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Tesco Disposable Maternity Briefs

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Pregnancy Aid

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    1 Review
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      21.09.2012 10:10
      Very helpful



      Tesco maternity briefs

      Pregnancy is definitely not glamorous, in fact its fairly messy, before, during and afterwards. One of the items I recommend you get for your maternity/hospital bag are disposable briefs.

      After you give birth there is quite a lot of blood and you do have quite a lot of blood loss for a while afterwards too. Pads do a great job of soaking up this excess blood but straight after birth as its so messy its sensible to bring some pants with you that you do not need to worry about and that you can throw away after you have used them. I bought two packs of these disposable maternity briefs from Tescos. I am fairly embarrassed to say that I bought them in size 14-16 but I put on three stone (which I have now lost) during my pregnancy so my size went up quite a bit. I wanted the pants to be comfortable and not tight and uncomfortable and I knew from last time I gave birth that I was quite sore in that area and so didn't want anything that cut into me so this size was perfect actually as they fit well.

      Obviously there is nothing nice looking about these pants but then no one is really going to see them. The pants are made of a sort of thin paperish type material and are softish and not scratchy in any way. They do not really fit like proper pants would, they are shaped so that they pretty much fit anybody which is fine because you are not looking for a secure, proper fit with these pants. I wore them on the day I went in to give birth as I knew it was going to be messy that day and I was able to wear them under the bump and they did not dig in in any way. Then I wore them afterwards for a day or two and they were a little loose as I had lost a big bump but still stayed up and most importantly I could just throw them away afterwards which was lovely. Each pant is separately wrapped so they are very hygienic and you can just take one with you in an overnight bag if you wish or like me just take the whole pack.

      A pack of 5 pants costs £1.70 and in my opinion are a birth essential.


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