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Belly Belt Combo Kit

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Brand: Bumps Maternity Wear / Type: Support Bands

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    2 Reviews
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      26.08.2010 15:55
      Very helpful



      A handy little kit ,worth checking out

      Pregnancy is not always the easiest time to be fashionable, as you tend to find your ever expanding bump means that you are unable to wear your normal clothing. Having tried the safety pin and piece of elastic method to extend the waistband of trousers which otherwise fitted fine, I decided that wasn't quite the best solution to the problem.

      When a friend turned up wearing a Bumpband Pregnancy Support Band I was immediately impressed and bought some too, these helped a great deal, but still didn't rid me of the worry of fastening trousers properly. After having a quick look to see what was available I came across the Belly Belt Combo Kit, which turned out to be a simple idea that worked rather well.

      Now you may wonder what a Belly Belt Combo Kit is, so I will enlighten you, since there is no piccy here. The Belly Belt Combo Kit is a simple little kit which has a number of elastic strips and additional pieces of material to match your clothing. This when fitted correctly help to keep your bump in and your trousers firmly on.

      Not only can you use the Belly Belt Combo Kit with trousers, but you can also use it with skirts to make them fit just that little bit better. When you consider the cost of a complete new maternity wardrobe, the £12 to £14 you pay for a Belly Belt Combo Kit seems cheap at half the price. One kit should do the trick too as the contents can all be easily washed and used time and time again.

      The Belly Belt Combo Kit I bought came simply packed and contained 4 of the stretchy belly belts and 3 material panels. The stretchy belts are made of a soft touch elastic material and can extend to suit the size of the gap between the button and button hole of your trousers or skirt. They have a button at one end and a button hole at the other.

      The 3 material panels which come with the kit are easy to use. All you need to do is pick the colour that most matches your outfit and thread the stretchy belt through the seam on the material panel to make a small belly bump veil type thing. Then attach one end via the button, to the button hole on your trousers/ skirt and then do the same at the other end, by putting the button of your trousers into the button hole of the belly belt.

      Once you have fitted this in place you just need to tuck the material panel into your trousers/ skirt to make a neat looking extension panel for your baby bump. The panels I had were in white, black and a mottled shade to go with jeans. I found that during the early stages the panels were not needed with the shorter belly belt, so only added those later on when moving up a belly belt size.

      The Belly Belt Combo Kit when worn alone seemed to fit reasonably well, but in spite of the kit having the panels which could be added, I only used the kit alone when wearing longer tops. With shorter tops I also used a Bumpband Pregnancy Support Band, which I have also reviewed.

      The Bumpband Pregnancy Support Band was something that I could wear over the top of the Belly Belt Combo and I found this gave the best results. I found you could achieve a really nice layered look that created the illusion of you wearing another vest top or t shirt under your main top.

      To sum up the Belly Belt Combo Kit, I felt it was a very handy and clever way to be able to use existing clothing for longer without having to splash out on lots of things that would not be worn afterwards. This leaves more to spend on yummy pamper items for you and new things for your new baby.

      The Belly Belt Combo Kit is something that perhaps you could copy and make as a home made DIY kit, but as I paid just £12 for my set, I felt it was reasonable value when thinking about the money saved on buying maternity clothing.

      Would I recommend the Belly Belt Combo Kit, well yes as its very useful, but for best results I would also suggest you look into the Bumpband Pregnancy Support Band, as the two items together do work rather well. The Belly Belt Combo Kits gets a full 5 stars.


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      02.09.2008 15:09
      Very helpful



      Invest in this little beauty - it'll save you money

      I only discovered this great invention when I was pregnant with my third and wish I had it when I was pregnant with my first two. It's an amazing, comfortable, inexpensive bit of kit which allows you to wear your normal clothes through the majority of your pregnancy, saving you an absolute fortune.

      As I was writing this review I wondered why the like of Mothercare and Next don't sell it, then I realized that if they did you would only be spending around £13.99 and buying 3 or 4 maternity items instead of buying maybe 20 maternity items.

      Lets face it having a baby is an expensive process, cots, prams, clothes etc. plus when you are pregnant you might not feel like traipsing around crowded stores trying to find something dressy enough for work or going out.

      The Belly Belt buttons into your pre pregnancy trousers or skirts, it just widens them rather than changing the way they look.

      My set included three eleastic belts in different sizes which you threaded through your trousers to widen the opening at the side or front and three coloured panels which go inside your trousers that mix and match to your clothes and cover up any bare flesh. To use it simply slip the co-ordinating fabric panel over the belt and tuck into the open space where the open zip area is.

      As you get bigger you simply use one of the longer elastic belts. Each elastic belt has a button on one end and a button hole on the other. All you are doing is extending where the button and button hole meet.

      When I was pregnant with my daughter I used the different sizes of belt and the navy panel to expand the trousers of my navy trouser suit (work uniform) and was able to wear it upto about 8 months. This with a couple of size 14 blue shirts out of Primark which covered the bump made dressing for work easy. For the last few weeks I wore proper maternity clothes but didn't need very many to get by.

      This is especially useful in the first five months when you are too small for maternity clothes but can't get your normal clothes buttoned.

      You can also use the little elastic belt without the piece of fabric material for those first couple of weeks after the birth when you can't quite get your jeans buttoned.

      Actually that would really annoy the neighbours you could come home from hospital in your favourite jeans, looking great. They have no need to know there is an extra bit between the button and button hole keeping them together.

      - - How to use it - -

      1: Thread the size of Belly Belt required through the coloured panel

      2: Button or slide the Belly Belt into your trousers or skirt using existing buttons and buttonholes\slide fasteners

      3: Tuck the Belly Belt panel inside your trousers front or back,then put on a top\blouse\jumper long enough to cover up the panel.


      One size fits all
      Money saving
      Lets you be more fashionable
      Wear your own clothes straight after the birth
      Keep them handy for fat days and following christmas dinner.

      Need to wear a long top
      Probably only works upto about 7 or 8 months
      It probably wouldn't work with those really low slung jeans that your thong shows in

      Available from http://www.fromheretomaternity.co.uk for £13.95 with free delivery. Just click on the link if you want to see the picture of how it works if you can't imagine it.

      The newest version is the

      BELLY BELT COMBO KIT £13.95 which has

      - 4 stretchy belts in different sizes/types
      - Fit both "buttonhole & button" and "slide & clasp" trousers
      - 3 coloured panels to match your clothes.


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    • Product Details

      Kit includes: 2 stretchy button-fastening belts; 2 stretchy slide-fastening belts (both belts come in different sizes); and 3 fabric panels in the following colours: black, white and denim.

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