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Homedics PM-QUAD Hand-held Massager

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  • Looks funky
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    2 Reviews
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      18.09.2014 20:54
      Very helpful
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      • "Looks funky"


      Helps to relieve muscle tension

      Last year I visited a garden centre with my husband. For some unknown reason this garden centre had little handheld massagers and so I decided to give one a go and have a play with one.

      Then when it came to Christmas morning I was really surprised that my husband had remembered how cool I thought the handheld massagers were and he had gotten me a Homedics PM Quad hand held massager. This hand held massager looks really cool and funky. I have it in pink and it's a really strong vibrant colour.

      Unlike most things this massager comes with batteries included so I could have a go with it straight away. I suffer a weak muscle in shoulder that sometimes spasms and gives me lots of neck and shoulder pain. Generally I use a anti inflammatory cream but it's nice to have a massager so I don't always need to rely on medicine.

      The massager is really well designed. It not only looks funky but it fits into your hand really nicely. The massager has one easy to press button on the top, press once to turn it on, press it again to turn it off, simple! There is just one setting so there are not different strengths but this is fine. As soon as you turn the massager on it starts vibrating, I then hold the massager over my problem area and it helps releve the tension in my muscles.

      I would say that this massager feels good and definately helps to relieve muscle tension. I don't use this instead of anti inflammatory cream but it is a brilliant addition in helping relieve my pain.


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        14.02.2012 16:29
        Very helpful



        A good value versitile strees and tension buster for home use

        I bought this three months ago becuause i suffer from a lot of back and shoulder tension, i did not really have any high expectations that by using this i would have instant relief but for under £10 i thought it was worth a trial at least, if it had the same effect as a manual massage at a salon then it would be a cheap alternative as a regular massage at a salon can be very expensive.

        This product is manufactured by a company called Homedics which was founded in the 80's, the comany worked hard to achieve it's reputation in the health and wellness industry, the company belives there is nothing more important than taking care of yourself and they strive to deliver affordable products that take the effort out of maintaining our wellbeing.

        The massager comes in a variety of three neon colours, mine is the green one, it comes packaged in a transparent plastic box that is not difficult to get into, the massager is quite light and is the size of a small travel iron , it looks a very attractive and fun design, not at all what you would expect a massager to look like because although it is definitely not a toy it certainly looks like one, a good point is that it comes with the required 3 x AAA batteries included, it has a soft rubber coated grip handle directly above the base and underneath is where the four (quad) circular knuckles are, it seems to be made of soft but toughened plastic with chrome effect details, very futuristic looking.


        * Compact size

        * 1 Speed Setting

        * Instructions Included

        * Portable

        * Battery operated (batteries included)

        * Vibration Massage

        * Manufacturers 2 year year guarantee


        The operation is really easy and this is down to the simple design of the product, there is only one flat oval shaped power button which is located on the top of the handle and the massager is activated by pressing this, there is no need to continuously hold the button.

        You gently place the massager over the area to be massaged using light pressure, do not place it over swollen or inflamed areas and if at anytime your pain increases or a rash or soreness appears whilst using the massager then you should dis-continue use and consult your doctor, it is also recommended that if you have any health concerns at all, are pregnant or have a history of diabetes, heart disese or a malignant tumour then you should definitely consult your GP before using the massager.

        A massage session is recommended not to last longer than 15 minutes at a time and although it states not to use with liquids i do use with a few drops of essential oils or very small amount of moisturising cream rubbed into the area before massaging as this helps the massager to glide across the skin without drag, as long as all traces of oil and moisture are immediately wiped of after use i have never experienced any problems, i have only found it adds to the effects.

        The viration sound is not overly noisy, it is noticable though and i would describe it as being louder and more powerful than the vibration of a mobile phone device but not loud enough for youto not hear the television, i would not say this is a product you could use discreetly though so be warned, after completing the massage you simply turn the product off by depressing the same button usedto activate, you only need to press this once and the massager immediately stops.

