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Ikea Sultan Huglo Mattress

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An affordable mattress from Ikea, the Sultan Huglo is made from high quality materials and has a removable washable cover. However, the mattress is not firm as advertised, and could be more comfortable.

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    1 Review
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      13.02.2013 17:56
      Very helpful



      Not for me

      After I got the double bed from Ikea, I was on the lookout for a good mattress. I used to hate our previous mattress and was planning to get a mattress from a specialist shop, but we had left matrress towards the end of the shopping list and were quite desperate to get it over with. That is how I ended up getting this mattress from Ikea.

      There is a section in Ikea where beds are displayed for you to try out. At the time, there was the option of returning your mattress within 90 days if you didn't like it, which was probably what nudged me into agreeing with my husband to buy this one. Also, they display cut cross sections of mattresses so you can see exactly what it looks like on the inside.

      As I tend to have problems with my back, I was insistent on getting a firm mattress. This was the only firm one I saw that I could afford and I ended up picking it, even though I didn't feel it was as firm as I'd like it to be. I got a double mattress of size 200 x 140 cm for £100.

      The exact dimensions are:
      Length: 200 cm
      Width: 140 cm
      Thickness: 17 cm

      As I had everything delivered from Ikea, I dint have to worry about transportation. Obviously it is not something you can transport in a car.

      The mattress has a grey outside covering (ticking) which has a zip that runs all around one end and is removable. It is of 48% cotton and 52% polyester, and I presume it is washable. Having a five month old baby, I have had multiple pee accidents on the bed and I have had to wipe it with water multiple times. While this doesn't seem to have damaged the fabric, you can clearly see the dried up marks. I suppose I'll have to get around to washing it soon enough.

      The mattress itself is steel springs with 86 springs per sq metre ( if that makes sense to you), polyurethane foam 25 kg per cu.m and polyester wadding. Inside the grey ticking, I can see the white foam and if you plonk further, you can feel that there is metal underneath.

      It did say firm on the display, but I dont feel it is particularly firm. It does go at least 5 or 6 cm down in the middle when you press it, and around the sides it goes down down quite a lot. In fact, in order to get off the bed, I have to hold on to the side or some hard surface for support. This has been quite annoying for me , especially when I have to get off the bed with my son in my arms. I have also had near accidents on a few occasions where I felt my leg was about to go through at the edge of the mattress.

      I you dont particularly care for a firm mattress, this one shouldn't bother you but as I tend to get backache in soft beds, I am not a great fan of this mattress. I tend to avoid this mattress quite often now, and I have noticed that when I sleep on this one I feel quite unrefreshed and achy in the morning.

      I would categorize this one as medium or soft. The good thing I can say about this mattress is that it is acceptable for £100 and the middle part is not so bad, but I really dont like it. Also I think the materials are of fairly good quality.

      And I couldn't be bothered to get a van just to return this mattress, so I am stuck with it.


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