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Homedics FM-S Shaistu Foot Massager

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4 Reviews

Brand: Homedics / Type: Massage Therapy

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    4 Reviews
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      15.09.2012 19:52
      Very helpful



      An ok replacement but no where near as good as the real thing!

      The Shiatsu foot massager is a good device for releasing pain after a long day at work or a hike and I absolutely love getting my feet massaged!  Shiatsu (指圧) is an ancient form of finger pressure therapy, we know it as acupressure, which is popular in Japan, although it originated in ancient China.  This foot massager combines the idea of Shiatsu with an infrared heat to soothe the feet as they are being massaged.

      ~The Device~
      It's a rounded box shape with two counter-rotating pads on the top, one for each foot. Actually, I think it looks pretty funky!  There rotating pads for each foot and each has two round heads on it which provide the kneading action on the sole of the foot, which is supposed to feel like real thumbs and provide the message action whilst the infrared heat relaxes the feet.  The feet sit comfortably on the device and there are ridges on the side on the "box" which stop my feet sliding off.  

      The machine is plugged into the mains and has an extra long lead.  I like that the machine can be controlled by my toe, by a silver button inbetween the two foot pads which has two settings, with or without heat - I much prefer it with!

      ~Enjoying a Foot Massage~
      I use it whilst sitting on my sofa whilst watching TV, it's really quite relaxing, although if you don't apply anough pressure to the device with your feet it tickles rather than massages!  The machine makes a quiet-ish whirling noise, which I have to admit can get a bit annoying after a while.  

      ~How Does it Compare with a Real Shiatsu Massage?~
      Umm, well it doesn't really.  Its not personalised like the real thing and therefore it can be difficult to get the machine to the parts of the foot that really need messaging.  A real shiatsu massage uses touch and pressure to adjust the body's physical structure and balance it's energy flow promoting well-being.  Obviously it's a little too much to expect a machine to be able to replace a human in such a delicate art of healing.  The best this machine achieves is some relief from aching feet and a nice warm feeling.  I do find it quite relaxing to use and it does relieve some tension in my feet.

      I checked Amazon and it currently costs around £30.  I was given mine by a close friend who moved back to Hong Kong and wasn't able to take it with her.  Anyway, the real thing is readily available in Hong Kong and one can go to get Shiatsu foot massages often as they are very cheap and very good - tried and tested by myself when I have visited! 

      ~Safety and Durability~
      It's safe to use as long as you don't have certain medical conditions such a diabetes.  The device doesn't like it if you apply too much pressure with your feet and if too much pressure is applied it switches off.  Therefore you can't stand on it!  The massager can only be used for 20 minutes at a time, then it automatically switches off. 

      It comes with a 2 year guarentee, mine is well past it's guarentee and must be at least 5 years old by now so it seems to be quite durable as it shows no real signs of wear and tear.

      ~Would I Buy It?~
      I'm not sure, it's feels nice but it's one of those things you can do without.  Its not overly expensive, so it's probably a nice kind of present to receive from a boyfriend or husband. I will give it 3 out of 5 stars, it's nice to use but it know way near as good as going for a real shiatsu massage.


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      17.02.2012 17:57
      Very helpful



      A great piece of kit

      I love my feet being massaged. When I go to a spa, out of all the treatments to choose from I want a pedicure. When my feet feel relaxed, my mind does too! I often get my boyfriend to rub my feet while we are laid on the sofa. He sits at the other end and I put my feet on his knee and reluctantly he rubs them for me. I spend a lot of time on my feet at work, I go running and climbing and all this really takes its toll on my feet. A few years ago after obviously getting bored with my requests to massage my feet, my boyfriend bought me a foot massager. I have previously used one of the foot spas but I do not like my feet going all wrinkly from the water and the swirling bubbles did nothing to help my tired, achy feet. This massager is a completely different experience though and it feels really comforting and energising.

      ==Price and availability==

      The foot massager costs £30.00 and is widely available from catalogue stores, online and shops such as Boots. I think my boyfriend bought it from a shop in the Trafford Centre and it cost around £32.00.


      The massager is a smooth silver base that is curved to each side. The curved sides have ridges so you can rest your feet against these too to experience different sensations. In the middle of the base are two sets of massaging balls for each foot that are illuminated with LED lighting. These sets are quite small so you can either do the front part of your foot first or massage the heel or the other way around. The balls are small and rotate round, there are another two balls in the middle that rotate the opposite way to these so you get a nice jittery contrast as the balls work the feet. The massager plugs into the mains and the lead is long enough so you are not overly restricted about where you put it. To control the massager there is a switch with two settings. This is a large switch that you can control with your toe so no awkward bending down! Simply lay back and relax! The two settings allow you to use the device without heat or with it. To store the device away, wrap the cord around it and pop it in a cupboard it is really light and easy to look after. If you need to clean it use a damp cloth but other than this try to avoid getting water around the device; it is electric after all.

      ==With heat or without...==

      Well that is a question isn't it? If you use heat there is not a chance you will burn yourself as when it says 'heat,' it means that it will get slightly warm. It is a pleasant warmness but it is not as hot as I was expecting. It takes hardly any time to heat up but on the first couple of goes I was sat for ages waiting for it to warm up only to realise this is as hot as it got! You may as well use the heat function though as it does add another dimension to the massage and is a very pleasant feeling indeed.


      Shiastu is a Japanese word and it means 'finger pressure'. This is a massage where pressure is applied to the areas of energy lines (meridians) to promote good health by 'stimulating the body's energy flow.' Shiatsu is not only about relaxing muscles and relieving tension but it is suggested that it also has a deeper effect on our organs and internal well being. Many shiatsu points which correspond to vital organs are found in the feet.

      So what should the advantages be of a Shiastu foot massage?

