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Wet n Wild Liquid Eye Liner

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Brand: Wet 'n Wild / Type: Eyeliners / Suitable for: Eye

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    1 Review
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      26.10.2009 02:05
      Very helpful



      Fantastic price -and it actually works!

      I had seen this eyeliner, amidst other make-up items (blusher, eye shadows, lip glosses...) neatly hung in pink and silver tacky looking cardboard. They were in my a larger Tesco store, saddled next to their Maybelline, L'Oreal, Barbara Daily and Revlon stands and wondered who on earth would ever buy these when sat right next to them were brands which looked of far higher quality and were BRAND NAMES! Obviously I had never heard of "wet'n'wild" before.

      So when I ran clean out of eyeliner several months ago on a Saturday night (when Boots were closed) I scanned the brand lines before realising that unless I wanted a pre-'tested' blunt eyebrow pencil to use from the major brand lines, (Thanks Tesco...) this packaged eyeliner was my only hope.

      I was at least relieved by the price- if nothing else, as it was £1.99 for the cone shaped pot as oppose to the £5.99 Max factor version (which is rubbish!) or the £4 Revlon pencil version. Both of which had sold out anyway. But from the price, I expected a 'will-work-once-only' product which I would have to bin by the end of the week- if I was lucky it lasted that long!

      So I was quite surprised to find that actually, it's not a bad product at all- in fact, its better then quite a few products I've tried! (Rimmel's pencils, Max Factor's pen type liner and Revlon are a few of the quite a few examples).

      The pot is quite small. It looks as if it won't last long. It's a trick- it does last a long while- I bought the pot in June, its still going strong and its October. I wear this eyeliner about 3 or 4 days a week. It's not dried, not clogged and not run out.

      I liked the brush, it's quite thin, and though it does pick up quite an overloaded amount of liner, it's very easy to sweep the brush over the edge of the pot to get off any excess which does not dry to clogs to later collect on your brush. The liner is easy to apply, either in a collection of little dots or a few sweeping lines. The colour I chose was black. (They also had brown) and I was pleasantly sur-prised by just how dense the colour is- you don't need to apply coat after coat after coat, its enough to use as you would a normal lash liner.

      The negatives though (nope, it's not perfect!) are; the drying time. Though this won't affect every-one as not everyone wears shadow with lash liner. But if you do, or you apply a very tick Amy-Winehouse type line which you can easily repeat when you blink, then this may be a problem for you. I'd give it a few minutes to dry between applying eyeshadow (or blinking) and your good to go. But it can be annoying if you're in a hurry or dislike having to wait between make-up applications.

      I also can find this gets messy as a result of it not drying. It can be very easy to not put the brush back into the pot and accidentally slide it down the side of the pot. Easily done by those of us who are cack-handed! It could be because the pot is quite small so unless your resting it on a surface, you end up man-handling it and rolling the palms of your hands on the screw cap part of the container. This can result in you picking up the pot again and ending up with it all over your fingers, hands and wrists....and then all over your face. Annoying-Very!

      There are really no more negatives I could find- it even rinses of very easily with a tiny bit of cleanser and water. Little if any residue. It stays put whilst I sweat my skin off at the gym and still looks as good as it did to begin with when I'm finished- though obviously if your into your eye liner 'flicks' and spend the gym time wiping your face with a towel/tissues as you sweat, then the flicks you had will no longer exist. But that's a given with any liner I think and if the liner did stay put with the scrubbing of the towel, you'd begin to wonder if it would even come off in the shower.

      Overall? I think this is a great product- probably the cheapest liquid eyeliner I have seen, and the quality is far better then those double its price. It applies easier, lasts longer and is no trouble to remove. I would recommend this to anyone who is watching their wallet, or is after a decent eye-liner. Thumbs up with little to complain about!


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