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Yves Rocher Clear Mascara

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Brand: Yves Rocher / Type: Mascara / Suitable for: Eye

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    1 Review
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      27.08.2012 15:33
      Very helpful



      The effects are stunning but the brush length and hard bristles make it hard to use

      **Introduction and reason for buying**

      I am not a huge fan of make up and rarely wear it, barring nail varnish (which I love, especially on my toes), but I do have some things in my 'make up bag' (i.e disused pencil case belonging to my son) that are must haves and include a good concealer and clear mascara. I don't use clear mascara everyday, probably only a handful of times per week actually, but as I'm lucky enough to have quite dark long lashes I find a slick of the clear stuff suffices for my needs and I find it comes in handy for taming unruly brows too.

      When I ran out recently of my current mascara by Collection 2000, which I'd been quite happy with for the basic needs it gave, I was about to purchase another tube on my next visit to Superdrug. However when placing an order with my favourite beauty company, Yves Rocher, I saw this Luminelle Tribal Attitude clear mascara with 'New' emblazoned above it's name and picture and liked the sound of it immediately due to the fact it apparently has a slight golden sparkle to it.

      **What Yves Rocher has to say about this product**

      "...A clear mascara, with golden sparkle for a subtle golden look which is ideal for summer. It won't run, or irritate as it is ideal for sensitive eyes with Cornflower extract being a botanical based ingredient..."

      **Price, packaging and availability**

      As with all Yves Rocher products I rarely pay full price as quite simply I couldn't afford to with the majority of their items. I've been a customer since I was 17 (nearly 20 years now *coughs*) and in all that time I have found there to be at least 50% off most products, sometimes more, on a regular basis making purchasing less of a kick in the teeth to my purse.

      This clear mascara currently retails at £3.95 and is available in one size of 4.5ml/ 0.15 fl/oz. As per usual though I picked this up much cheaper as it's introductory offer price was a much more reasonable £1.95, which for a product I hadn't tried before I felt this to be a fair price that I was willing to pay.

      The packaging is quite eye catching (no pun intended) though slightly on the small side compared to other brands of clear mascara I've bought in the past, but is colourful enough with a bright orange lid and transparent tube with matching logo in a bold coloured orange font, and a sketch of what I presume is cornflowers. The product can be clearly viewed due to the transparency of the packaging and we can see that it has a slight golden iridescent appearance though only very marginally so, as it's mainly clear.

      As this is an Yves Rocher product it can, as always, be ordered in the following ways:

      *Online from their website @www.yves-rocher.co.uk

      *By phoning their orderline/ customer service number on 0870 049 22 22

      *By calling into one of their stores that are dotted about (google to find your nearest).

      *Checking out Ebay is always a favourable option I have found too.

      **My experience of using this product**

      I don't wear clear mascara everyday but when I do I like to slick a decent coat over my eyelashes as well as a small amount to groom my eyebrows. On unscrewing the lid of this mascara I found the length of the wand to be much smaller than I at first thought and the brush itself is only just over a centimetre in length (approximately 1 and 1/2 cm) with small white rigid bristles that cascade down in a spiral fashion.

      On dipping the wand into the tube I was dismayed to find that most of the mascara got left behind as the opening is far too small for the width of the bristles. What little amount did cling on to the brush was easy to apply to my eyebrows as the bristles are fairly coarse. As for applying to my eyelashes I found it to be much harder work. Because the wand itself is not very long it is difficult enough to hold properly and the design of the brush is really quite ridiculous as the bristles feel very harsh when applying to the eyelashes and I found it hard to coat the lashes properly because of this.

      **Results and recommendations**

      Once I had applied a few coats there was a definite hint of golden shimmer to my lashes and I was really pleased with the results. I found that one coat alone made no difference really and only after two or three were there any real difference and even then it was a slight shimmery effect and not full on glitter thankfully.

      I like the natural look so I didn't want anything too flashy and felt that the effects gained from a few coats of this mascara were enough to make a difference but in a soft subtle way.

      The actual mascara was very gentle against my eyes which can be sensitive depending on certain products and this didn't cause any redness or soreness when I was wearing it thankfully. I use a cleansing milk and toner on an evening and found the milk sufficed enough to remove the mascara and left my eyelashes feeling in good condition and shimmer free, though I have also removed it via an eye make up remover and found the results to be the same, but feel a milk cleanser is enough to return my lashes back to how they were.

      I have used this around a dozen times since purchasing it a few weeks ago and whilst there seems to be almost 3/4 of the product remaining I don't feel that's a lot really for 12 or 13 uses. As I only paid £1.95 I don't feel too ripped off at all but think if I had of paid nearly £4 I would have been less than happy as it's very difficult to get the mascara to stick to the wand and as the brush only goes halfway down the tube then there is going to be a lot of product wasted.

      I do like the overall shimmery effect that this gave to both my eyelashes and eyebrows but because of the ridiculous design and hard bristles of the brush I can only give it a rating of 3 and that's purely for it's shimmery effects as it would get 0 for design and being ease of use.


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