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Homedics SP-10H Shiatsu Cushion Massager

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Brand: Homedics / Type: Massage Therapy / Dosage Form: Cushion

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    1 Review
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      12.01.2014 03:21
      Very helpful




      '''A very much appreciated Birthday present..'''
      I have had this massage cushion for just over six months now. It was a Birthday present from my partner, who knows how much I love a good kneck/shoulder/back massage - I guess that he was getting bored of doing it for me and decided to get me this so that he didn't have to do it any more! I really wasn't expecting such a thoughtful gift from him so the moment that I unwrapped it and realised what it was, I was really, really happy with it and I couldn't wait to try it! After around five minutes of opening it I was using it, and I have used it every couple of days ever since. I wouldn't be without it!

      This massage cushion was obviously a gift, so I didn't buy it for my self, although I do think that it is important to mention the cost anyway so that this review is as informative as possible to anyone who is interested in purchasing this product. The massage cushion currently (January 2014) retails at around £49.99 in most stores - currys and Argos, for example. It is available for an impressive £20.00 less on Amazon, and looking online now I can see that it is also currently on offer (£29.99) in a couple of different shops so it's certainly worth shopping around to get your money's worth.

      '''Value for money'''
      When my partner told me how much this had cost him (he paid the full retail price) I was surprised by how cheap it was, as I had seen some similar ones for around £80 and it looked and felt so well made that I'd assumed it had cost him much more. Obviously fifty pounds is a fair amount of money, but in six months I've definitely got every penny's worth out of it and I think that I will be using it for plenty of years. The cushion is also from a very well known brand, and my Nan has actually got the full massage chair which she has had for absolutely ages and it still works perfectly. The cushion is very good value for money, especially when you think how much a massage at a spa or beauty salon would cost!

      '''First impressions'''
      This massage cushion comes in a fairly large box. The box is very well made and it has got handles built in to the lid, which I have found very handy as it means that I can transport the massage cushion to family and friends houses (they've all had a go on it!) very easily. The box is informative with a picture of the product and it also has information on what the massage cushion does and on which areas of the body it can be used. Inside the box, the cushion comes packaged in some thin plastic packaging which I found very easy to remove.

      There was a large label on the plastic packaging saying that there may be a strange smell on the cushion (I can't remember the exact wording) but that the smell should disappear within 24 hours. There was a very slight smell but this really didn't bother me, as it was just a 'new' sort of smell rather than smoky or anything yucky like that. Inside the box there are simple instructions. The cushion itself is a good size, though not as big as I had expected.

      The cushion has a plug attached to it via a long, thin black wire, which came with a cable tie to stop it from becoming tangled up which i think it was good of the manufacturers to include. The plug fits into all of the sockets I've plugged it into absolutely fine - it's not one of those awkwardly shaped plugs! As the wire is long, I don't have to sit right near a plug when I want to use the machine, which isn't that much of an advantage for me as we have around three easy to access plugs in our living room but for people with plugs in awkward places it will certainly be a big advantage.

      '''Using the massage cushion'''
      This massage cushion is a beige shade and it has got very soft, almost fleecy feel to it, and it has a flap of material over the front of it. I had assumed that this would be the part that I would use to remove the material from the cushion to wash it, however the covering actually isn't removable and this flap of material when flipped up simply exposes a soft net type material which has the two hard parts of the machine, so if you want a more intense massage all you need to do is lift up the flap. I have to be careful when doing this, because unless I pull it right up and fold it behind the machine it can bulk up at the top front part which obviously effects how strong the massage is.

      The machine also has a band on the back of it, which you strap to the chair that you're sitting in. This, in my opinion, is fairly useless. For example, if I want a shoulder massage, and strap the cushion to the chair, it just slides straight down so I either need to awkwardly move it into the place I want it then push my weight against it to keep it in place, or get someone to hold it for me. This means that getting it in the right position for a neck massage is very awkward and near impossible.

