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Avon Ceramic Hot Stone Hand Held Body Massagers

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Brand: Avon / Type: Massager

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    2 Reviews
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      05.09.2010 16:38
      Very helpful



      May be a good buy for some, unfortunately for me they didn't live up to my expectations.

      I suffer from poor circulation, often resulting in painful and unpleasant cramping in the large muscle of my thighs, and to a lesser extent my calves. My doctor advised me that there is no suitable medication I could take for this complaint and suggested regularly massaging the affected areas to help get my blood flowing better. I purchased these ceramic hot massaging stones from Avon for just this purpose, at the time they were £5 but the price has shot up rather significantly to around £9 now - a completely unjustifiable jump actually, considering they don't work!

      The idea of these stones is to fill them with warm water, allow the water to warm the stones a little then begin your massage. It is advised that you don't use boiling water for two reasons: a) the stones would become uncomfortably hot and b) they would most likely shatter in the heat due to the fact that the ceramic mould is not terribly thick.

      The stones are shaped exactly as you can see in the photograph above, I shall not attempt to describe the odd shape of them as it would surely amount to a paragraph of nonsense - and quite possibly you, the reader, would still not understand what I was talking about! They are designed to have a comfortable grip whichever way up you are using the stones at the time.

      For deep tissue massage you use the 'knobbly' side, this features four pointed nodes which allow you to dig into your flesh providing some relief from any cramping sensations you may suffer from. Personally I found this aspect of the stones to be extremely awkward to use and downright painful at times. They do not seem to have sufficient grip to allow me to comfortable massage my legs without digging the stone in to such a degree that it causes pain, also the nodes do create an element of drag which leaves my skin feeling rather tender (and actually bruised on occasion!).

      For this reason I much prefer using the smooth side of the stones. I find this side heats up far better through the hot water and when used in conjunction with some massage oil (or plain body lotion) the stones will glide nicely across my skin, an effect which I find very relaxing even though it doesn't really do much for the problems I experience in my leg muscles.

      The main downside for me is that the ceramic stones do not hold the heat for long, I would say roughly ten minutes after filling them with the warm water they rapidly begin cooling down and within a quarter of an hour they are practically cold. You can, of course, refill them but by then your relaxing massage is broken as you then have to wait for the warmth of the water to permeate the ceramic again.

      Overall I have found them to be a waste of money, they are no more effective than draping a hot oat bag across my legs to relieve the cramping pains - and far more trouble to prepare and use. On a plus side, the stones are very comfortable to hold and by using the smooth side you can gain a relaxing (if you're quick!) massage.

      Although they look rather fragile, in fact these stone are more robust than you would imagine. I dropped both the other day in a very clumsy manoeuvre while rushing to empty the water from them, both clattered onto my tile floor - and both survived unscathed. This surprised me somewhat as the stone feel extremely thin and flimsy to the touch, as they dropped I envisioned ceramic particles bouncing around the kitchen so I was very pleased to find they were both intact when I picked them up.


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        28.08.2010 18:05
        Very helpful



        A fun kit to while away the stresses of the day from a company with excellent ethics!

        CERAMIC TERM USED IN THIS REVIEW: "an article having a glazed or unglazed body of crystalline or partly crystalline structure, or of glass, which body is produced from essentially inorganic, non-metallic substances and either is formed from a molten mass which solidifies on cooling, or is formed and simultaneously or subsequently matured by the action of the heat." {American Society for Testing and Materials

        ~*~ AVON ~THE COMPANY ~*~

        In 1879, David Hall McConnell embarked on a business career, as a salesman for a NY book selling firm, a year later, joining the Union Publishing Co. in Chicago. Although McConnell began selling only the books, he failed to secure enough income, so he made perfume to give away free along with the merchandise. The perfume became more popular than the books, so he decided to sell these instead.

        From this idea arose McConnell's California Perfume Company, eventually discontinuing his book distribution. Along with the perfume laboratory, additional toiletries and cosmetics were included. From the beginning, McConnell carried out the distribution of his goods through housewives etc., who could commit a measure of their time to the business. By the time of McConnell's death, the sales force had grown to more than 30,000 employees and company sales evaluated in the millions. Throughout his life, McConnell was instrumental in various highly esteemed projects and held many respected titles.

        There have been many changes over the last 131 years of Avon's initial beginnings. Avon still operates its selling techniques the same way as McConnell started out but also via on-line through their website. It has now grown to a global multi million pound successful operation; an accolade to that young 28year old guy who had such innovative ideas!

        ~*~ "A STONE'S THROW" ~ Why the therapy? ~*~

        Stone massage is basically a therapy that uses heated, smooth, flat, and medium to large pebbles that are placed at specific points on the body.

