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Pregnacare Cream

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Brand: Pregnacare / Type: Pregnancy Aids

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    3 Reviews
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      24.05.2012 12:27
      Very helpful



      Would recommend to expectant mums and new mums

      ~~The Brand~~

      Vitabiotics is a brand that is trying to revolutionise healthcare brands and make all their products full of natural ingredients. Vitabiotics have been in business for over forty years and is a British company who base their work around their commitment to human health and its research. The British company is based in London and has played a significant role in specific scientific developments in areas such as women's health and nutrition. They claim that "each product is developed using the latest research available and produced to the highest pharmaceutical standards." The brand sells many different products from conception vitamins for both men and women to their own branded digital thermometer.

      ~~The Product~~

      Pregnacare stretch cream comes in a tube which contains 100ml of cream, the packaging itself is uninteresting and looks like something that would be prescribed by the local GP. It's simply a white tube bottle with a green cap lid and green, orange and black text. I think this lets the product down immensely as it doesn't draw customers in which is a great shame as it is a great product.

      The price for this cream is approximately £6.50 which I think is a good price for a quality cream, the only downside is you don't get a lot of cream and this is the only size you can buy of this specific product. This is apparent even more so if you use the cream as suggested and that is on the stomach, waist, thighs, and breast which is a quite large area when you're pregnant!

      The cream itself is thick and does moisturise the skin as well as making it feel more firm. The cream is made with botanical extracts such as Calendula, Aloe Vera and Evening Primrose oil and is suitable for use during pregnancy to help your skin become able to cope with the stretches of pregnancy and also after pregnancy to help firm skin back to its original state (or as close as). I always love the feel of my skin after using this product as it really does make your skin feel silky smooth which to me has been hard to achieve thanks to the additional hormones pregnancy graces me with.

      The major downfall of this product is the strong medicinal smell, however I find that if the product is used in the evening after a nice soak in the bath then by morning the smell is no longer apparent and the effects of the cream are still obvious.

      Due to the smell of the product I would deduct a star on this part as I think a pregnancy cream should smell nice and fragrant to help make you feel womanly still, whereas the smell of the cream can make putting the cream on similar to dealing with an annoying alignment which is not how you want to feel during this time!
      However all in all this product definitely does the job and I would recommend this product highly to all expectant mums and new mums.

      ~~review also on Ciao under the same username~~


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      19.05.2011 21:53
      Very helpful



      I'll see if it works after I've given birth now I guess.

      I've been taking Pregnacare Vitabiotics since I found out I was pregnant, and they've done me the world of good, so when I saw that Pregnacare also did a skin cream I thought I'd invest in some for my ever expanding stomach. Pregnacare cream is enriched with vitamins and other goodies to help your skin through it's ever changing state during pregnancy, it contains no nasty stuff like artificial colours or preservatives.

      Pregnacare cream comes in little 100ml tubes for a small price of around £5 depending on where you shop. I bought it from the Pregnacare website for just over £6. I thought it was a bargain compared to a lot of the other stretch mark creams available which retail at over £10. The cream itself smells a little medicinal, I was expecting something pretty and fruity smelling to make you feel yummy but it just smells like most ointments. It's a lovely feeling when your rubbing it into your skin, it's not overly greesy which I hate about some creams, and it DOESN't leave your hands all slimy and horrid.


      Calendula Extract
      Evening Primrose Oil
      Aloe Extract
      Pantothenic acid
      Vitamin E
      Vitamin C
      Sodium Chloride
      Magnesium Sulphate
      Zinc Oxide

      It's easy enough to apply, you simply massage a small blob of cream onto your stretched out areas like your tummy, legs, arms and breasts. Fortunately I only needed it for my stomach as nowhere else has really become plagued with stretch marks, like my stomach. I already had chunky thighs anyway ha-ha! The only thing the product states is to avoid the nipple area when your using Pregnacare cream, I'm assuming this is for when your using the cream after childbirth - if your breastfeeding - so your littlen isn't ingesting any of the cream. Also it states that it isn't to be used on broken or irritated skin.

      I still use the cream today even though it's not really done anything for my stretch marks, it has kept my skin soft and smooth but I wasn't expecting it to work miracles on my stretched out tum. I know that once my stomach decreases in size (I can't wait!) the stretch marks will fade and become lighter so I'm not overly fussed any more about them. I'd recommend pregnant women give it a try, but maybe start applying it earlier than what I did, I only started applying it around 20 weeks when a couple of stretch marks started to appear.

      Apparently over 70% of women saw improvement after a couple of weeks but I have only noticed the difference in how soft my skin is, my stretch marks are still big, angry and purple! I will continue to use it after I've given birth to see if it aids in my skin getting back to it's original state (obviously with lots of exercise and what not too). So I will probably update this review around 6 months after birth, if I remember!!


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        25.08.2010 13:30
        Very helpful




        You can't blame a girl for trying to ease and get rid of any unwanted stretchmarks during pregnancy and I am sure if the determination to try was a factor I wouldn't have had any stretchmarks! Seriously, I was a a stretchmark cream manufacturers absolute dream.

        After the Palmers Cocoa Butter failed and still failed when I tried it after my daughter was born and my belly had stopped expanding as did the Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter and vowed to try one more brand of cream and if it didn't work I would give up and let nature take its course with my stretchmarks.

        Back to Boots I went though this time with my Boots Advantage Card points as I didn't want to spend any more money on cream for stretching skin and I picked up the Pregnacare cream. It came in a little box containing a 100ml tube and cost £5.99.

        There was no rushing back home to try this one. I didn't hold much hope but there was still that little bit of hope pushing me to try it.

        The box and the tube are pretty similar to look at. The tube of cream has "pregnacare" written in their green font and it explains that it is cream to "Gently protects stretching skin". On the back it further explains that it is for mums both during and after pregnancy and is a cream specially formulated for mums. Sounded good but then I had heard it all before.

        So flipping back the little green lid, I squeezed some of the cream out. The cream does not smell particularly nice. It is very medicinal and my husband said I had a distinct smell like I had been dousing myself in hospital products. Lovely. I think the smell was actually the Calendula and Evening Primrose Oil which were two of the ingredients in this product but all the same I did smell like a hospital. Other ingredients included in this product are Vitamins E and C which are supposed to accelerate the healing of the skin.

        The cream itself was white and had a very thick consistancy. It doesn't take long to rub in but it does leave a greasy residue so I do advise you wipe off an excess grease if you are putting on nice clothes straight after use otherwise it will stain them.

        I continued with this cream for a month and I never saw any results from it aside from it slightly taking the redness down so in that sense it was an improvement on the others I used but part of me did wonder whether it was the cream that took the redness down of the fact that my belly was back to its original size and shape and was no longer being stretched like it was on the rack.

        I find it hard to say whether I would recommend this to someone or not. It smells pretty awful and doesn't do much in terms of stretchmarks so I would say probably not. I give this product two stars.


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    • Product Details

      Gently protects stretching skin during and after pregnancy.

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