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Zoya Nail Polish

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  • toulene
  • Free from DBP
  • Not very long lasting
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    2 Reviews
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      05.07.2014 19:59
      Very helpful


      • "Huge colour range"
      • " formaldehyde resin"
      • "Free from camphor"
      • " toulene"
      • "Free from DBP"


      • "Not very long lasting"

      A poish free of potential toxins but it doesn't last long

      I love nail polish and was delighted to receive a Zoya nail polish as a gift from a friend. They are an American brand, not widely seen here but available from the likes of Amazon and some salons. I have bought a few of their polishes now for around 10.50 per 15ml but keep an eye on Amazon as their are very often some reduced to more like 5-7GBP. Zoya say they were the first brand to remove potential toxins such as formaldehyde resin, toluene, DBP and camphor from their products which is good to know.

      With more than 300 colours to choose from, picking my favourite is hard but it''s probably Channing, an unusual metallic rusty colour. There are colours here I haven''t seen anywhere else, which is saying a lot. I find the texture of the polish on the thin side but not actually drippy. It is a classic two coat polish - one coat leaves a fairly decent level of colour but two really develops the unusual metallic finish on Channing for example. You really need to shake this polish more than average to avoid a slight streakiness to the colour as well. That done though, I happy with the finish, which is smooth and in the case of Channing, slightly sparkly. Others are matte or high shine but all are very true to how they look in the bottle. The brush is a bit shorter than I would like for the size of the bottle but the head is good quality so no stray hairs to worry about and it does spread neatly across my nails.

      As I work as a gardener, I don''t expect polish to last on my fingers more than a day or two now. On my toes this only lasts around 3 days for me which is a couple less than average, with two coats. It chips too badly to allow for a quick touch up but on the plus side I have found it to be one of the quickest and easiest to remove completely when the time comes. It hasn''t stained my nails even when I am naughty enough to skip a base coat. It dries fast too, even the second coat which is unusual - within a couple of minutes on average. I also think it is less strong smelling than some, although it isn''t completely free of that classic nail polish aroma.
      Generally I would recommend this if you are looking for a polish free of some potential toxins and even if you aren''t, the colour range is superb. However there are cheaper polishes that I find last longer and dry even faster still eg Sally Hansen Insta Dri and some of these are free of at least some of the chemicals Zoya is. So overall it is 4 stars considering the price.


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      09.03.2012 17:17
      Very helpful



      Fantastic nail polish

      I am a bit of a nail varnish addict, so when I received a bottle of Zoya nail polish in a beauty box a few months back I was thrilled. Zoya is a brand that I was aware of and had been meaning to try, although I knew very little about them.

      ==About Zoya==

      Zoya's selling point is actually that their nail varnishes are natural. They are free from formaldehyde, toluene, camphor and DBP. I was surprised to read that they are safe for use in pregnancy - in fairness I'm not and never have been pregnant, but I didn't realise some polishes were not safe to use. Apparently there is some research to say that DBP (contained in most polishes) can be harmful to a foetus, although from what I can tell, this research has not been fully proven. It sounds like just one more thing for expectant mothers to worry about if you ask me, but I do realise that some women would rather be safe than sorry, so it's good to know there is an alternative option out there.


      Zoya produce over 300 colours so you should be able to find one that is to your taste. Like many nail polish brands they split their colours into collections, with a new collection being launched each season.

      The colour I have is called Jem (pictured) and is from the Fall 2011, Smoke and Mirrors collection. From all the colours in this collection, Jem is the one I would have picked myself, so I was really pleased about that. Jem is actually a deep red shade with a slight shimmer, and is what's known as duo-chrome, a very popular look last season. What this means is that when you wear the polish, the colour will change in the light. I've had a few duo-chrome polishes and this is by far the best one, as the colour range is beautiful.


      The brush on these polishes is perfect, just the right length and width for a comfortable application. I was absolutely stunned when it came to applying this polish as it just glides onto the nails so effortlessly, I can honestly say that it's the best polish I've ever used in terms of application.

      The brush only needs to be dipped into the bottle once for each application and it goes on smoothly, without dragging. The colour goes on thickly and evenly and one coat is more than adequate - I'd actually say that one coat of this polish gives the effect you'd normally only get from two coats of most other brands.


      The polish dries quickly - I'd say about a minute and a half - but I do sometimes get impatient and use a nail drying spray to help it along.

      The polish looks absolutely fantastic once it's on. The results is very professional, with the surface of my nails looking smooth and glossy, even if I've been lazy and not bothered buffing any ridges out first.

      The colour, as mentioned looks amazing, it changes from a deep red to a vibrant purple depending on the light, even having a little bit of a reddish-gold look at times.

      The longevity of the polish is another plus point. I have found that I can get around four days from the polish without chipping (that's just with one coat) or if I apply a top coat I can get around a week from it. That's fantastic really, given that some polishes can chip after around 30 minutes!

      ==Price and Availability==

      Zoya polishes are not widely available, which is a shame. I've never seen them in the shops, but I believe some salons may carry them. Online you can get hold of them quite easily - Amazon seems to have a lot of them, although they are sold via their marketplace. There are also sellers on Ebay who carry only Zoya products and you could also try lucyrose.biz or health-store.co.uk

      Zoya polishes are not cheap, expect to pay between £9.50 and £10.50 for a 15ml bottle. Although this is pricey, I would be willing to pay that, as I currently buy a lot of OPI colours which are in the same price bracket, but I actually think these Zoya polishes are better in terms of quality.


      I absolutely adore this nail polish and can't wait to buy more colours. It goes on like a dream, dries quickly to a beautiful professional looking finish and then lasts for ages too. I couldn't want anything more from a nail polish, so this gets the full five stars from me and a big recommendation.


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