      Stimulating the shiatsu acupuncture points on the feet is supposed to redirect the energy flow directly to the organs which the stimulated shiatsu acupuncture points correspond to. Blood circulation should increase and flow up in to the legs.

      ==And my experiences are?==

      I have never had a person perform a Shiatsu massage on my in person but I have had other massages where fingers and thumbs are used on the feet in a similar fashion. The Homedics foot massager feels very nice and the balls give a deep tissue massage that will make you feel very relaxed and tingly. It feels nice while the machine is on, there are so many nerve endings in the feet that it would be impossible not to enjoy the sensations of the balls rolling beneath your feet. Towards the end of the massage as your feet get more used to the sensations, it is tempting to push harder against the balls and really press on to try and get the fire back and those sensations you first experienced. This is not advisable and if you press on too hard the massager will stop!

      I like the massager but it will never replace the sensation of having a person massage your feet. Although I would not describe the massager as using repetitive motions, you do start to get used to the movement. When you have a person massaging the feet there is more scope and movement that the Homedics massager just cannot recreate. Despite this, it is a really good device and if you cannot afford to have a personal massage every day this could be the answer. My feet feel so awake afterwards yet completely relaxed and the blood does feel like it is circulating better and the tension is gone. If I have had a bad day at work it helps de-stress me and I swear that it has helped get rid of a headache before now. The downside to the machine is that is does make a bit of noise, there is no soothing music that features waves crashing or birds tweeting like you get in a spa but a low groaning noise! I can put up with it though. I still ask my boyfriend to rub my feet though, unlucky him. I would estimate that I use this about once a month but when I first got it, it was practically every night!

      The device is guaranteed for two years and this is probably coming up to being 18 months old. It is still going strong and as long as you look after it and not push on like it is tempting to, it should (fingers crossed) last a long time!


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        22.08.2010 22:14
        Very helpful



        See review

        From time to time my mum and dad like to drag us all out to the Trentham Estate, which for those who aren't familiar with it, it's basically a shopping centre surrounded with other attractions such as a monkey forest, a shopping village, gardens/woodlands etc.

        Well we were in the centre and decided we'd had enough of staring at garden furniture and wandered deeper into the centre. Ahh the things we had seen... :) You honestly wouldn't believe how much junk they sell - I mean who would buy a personalized pair of toe-clippers - we did gather quite a few stares from workers who'd heard our remarks. After having got lost several minutes later, we quite conveniently stumbled upon a corner full of massage tools.

        They had massaging chairs, hand massagers and - eye massagers strangely enough, which was like a pair of goggles which vibrate - hardly relaxing. In fact they were painful, it made me feel as though my eyes were been ripped out, not to mention I looked a total moron with them on - never again :(

        Some (well-spent) hours later, having tested them all I discovered the HoMedics shiatsu foot massager. You were allowed to test this too, but with your hands only thankfully. I was hooked to this little gem for a good while before a rather angry set of parents discovered our whereabouts. Their moods were quickly lifted having insisted they try the foot massager, which they fell in love with also and decided to purchase for the sale price of £27.99.

        The package includes with the foot massager itself, an instructions booklet and a 2 year warranty - not too shabby :). The unit looks rather fetching: it's mainly white with a silver rim. Located in the centre are two sets of massage heads for each foot that counter-rotate and are illuminated with LED lighting that adds to the whole experience. It's really easy to use having only one operative button and all, I wouldn't say the instructions booklet was necessary but anyway its there if you need it at least. The 'toe-touch' control enables you to opt for a massage with or without heat with one touch of a toe - I prefer heat personally. It has special 'crinkles' on the massager which make it a whole lot easier to arrange and keep your feet in position throughout the process. The unit is quite compact, light and easily stored away when not in use.

        The massager is powered through mains electricity and comes complete with a conveniently long power cable meaning you may never be without your new best friend wherever you are in your house. Money well spent if you ask me, highly recommended!


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          23.07.2009 12:29
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Recommend everyone to buy this- it is a very good product and quite cheap too

          Homedics Shiatsu foot massager is an excellent massager with infrared heat. It has two sets of massage heads under each foot- and they both move in opposite directions which gives a very good kneading massage for your feet.
          Instructions for use-
          1. Place the massager on the floor in front of a chair.
          2. Press the power button which is located in front of the massager. You can do it with your feet itself. If you need to get the infrared activated, press this button twice.
          3. Put your feet over the massaging head and apply little pressure otherwise your feet will just move away.

          Do not use it for more than 20 minutes.
          You cannot stand on the massager anytime.

          It is very easy to use and quite comfortable. Your feet feel very relaxed after this massage. You can move your feet around to get the massage for your whole feet. It even targets the hollow part of your feet. Initially for a couple of minutes when you start the massage, you feel a bit ticklish but once when you keep your feet tightly in place, then you overcome it and enjoy the massage.
          If you have tired and aching feet, then you should definitely buy this.
          I bought mine from Costco when there was some offer for around £30. You can even get it from amazon for around £40 delivered.


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        • Product Details

          Sit back and enjoy a relaxing massage with the Homedics FM-S-3GB Shiatsu Foot Massager . With its innovative counter-rotating massage action, soothing infrared heat, and toe-touch control, this massager is the very definition of luxury. The Homedics FMS3GB Shiatsu Foot Massager has an extra-long power cord so you can position it exactly where you want - right in front of your favourite armchair! It's also lightweight, so moving it around isn't a problem. After a long day there's nothing better than letting the Homedics FM-S-3GB Shiatsu Foot Massager give you some pampering! General information Type Shiatsu massager Functions Electronic dimmer No Security LED Yes Other information Other functions Soothing heat, toe-touch control, counter-rotational massage action Other Color White

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