contains 2 shaded brow powders for filling-in and extending your brows.
          The complementing wax is the overcoat... keeping them up and smooth all day. With accessory tweezers, brush & mirror this little set is an essential for brows.

          Application Tips
          Step 1 Hold a brush parallel to the side of your nose. Where the brush meets your brow is where your brow should begin. Extend the brush diagonally from your nostril, to the outside edge of your eye, this is where your brow should end.

          Step 2 Using the applicator brush, apply the eye brow colour powder to your brow using short feathered strokes, to fill any gaps. Using the same applicator apply a small amount of wax to set. Tip: Try mixing the colour with the wax to reach the perfect colour for you!

          My experience with it: I love this as there are 2 colours in the set to choose from, or mix and match to custom create your own colour. The wax is really great for taming stray hairs and I find the powders last all day if mixed with a little of the wax.

          - Easy to use
          - Comes with tweezers and a decent applicator brush
          - Doesn't look unnatural
          - Most people can find a shade for them
          - Easy and quick to apply
          - Contains a large mirror for on-the-go touch ups

          - Lid doesn't open all the way back so you need to hold it open to use
          - Get through wax alot faster than powders
          - Tweezers do not really work - only for an emergency

          Overall? I bought this in the Wet N Wild January sale for just 99p which is a total steal, but now it is on their UK site as £3.90 which is still great value for the product! I would pay £10 for this product and still think it was worth every penny!


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          17.02.2009 23:09
          Very helpful



          If you want perfect eyebrows then buy the Wet N Wild brow essentials kit

          The Price
          I was lucky to come across a promotional offer online at their website www.wnwbeauty.co.uk where each item was for sale for 99p around christmas time. The offer was spend over £10 and get free delivery so I ended up buying 11 products and this was one of them. The offer has now ended so I will start by telling you how much this product currently costs on their website now. The brow essential kit now costs £3.90 online. I also just checked to see what the current shipping cost would be if you just purchased this one item and it is £1.69. So now you have to pay a total of £5.84 to purchase this one product off their website including tax. Although if you purchased more items thens the shipping is still free if you spend over £10.

          The product
          The brow essential kit I purchased was one of two types that they do. I did want the light one but being a promotional offer that was sold out so I went ahead and bought the Medium/Dark set. I figured for 99p then it was worth the gamble. What I really like about this product is that it is packaged really well and is perfit to take out on the go. There are three palattes in total. Two are the two shades of powder which include a darker shade and a medium shade and the other palatte is a setting wax. The kit also contains a mini pair of tweezers and a small angled brush applicator. There is also a pull out mirror neatly contained within the case. The back of the container has instructions printed on how to use the kit and get the perfect eyebrows. What I really like about this kit is that I only spent 99p on it and it doesn't look cheap at all. All the contents fit neatly together and time has obviously been thought into the packadaging. The size of the kit makes it ideal to put in your handbag and not take up much space.

          Using the product.
          I was abit dubious about using this product as I knew that the shades were slightly darker than I wanted but was pleasently surprised that the applicator was perfect for applying the correct amount of powder needed. I just stuck to using the medium shade as I knew that the dark shade would be too dark for my skin tone but the good thing is with this kit is that you have the option of creating the perfect shade for your skin tone by mixing the two shades of colour together if you wish. The brush was ideal for placing powder in the areas of my eyebrows where I wanted the definition and the brush didn't get it everywhere like some applicators do so this was also a plus point. The tweezers are actually quite good for a mini version that came free with the kit. They are able to grasp hold of the eyebrow hair without slipping off like I have found to be the case with some cheap tweezers in the past. Although the only bad thing about the tweezers is the size of them being so small can hurt your hand but if this is on the go and your in a rush they are ideal for a quick touchup. The wax in this kit is great for smoothing the eyebrow hairs and fixing the style you have created. The mirror is the tip of the iceberg with this kit in that it is a good size and fits descretly back into the case after use.

          Overall I would recommend this product 100% at the price I paid which was 99p. At this price I got a great bargain. At the current price it is now I would say that it is about the right price you would expect for this type of product. I would try searching around though as I think you may be able to get this product brand cheaper than as it is to buy directly off the website at the current moment.


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            03.11.2008 16:56



            Being blond I have always had problems with my eyebrows looking non existent, so have always had to fill my brows in with eyeliner pencil. This set contains 2 shaded brow powders for filling-in and extending your brows which gives a much better end result than the harsh line a pencil gives.The complementing wax is the overcoat, however I find that by mixing the colour with the wax I can reach the perfect colour match for my brows and the wax keeps them neat and smooth all day. With accessory tweezers, applicator brush & mirror all in this one little set, and at only £3.99 from wnwbeauty.co.uk, for me this set is a must have!


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            14.10.2008 18:50
            Very helpful



            I couldn't live without this!

            What I would love more than anything is big thick bushy eyebrows. No, I'm not joking. I wish I had a pair like Burts (of Ernie and Burt!). See, if you have too much eyebrows, the eyebrow world is your oyster, as you can pluck, wax, shape and groom them however you wish. Perfect! You can always take eyebrow hair away, but if you're one of the unlucky ones like me, with sparse brows, then there's not so much you can do.

            For us baldies (well not quite bald but still), we could go and get our eyebrows shaped by the best eyebrow shape-ist in the world, and even they could do nothing if there was no hair there to work with. Mine tend to be a nice thickness along to the arch, and then virtually bald from there on out. Not a good look.