        The batteries last an average expected amount of time, at times when i use this massager seversl times a week to ease built up tension i expect to replace the batteries weekly, re-chargeable batteries don't seem to work in this product but the cheaper branded batteries work fine, considering the power of vibration this product produces which is pretty strong for a battery operated product then i think it has been good value for money with regards to battery replacement.


        The massager can be used for various reasons, it's purpose is mainly for relaxation and as an alternative form of pain relief for aching or tense muscles when used correctly it can help to ease symptoms and give comfort by soothing and relaxing tired sore muscles, this product is by no means a professionally recomended product but is a good introduction to the benefits of what a massage can bring in a fun and slightly gimmicky cheap and portable product you can use at any time or any place.


        Vibration massage is applying contorlled pressure to the muscles and joints and is used as a form of therapy, healing, and rehabilitation, the benefits of massage have been known since ancient times and has long been used as an alternative therapy, a vibrational massage is perfomed by using an electronic device, the massage is where the muscle or body part is shaken using a firm but also gentle pressure, generally used for relaxation purposes and also to stimulate blood flow.

        The vibrational movement relaxes both the inner muscle and the tension, it creates a sense of relief and relaxation, this method can also be used to aid pain relief because the vibration relaxes the muscles surrounding a painful area which then further reduces pain, it is not recommended to use this product directly on painful areas but by using a techniuqe of massaging the above,beneath and either side areas of the pain you can succesfuly help to reduce the pain.

        Vibration massage can also be used to produce a sense of invigoration, light vibration can be used before events to stimulate blood flow and therefore increasing performance and giving a sense of renewed energy.

        Vibational Massage Benefits...

        * Expands Capillaries
        * Betters Circulation & lymph drainage
        * Improves metabolism & relaxes muscles
        * Speeds toxin elimination
        * Soothes pain
        * Relieves stress & tension
        * Improves mood

        ==MY THOUGHTS==

        I think that i have benefitted from some of the above features of using this product, it is definitely relaxing to use and does relieve the tension in my sholulders, upper and lower back, i have found it a good product to use although not always practical because a feature of it being portable is that you can use it anytime or anywhere you feel the need to but i would not be whipping this out on a bus journey or in a cafe to use whilst on a break, the noise it makes would make it impossible not to get some very odd looks indeed, it is not overly noisy it is just that the powerful vibrating sound is very noticeable.

        I am happy to use this at home only so the portable feature is wasted on me personally, when ido use this massager i prefer to use it with essential oils to further benefit from the massage and also to help the massager glide rather than drag when skin is dry ar bare it can sometime create drag which is not as pleasant an a smooth gliding effect, it feels as you would expect it to which is quite firm and vibrational, the quad 'nodes' or 'knuckles' feel very smooth and have no sharp edges or rough parts, i have found that unless my muscles are very tense then very little pressure is needed to feel the muscles relax.

        The instructions are easy to understand and although very small writing they are helpful, they include a list of cautions which are mainly common sense issues but still handy to have, the product comes with a 12 month manufacturers guarantee which is also good.

        It is a convenient product and looks rather trendy with its bright colouring and futuristic design, i would say it is very simple and easy to use and considering it cost under £10 to purchase i think it has been a good value buy, it's not something i will use regularly or on-the-go but i will refer to it when i need to as it is considerably cheaper than going to a salon for a massage.

        Overall i am pleased and happy with this product and although there could be room for improvement i would recommend it at the price it is, for a good value pleasant experience.

        I rate the Homedics PM-Quad Massager a satisfactory 3 out of 5

        Available to buy from Argos, Amazon, Ebay from £5-10

        Thank You for reading

        My reviews appear on both DooYoo and Ciao



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      • Product Details

        Let the tension go with this Homedics battery-operated PM-QUAD Handheld Massager . This conveniently portable Homedics PMQUAD Handheld Massager features four illuminated massage nodes which work with the contours of your body to gently ease away stress and tension! Please note only one massager is included in the package. Homedics's PM-QUAD Handheld Massager makes an original gift idea. It also comes complete with 3x AAA batteries enabling you to use it as soon as it's unpacked! Technical specifications Characteristics Comfort hand grip, convenient 3x AAA battery operation

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