      I have found that the best way to use this when massaging my neck and upper back is to move it the other way around so that it is upright. I had hoped to use it whilst sat on the sofa, however it says not to use the machine on leather furniture and unfortunately my sofa is leather - arghhhh! The machine comes with a little remote control, which is in a little pocket on the back of the cushion. This has a fairly short lead and it always has to be on the right hand side.

      The remote has got four buttons all in all: power, heat and then the two massage options. When the remove is powered on the power button will light up blue and when the heat option is on it goes red. Unfortunately, the heat option is not really worth having as it doesn't heat up very much, only to about body temperature and it doesn't make any difference to how the massage feels. The two massage options are both shiatsu massages as you will have guessed with it being a shiatsu massage cushion.

      They both go in different ways and it took me a while to find the one which I liked the most. I personally prefer the one which feels like it's rolling and going in circular motions against my back. I also use it on my feet, neck and shoulders. Using this machine is really relaxing, and sitting against it is uncomfortable. There's been a couple of times where one of the hard parts of the machine has massaged right on to my spine which wasn't the nicest feeling.

      I have found that it takes a whole to get it in the right position unless I have someone standing behind me, putting it where I ask them to. When I first began using this massage cushion, I would literally be able to feel it breaking up the tension in my back and shoulders, and it was a little uncomfortable at first however this has never caused me any actual pain, it's bearable which I think is good especially if you're sensitive.

      My grandmother has got the Homedics full massage chair which cost her a fortune, and she finds it far too rough and the hard parts really dig into her back, however when I took this for her to try she really, really enjoyed it as the hard parts don't dig in, and she was on it for the whole fifteen minutes! Speaking of fifteen minutes, this is the most time you can use it, after fifteen minutes it will cut out, this is for safety reasons, and you then have to wait a while before it will start to work again.

      Fifteen minutes is and isn't a lot of time.. if I take this out to a friends house, and let say five friends have a go on it, they won't get much time on it each. However, at home on my own using it, fifteen minutes is plenty of time and feels like a century!

      '''Summary - what I like'''
      I love how easy this is to use. The remote is easy to understand and it's so quick and easy to plug it in and shove it against a chair and sit back and relax. I also like that the flap can be pulled up and down, as if I want a fairly gentle massage I will leave it down but it I really need a good hard message I will lift it up and it I such more intense. I also like the feel of both of the speeds on my back/neck/feet etc and I always feel more relaxed after using the cushion.

      By using this it has got rid of a lot of tension that I had built up in my shoulders so I definitely feel better in my self since I started using it. I also like that this is so portable, it can be moved around anywhere but like I said before it's a shame it can't be used on leather furniture. I like almost everything about it really although there are a few disadvantages..

      '''Summary: - what I don't like'''
      I would personally like an extra massage option which is a little harsher, I understand why the existing ones aren't too harsh but for someone like me who gets a lot of tension building up I would like a really hard massage but never mind.. I'm not saying that the existing ones are weak but it takes more time for the massage to break up tension than it would if there was a harder speed.

      I also hate the fact that the cushion doesn't stay in place and just slides down a chair when I strap it in place, it's annoying and inconvenient. The heat option is also fairly useless, it doesn't produce enough heat to enhance the feeling/experience of the massage at all really.

      '''Would I recommend this massage cushion?'''
      Yes! It's brilliant, but not completely flawless. Four out of five stars.


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    • Product Details

      The soothing of tired muscles, and enjoy a deep kneading massage at the hands of the Homedics SP-10H Shiatsu Cushion Massager ! The Homedics SP10H Shiatsu Cushion Massager uses a state-of-the-art rotating massage mechanism to deliver an effective massage, and dispenses a soothing heat to relieve stiffness and tension. You can adjust the Homedics SP-10H Shiatsu Cushion Massager to bring comfort to the neck, back and shoulders, or make use of the Spot Shiatsu function for targeted relief. This great pillow massager is the ideal way to help take away life's aches and pains! General information Type Shiatsu massage cushion Functions Program Adjustable to target neck, back and shoulders Spot Shiatsu for targeted relief Other information Other functions Rotating massage mechanism Soothing heat to help ease stiffness and tension Other Color Beige

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