            Filling eyebrows in however is more often than not also not a good look. So where does this leave us? We need to do something; the eyebrows can effectively change the whole face, and if you like to get creative around your eyes like I do, then you need them sorted, or people are going to notice your straggly brows when they are looking at your eyes.

            I've tried pencils before of course. I've tried mascara! I've tried eye shadows. I've tried just leaving them. I've tried hairspray. I've tried gels. I've tried Vaseline. Nothing can make your brows look good if there's not much there to work with.

            I had looked at Benefit's Brow Zings for quite some time, I considered buying it last Christmas, but the fella looked at me as if I was absolutely nuts, most probably envisioning an Ernie and Burt style look, and I gave it a miss fearing he would be right, and it would look stupid. Over the year I've seen other alternatives around, from the likes of Urban Decay and Ruby and Millie, all bringing out the same style kit as Brow Zings. Then one day, browsing (Brow Zing haha, oh dear!) in Boots on the Wet n Wild stand, which has some fantastic cheap products I notice their very own Brow Zing copy. At around £3 of course, I have to buy it and try it!

            The kit consists of two powders, one darker than the other for filling your eyebrows in, a wax to smooth and keep the hairs in place as you want them, a mirror, a brush and a tiny pair of tweezers! Not bad for £3 eh? I'll be honest and say that I never use the mirror, as this isn't something I'd do on the go, so I use my mirror at home whilst doing my eyebrows. I also don't use the tweezers, as anything other than my trust Tweezerman's are about as much use as a chocolate teapot. I don't use the lighter shade of the two powders, as the darker one suits my colouring perfectly. So that leaves me with the dark powder, the wax, and the brush - all I need, and still more than worth the price!

            The tiny brush that comes with this is surprisingly great. Applicator's that come with things are usually worth only of the bin, however this firm angled brush, is absolutely perfect for filling the eyebrows. It is very narrow and very firm and makes drawing a thin straight line an absolute breeze. I've had my kit a long time now and no bristles have fallen out and the brush is still in great condition. Surprising for an in-kit brush, even more surprising given the price of this kit.

            I think this came in two different shade options - one for lighter hair colour, and the one I've got which is for brunettes. The two powders, I think are so that if you are somewhere in between, you can get the colour that is just right for you by using both. Luckily for me the dark one is exactly the right shade for me so it's really easy. The powder is pigmented, applies well, and lasts well, so no complaints here. It goes on smoothly and again makes filling them in a breeze. The look given by using the powder looks so much more natural and better looking than filling in with a pencil, which I find almost always looks pretty bad no matter what pencil and what technique you use.

            Finally then, the wax, which is also great. It brushes the hair in the right direction and holds it there. It smoothes it and shapes the eyebrow really well, making sure there are no stray hairs going at the wrong direction. It also holds the eyebrow hair in place well and compliments the powder well, without smudging it, and the wax doesn't make the eyebrows appear greasy.

            I find that the way that looks best and most natural is to draw a line with the brush and powder along the top of your eyebrow. This makes the arch that will be created how your eyebrow naturally arches, making it look just right, and making it really easy to do - just follow the natural arch of the brows along the top. It is great for getting a thin line beyond the arch, and it looks as natural as it can do, and makes your brows really defined. I don't fill in the whole brows with it, as then it would perhaps look drawn on or too dark, but if there are any gaps I fill them with it, or sometimes lightly brush over the rest of the brows with whatever powder is left on after doing the main arch. The wax I then use to brush the hairs up and out to follow the arch of the top of the brow. It's much harder for me to explain than it is to do. It's honestly SO easy! It takes me all of two minutes maximum to do both eyebrows and makes such a vast difference to my face, eyes and over all look.

            Doing my eyebrows now is an essential step that I would always do, if I was short on time I'd do them over almost anything else on my face as they really make such a difference and just make you look groomed and like you take care of yourself.

            The look achieved by the end is honestly comparable to eyebrows you see on celebrities. They just look perfectly arched, neat and exactly how you would want them. Natural yet groomed and perfectly arched, without being over arched, which you definitely don't want as you don't want to look shocked.

            It's impossible to get it wrong with this kit and by just following your natural arch. They honestly look perfect done with this, and they stay like it all day, throughout everything, without smudging or fading at all.

            For £3 what more could you want? There honestly couldn't be a way of making your eyebrows look better, so why shell out for the more expensive versions?

            Despite the fact I only use about half of what is in the kit, what I do use does everything I need. I would say the tweezers are really pointless, and it is essential to keep your eyebrows neatly plucked which I would do only recommend Tweezermans for, so I would think the tiny tweezers in the Benefit and Urban Decay kits and the like would all be pretty rubbish too. Plus you only ever need to by Tweezermans once (they're for life!) unless you lose them so it really is worth shelling out on getting those separately.

            My kit has lasted an absolute age with daily use, I've had this at least six months and it looks barely even dipped into (you're only doing a tiny area each day!). One downside is recently the lid has broken off this which is a bit of nuisance for storing it, but on the whole it's a minor down point to an excellent kit.

            I absolutely love this kit and couldn't be without it now and would really recommend all you ladies to go out and buy it. Even if you have been blessed with bushier brows, or live in fear of "painted on eyebrows" this would be great for everyone. It honestly doesn't look extreme, painted on, or fake, and would give any eyebrows that perfect shape and definition. And finally, there's help at hand for baldies like me!


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            Contains 2 shaded brow powders /

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