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MamaSURE Pelvic Floor Exerciser

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Brand: MamaTens / Type: Pregnancy Aids

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    1 Review
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      28.06.2010 18:26
      Very helpful



      A great investment, Mama's sure that this works

      As you can imagine after three children very close together, all big babies and all natural births my pelvic floor was in a little need of some TLC. The last straw came when I had my last baby eight weeks ago, at 10lb 13oz, well let's just say it wasn't the easiest birth. I knew that he would be a big baby as he was predicted to be about 10lb and they always underestimate the sizes of my babies.

      On the advice of my friend I bought one if these in advance, she had bought hers after her fifth baby but she wished that she had bought it after the third.

      So I ordered it off the internet at a cost of just under £60.00, you can buy it cheaper now. You can also rent the unit from Boots but you have to buy your own probe. When I received it a few days later I got it out of the pack to check that it was all there but couldn't use it until after then birth, and even then not for a few weeks as I had to wait for my tear to heal.

      I'd found that while I was pregnant I had stress incontinence, for those who don't know this is a perfectly natural thing that happens to a lot of women during pregnancy and sometimes remains after childbirth and is more likely to the more children you have, basically sneezing, coughing and jumping can all cause a little bit of urine to leak out because your pelvic floor muscles aren't as strong as they used to be. Most women are too embarrassed to tell anyone and just suffer in silence, although I don't quite know why it's seen as so shameful?

      Anyway I read the instructions thoroughly, I don't normally but this is quite an intimate area to deal with something electronic so I read these, they are simple and straightforward, they cover everything you would need to know. There are three types of incontinence that the Mama sure Pelvic Floor Exerciser covers. The first is incontinence with your bowels, the second incontinence with a full bladder (I'm not reviewing it regarding either of these two. The last is stress incontinence.

      The unit comes with a control pad which clips onto you belt so you can use it whilst doing housework etc. Once opened you'll see that the control pad has a fair sized screen and seven buttons: Menu/Pause, Set, On/Off, Programme, Enter, and two buttons to set the intensity of the electrical pulse. It basically works the same way as those belts that are meant to exercise your stomach muscles while you remain a couch potato. Once turned on you'll see an orange or yellow light on to tell you the unit it switched on when the cover is closed. There are two plug holes on the side for the wire that leads to the probe. There are presumably two holes for the anal and vaginal probes so you can do both at once if needed. The unit typically comes with a vaginal probe but the instructions state that you can buy a new one if needed or an anal probe if necessary. You basically plug the unit into the wire, the wire into the probe and insert the probe, select your programme and you're away. The sensation isn't unpleasant but is a little wierd until you get used to it. It's also quite uncomfortable if you set the wrong intensity so make sure you read the instructions, they are clear and easy to follow.

      The unit works by stimulating your pelvic floor muscles to contract and release by passing an electrical current through them, exercising them and strengthening them as the stomach one, that was very popular in the eighties, does. The different programmes offer different intervals of electrical current and you can adjust the current to suit you.

      The programmes are all very simple to activate and are detailed well in the instructions.

      The Mama Sure Pelvic Floor Exerciser is an excellent buy I'm glad that I wasn't too embarrassed to buy it or to use it because now I don't have any incontinence at all. I won't even mention the improvements in my love life, except to say that my husband has noticed the differences too. Don't suffer in embarrassment, buy it and solve all you problems.


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      Many new mothers suffer from a form of bladder weakness.

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