        Because I had heard some favourable opinions regarding this de-stressing treatment, I really wanted to give it a try. But as I lack the confidence and finances to attend a massage centre, I ordered the pack from my local Avon representative.

        ~*~ "LEAVE NO STONE UNTURNED" ~ The Product's Contents ~*~

        When my massage kit was delivered, I was like a five year old enthusiastically unwrapping my 'pressie' to me! Inside the package are two ergonomically shaped ceramic stones. On one side of the stone it has four nodes that are for, as noted on the enclosed leaflet, "multi-point stimulation", and "one smooth for broad strokes". These stones measure around {excuse the pun) 7cm x 7cm.

        ~*~ "STONE THE CROW "~ My Experience! ~*~

        By the way, as I do not have 'a partner in crime' to assist in, what I suppose could be a romantic experience! and there's no way I'm letting my girly mates see my body that looks like a disaster zone, I had to go solo.
        I followed the instruction leaflet carefully, having never used this type of product before. I filled the massagers "with warm water from the tap" replacing the plug very securely into the opening. Before operating the ceramic massagers, the consumer is advised to apply a body lotion or some massage oil onto the skin to furnish a smoother therapy. I used the Avon SSS range of body oil spray.

        I have to say that the initial warmth from the soft white stones feels very comfortable. As these massages are made of heat retention components, the warmth stayed for the duration of usage; I used one massager at a time, after fifteen plus minutes I used the second, filling with warm water as the previous one;
        application time totalling thirty to forty minutes.


        I applied a moisturiser on my face before proceeding with the therapy. Apart from the scent from the moisturiser, the only odour I sensed from the stones was a newness of the product! I gently stroked just one of the massagers over my cheeks and forehead. It didn't make my facial muscles relax as much as helping me feel a general calming sense. In fact, I think that if I had continued more than three or four minutes, I'd have fallen to sleep!


        As I had chosen to use my kit after a rather hectic day, I was feeling pretty tense and a kind of knotted feel to my neck muscles. I already started to feel better after applying the oil spray; though the cold spritz wasn't that good a feel. But administering the stone with its gentle heat soon furnished me with a cosy sense of well-being. I proceeded to softly roll the nodules over my neck area in long strokes. After only five minutes, I felt the tension in my neck subside and helping the movement feel far more flexible. Using the tool around and on my hyoid bone (situated between the chin and the thyroid cartilage), the polished smoothness of the stone felt so subtle and produced a restful sensation. My muscles soon began to relax.


        I employed the same technique with my shoulders; mild lengthy strokes over the clavicle which is the collarbone, the scapula, being the actual shoulder blade and finally the humerus, the upper arm bone; in this order I utilized the stone. Through sport activities, my arms suffer particular stress; they tend to seize up. But within ten minutes of manoeuvring the massager nodule over these areas, my shoulder felt much more flexible and the discomfort was diminishing.


        I directed the stone, again using the same technique of gentle long strokes up and down my arm. I didn't feel any particular muscle benefit other than a very tingly positive stimulus that certainly made me feel less stressful.


        I have dreadful circulation in my legs. As most of my circulatory problems exist in the part of my lower limb, between the knee and the ankle, I started the therapy there. I took several minutes massaging each leg and I have to admit that gently massaging of my legs with the warmth of these little gems felt like they were helping the circulation. Then I focussed on my thigh, the area between my hip and knee. Although I didn't feel any medicinal effects, the sheer looseness felt as opposed to the tension of standing for long durations throughout that particular day felt wonderful. I continued to move the tool over my calves and shin areas of the feet.


        The massagers must always be emptied after use. I clean the oil off the stones by washing gently with warm soapy water, and then dry with a towel.

        ~*~ "AS COLD AS STONE" ~*~

        Under the manufacturer's advice, the massagers are never to be re-heated in the microwave.

        ~*~ WOULD I RECOMMEND? ~*~

        YES! These little therapy utensils really do work. But, there are many unproven physically medicinal effects that have been associated with this type of remedial treatment; generally by massage parlours and centres! For me personally, they provide relaxation, de-stressing, muscle tension release and an aid to better circulation. As for rejuvenation of feeling twenty years younger, watch this space!

        Purchased for around £10 from Avon, but now obtainable for less on-line!


        In 1989, Avon was the first primary cosmetic company to declare a perpetual end to testing on animals.
        Furthermore, Avon is presently focused on two fundamental causes; breast cancer and domestic violence, raising millions on behalf of these issues. These are just two of the numerous projects the company has been and continues to be involved with.


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