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Mothercare Hospital Bag

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Brand: Mothercare / Type: Pregnancy Aids

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    3 Reviews
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      01.09.2010 22:28
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      For some reason or another I didn't worry about having a hospital bag until I was around 8 months pregnant. I think because 9 months seems so far away you don't worry about a lot of things and then suddenly I was 8 months pregnant out of nowhere, sitting in the middle of the living room crying on the phone to my best friend because I had forgotten what was possibly one of the most important pieces of luggage I would ever carry!

      Now I would like to say best friends are amazing and mine popped round the following afternoon with a Mothercare bag in her hand and gave it to me beaming. During her lunchbreak at work she had popped into Mothercare and purchased me a hospital bag which was full of things I would need for if I had to stay in hospital. The only difference between mine and the one in the picture is mine was pink. I don't know how much she spent on it but I knew she shouldn't have and she wouldn't let me pay her back either.

      I was so pleased with my hospital bag. It was bright pink with little zips everywhere you could need them. It wasn't a massive bag in any terms, it was what Mothercare were calling a "compact bag" and I think it is made to be more compact to stop new mum's taking a million and one things they just won't need when in hospital. The bag was made of a high quality and didn't really look like a maternity bag. It looked like a funky little holdall which was what I wanted.

      My best friend told me to open the bag up and inside was a variety of little products for that hospital stay. She said it was just in case I had forgotten anything. In the bag were the following items:

      *100ml Mothercare Soothing Nipple Cream
      *Mum to Be 30ml Perfect Delivery Perineal Gel
      *Mothercare maternity towels
      *Mothercare breast pads
      *1 travel toothbrush and travel toothpaste
      *Baby Wipes
      *Scratch mitts
      *A hat
      *6 newborn disposable nappies (which were originally Huggies but my best friend had taken them out and replaced them with Pampers because she knew that was what I wanted my daughter to wear)
      *Cotton wool balls
      *2 bodysuits (size 0-3mths)
      *1 sleepsuit (size 0-3mths)

      I was totally gobsmacked at how much stuff was in the bag and how much stuff actually fitted in the bag. This bag was truly the Mary Poppins bag of maternity bags!

      I don't know how much my best friend paid for this bag but it was definately worth it. And the best thing was that because it didn't look like a maternity bag I could use it again and again which I did.

      Highly recommended product!


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        02.08.2010 13:26
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        The small bag with products is a very good buy

        Mums to be all over the place have their thoughts turned towards the time when their babys due date is getting nearer and they need to pack their hospital bag. Mothercare have a range of bags to suit the needs of expectant mums and when looking for a nice bag to take, we went shopping for something suitable.

        We found that Mothercare had a really nice range of products, some of them were rather pricey though ranging from almost £70, which is a lot for a simple bag and so not suitable. We had previously seen a really nice spotty bag else where and even though it wasn't marked up as a maternity bag it was almost £35 cheaper than some of the Mothercare bags.

        We almost gave up looking in Mothercare, but thank goodness we were able to find a really nice little maternity hospital bag which had large spots on it in pink and lilac on a white background. It was a great little bag and it was only £19.99 so was perfect as a small holdall for mums things. It was a decent size that could fit one or two extra essentials such as maternity pads inside it, but the great thing about was that it came with a set of products ready to use.

        The bag had a side zip and top zip and a set of short and easy to grip handles. It was very neat and compact looking and was so nice that it would work well as a cosmetics travel bag after its hospital visit.

        The products inside the bag were lovely so we were very pleased with the selection. There was a Mum to Be, 200ml smoothing out stretch marks cream which was nice. There was also a small sized Mum to Be 30ml perfect delivery perineal gel, which came in an easy squeezy tube, a very handy Mum to Be 100ml sized lift me up leg and foot spray, in a small pump action bottle and finally a Mum to Be 100ml soothing nipple cream, which is always useful to have as a new mum.

        I know that the quality of the bag and its contents looked really nice and it was a nice sized bag to take for those handy bits and pieces that new mums need. With the money saved, we could get an additional bag which complimented the look of the Mothercare one, to pack other items in to.

        I feel that this little hospital bag is lovely and would be a perfect baby shower gift for a soon to be new mum. Its cheaper than some of the larger bags that Mothercare do, it won't be suitable for filling with everything you need, but it can be used afterwards in a variety of useful ways. I don't feel that spending £70 or so on a full sized Mothercare maternity bag is worth it, as you could easily find a nice bag elsewhere with a less than £40 spend and then just buy the smaller Mothercare hospital bag with all the nice creams and lotions for £19.99.

        Rate wise the smaller bag as an all in one set, has to be a 5 star product for its price and feel and is well worth looking into getting. Its neat and pretty and a much better value buy than some of the other bags.

        The larger bags are so over priced and the money can be better spent on a cheaper priced bag that you could buy from any good luggage retailer.


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          22.03.2009 11:55
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          You need this but you also need other things

          The mothercars hospital bag is a compact bag with 'all you need for your hospital stay' . When pregnant with my daughter who is my first i spent many hours thinking about what i was going to be taking to the hospital with me and as someone who normally needs a suitcase to stay out for a weekend i was worried about how i was going to fit it all in to one bag.

          So, in my research of what it was i would need in the hospital i came across this mothercare hospital bag.......... i think it is good for having some of the things in but it does have too much of somethings and not enough of others- it certainly won't be all you need for your hospital visit when you have your baby.

          The bag contains...

          For mum:
          Stylish and practical bag - black
          100ml Mothercare soothing nipple cream
          12 Mothercare maternity towels
          40 Mothercare breast pads
          1 travel toothbrush and travel toothpaste
          24pk little softie wipes
          For baby:
          2 pairs of scratch mitts
          1 hat
          6 newborn disposable nappies
          100 cotton wool balls
          2 bodysuits (size 0-3mths)
          1 sleepsuit (size 0-3mths)

          It is quite expensive comparitively because you are getting small versions of the products that you will need - these will be needed once the baby is born and it is much more cost effective to buy full size versions and take a couple in with you - you will be suprised by what you actually need - i took a large holdall in with me and used a tiny amount.

          Lots of people will visit you so can bring in any extras.

          I think it is best to pack for a night and then have some other stuff easily at hand at home that your other half can bring in.


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        • Product Details

          Includes everything mother needs for stay in hospital.