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Blooming Marvelous 3 Piece Pyjama Set

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Brand: Blooming Marvellous / Clothing Type: Maternity Nightwear & Lingerie

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    1 Review
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      14.09.2009 11:20
      Very helpful



      Cosy pyjamas but not that great to help you breastfeed successfully as the top hinders the latch on

      I am reviewing Blooming marvellous 3 piece pyjamas I bought these pyjamas in the wonderful stage of my pregnancy when I was getting near to my due date and was picturing the perfect delivery, the perfect baby and me as a glowing mother breastfeeding her baby with ease in my hospital bed as all those around me were enraptured by the baby and how well we were doing. Ok at times during my pregnancy I was an advertisers dream whether it was my hormones or the need and desire to do everything perfect I don't know, but I fell into a lot of the traps of you will definitely need this when the baby comes traps! These pyjamas were one of the traps. When they talk about your hospital bag and what you need to take with you the thought of turning up in my well worn pyjamas just didn't seem right hence I purchase these brand spanking new pyjamas.

      What are they?
      This three piece pyjama set comprising of pyjama bottoms a jacket with ties and a camisole. The camisole is the bit that is different to normal pyjamas as it has clips for you to unhook either side of the top to enable you to breastfeed your baby. As the clip comes down there is a piece of material with a long cut in it for you to pop your breast out for the baby to latch on to and feed. They are made of 63% cotton and 37% polyester and are grey and light pink in color.

      Thoughts and opinion
      When these first arrived in the post I was very excited and tried them on and they felt wonderfully soft and cozy. I thought these were just the thing I needed for hospital and for the early morning night feeds as my son was a winter baby so I knew it maybe a bit chilly at 2 am. So these were promptly washed and put into my hospital bag.
      Using these in hospital highlighted a flaw for me and I think if I had more experience of breastfeeding I wouldn't have bought these. Following a caesarian birth my first experiences of breast feeding were skin to skin in a delivery room so the next feed when I was trying to latch him on in the ward and using the drop down part and trying to get him to latch on via the cut through section of the pajama top was very different. The cut through section is large enough for you to fit part of the breast through it. But the cut through made it harder for a new born baby to latch on successfully. As they seem to prefer initially skin to skin contact to help them understand how to feed. The cut through in the pajamas seem to hinder rather than help the latching on process for us both. In the end with the midwifes help we got him to latch on but not through the cut away holes but by me lifting the top up. Now whether it was my style of breast feeding or my son I never managed in either hospital or later at home to feed him via the cut through section of the top. As this was the sole reason I had bought the pajamas and not treated myself to some regular pajamas from Next or somewhere it did seem to me as if they weren't the best designed tops and defeated the object of buying them. Now because I am a thrifty Yorkshire woman I still used these pajamas and top and wore them as regular pajamas. The jacket part was especially nice and cozy for me to put on during the night feeds and as I was lift the top up it provided some cover and warmth at that side of my body.
      Washing these items was easy at a 40 degree was they held their shape well and never had any fraying or bobbling of the material

      Where from
      These pyjamas are available from Blooming Marvellous and cost currently £35.

      These are lovely and cosy pyjamas and wash well but for me I found that breast feeding through the cut away section of the top impossible. For that reason I wouldn't recommend them to first time mums who may struggle as I did with breastfeeding. If you are a second time mum and know what you are doing they maybe of benefit to you to enable you to discreetly feed in hospital. But at the end of the day most of the time you are breastfeeding in pyjamas you are at home with only the family around so I would say treat yourself to some other pyjamas and a nice cosy cardigan or bed jacket for the winter night feeds rather than these.


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