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John Lewis Memory Foam and Microfibre Mattress Topper

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Brand: John Lewis / Product Type: Mattress Topper

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    1 Review
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      04.09.2010 15:12
      Very helpful



      The best mattress topper you can get?

      I bought the king size version of this mattress topper for £280 from John Lewis after we found that our old mattress was getting a bit tired and we thought this might give it a new lease of life. Doing a lot of previous research regarding mattress toppers in general, it seems that most people recommend that you should have a topper thickness of at least 2 inches before it gives any real benefit.

      This particular one is a sort of combination of materials. The basic construction of the topper in simple terms is a sort of foam pad inside a quilted outer case. The foam pad itself is 3 inches thick and is actually a temperature sensitive visco elastic foam, which effectively operates like memory foam, where as you lie on it and it warms up, you then sink into it allowing it to take up your body's shape. The pad also has a number of holes punched into it to allow air circulation for a better nights sleep. The outer cover is removable via a zip which runs for 3 sides of the topper and is 100% cotton which is washable. The top layer of the cover has a polyester microfiber filling which is stitched into pockets and basically looks like a quilt. So overall, the thickness of the topper is between 4 and 5 inches thick. The whole lot is held down onto your mattress by a elastic band at each corner which hooks under your existing mattress. One point I did find was that the topper seemed to be slightly smaller (about one inch all round) than our own king size mattress, even though the topper was meant to be king size itself.

      When we first used it, we found it did take some getting used to. Whereas our old mattress was fairly hard, so you effectively slept on top of it, given the thickness of this topper and the visco foam etc, you actually find that you sleep in it slightly because you sink into the foam, not excessively so, but just enough to support you and hold you in position. So it actually took us about a week to get used to this.

      The other thing we found was that during the hot summer months, it could get quite warm, particularly if you cuddle together. Apparently this is one of the complaints that some people have with memory foam mattresses. Whilst they offer great support, they can be a little warm to sleep on. I think part of the problem with this topper is that the top layer is almost like another quilt. So when you have a quilt on top of you, and you are lying on another quilt on the topper, it will get very warm between the two. But in the winter months, it is ideal and really cosy. We managed to solve the too warm issue in the summer by using a thinner quilt on top for the summer months.

      Once we did get used to it, we did find that we were sleeping a lot better and at times, it is nice to just go and lie on the bed and just sink into the topper whilst reading a book. Even though this was an expensive buy, at the top end of the John Lewis quality range, it was worth every penny to get a good night's sleep.


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