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YBF Automatic Eyebrow Pencil Duo

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Brand: YBF / Type: Eyebrow Pencil

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    1 Review
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      01.12.2013 19:52
      Very helpful



      A friend perhaps but certainly not my best friend.

      About ybf
      ybf stands for Your Best Friend and is an American line of cosmetics fronted by Stacey Schieffelin who was a Ford Model. I wasn't sure what this meant and imagined scantily dressed models draped over the latest Ford at a car show. However if refers to a New York modelling agency. Anyway ybf is primarily sold through TV shopping channels and I came across it when I was idly flicking through tv channels one day and found a ybf session on QVC. My eyebrow pencil came in a selection of ybf products but you can get a ybf Automatic Eyebrow Pencil Duo on QVC for £18.50.

      The importance of perfect brows
      Stacey does a good spiel. She appears on QVC with no make up and then applies the product range on camera with impressive results. One of the first things she does is to use the eyebrow pencil. According to the blurb (each ybf product comes with a little instruction sheet) 'Well-groomed and well-defined brows have the power to alter the appearance of your face significantly'.

      I shape my eyebrows but despite having light brown hair (I kid myself its blonde but really its mousey brown) I've never really bothered with an eyebrow pencil. Clearly this is where I've been going wrong all these years!

      The ybf Automatic Eyebrow Pencil
      I read somewhere that the ybf eyebrow pencil is the number one pencil in terms of number sold. Something like 10million have been sold in the last 14 years so you would expect it to be good.
      At one end is a thin propelling pencil which comes in just one colour. This supposedly 'changes to up to 22 different shades and intensities based upon how much pressure you apply'. At the other hand is handy little brush for blending the pencil with your natural brow.

      How I got on with it
      I had a real problem with this pencil almost from day one. The pencil 'lead' is very thin and so produces very fine lines. Since I have light colouring, I found it fairly easy to get the colour right be using light strokes with the pencil but I am not convinced that it would work for everyone.

      Almost immediately the tip of the pencil somehow got squashed and wouldn't retract into the pencil body properly. It was still usable and actually did a reasonable job of adding depth to my brow without looking artificial. The brush helps blend in the pencil giving definition to the brow but with a natural look.
      I persevered but the pencil lead fell out of the pencil a few times and eventually broke. I wondered whether I was just unlucky but when I looked at the reviews on the QVC website, it seems that lots of others have had the same frustrating problem.

      A big thank you to Stacey Schieffelin for the eyebrow tip. I do now put pencil to eyebrow most days and I have to say it does make a difference. And I often use the brush part of the byf pencil. However because the pencil itself was so disappointing I'm only giving this ybf pencil a 3.


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