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Silentnight V Shaped Support Pillow

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Brand: Silentnight / Type: Support Pillows

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    1 Review
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      06.09.2013 11:39
      Very helpful




      About midway through my pregnancy, as my bump was getting bigger and heavier, I was finding it really difficult to get comfortable in bed at night. I read up on various "maternity" pillows, but wasn't keen to spend £40 on something I'd only be using for a short period of time, and also without guarantee that it would work. I read on an online forum that V-shaped pillows can be helpful for pregnant women, so I bought this one from Asda, which I was surprised to see reasonably priced costing just £7.

      The pillow is a support pillow which is designed to help you sit or lie more comfortably. This is particularly useful if you have back or muscle problems, are pregnant, or a nursing mother. The V shape can be used in a number of ways, but the product description recommends it for use in bed, by allowing you to sit up with a bit of extra support behind your back. You simply prop the pillow up in the shape of an upside-down "V", as pictured by the hippo on the packaging!

      I find this pillow comes in handy in a few situations for me personally. I do use it to help me sit up, for example if I'm reading in bed, or sitting on the sofa and my back is aching. I try to use my birthing ball as much as possible, but sometimes when I fancy a change of scene I'll sit on the sofa with the pillow behind me and it encourages me to sit up straight rather than slouching. This is not only better for my back, but it encourages the baby to maintain optimal foetal position as you're supposed to avoid slouching because it can encourage the baby to lie in an awkward position.

      The main use I've had from this pillow has been at night. The recommended position for sleeping in pregnancy is on your side, as you're supposed to avoid lying flat on your back due to the weight of the baby pressing on various nerves etc. I slide this pillow between my knees, with one arm of the "V" supporting my bump, and the other arm elevating my leg to take the pressure of the extra weight off my bump and stomach. It makes me much more comfortable and able to sleep better, and from the first night I used it I regretted not buying it sooner!

      I am hoping to get further use out of this pillow after having the baby, as I can use it for feeding purposes by wrapping it round my hip so the baby is supported as I'm feeding him. Although it's advertised as being used to help with sitting up, I think it undersells itself here, as it's actually very flexible in use. When I mentioned to my mum I'd bought this, she said my late nan used to use one of these after her hip operation, to help her get comfortable when sitting or lying down.

      The pillow is very reasonably priced from a trusted name, and comes packaged in a zip-up case which allows you to store it when not in use. I have kept this so when I'm finished with it, I can store it away for if/when we have another baby. It also comes with a white pillowcase, which is useful because I hadn't considered where I might buy a V-shaped pillowcase which would fit this pillow! I have washed the pillow case but not the pillow itself, although it's useful to note that both can be washed at 40 degrees. It is man-made therefore non-allergenic, and has a hollowfibre filling which gives a light to medium feel. I would say the pillow is very lightweight to carry, but in use it feels fluffy yet firm enough to provide support. It's a great idea for anyone who struggles to get comfortable in bed or sitting for whatever reason, and I would highly recommend it.

      (Review may also appear on Ciao under the username Gingerkitty)


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