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Silentnight Anti-allergy Mattress Protector

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Brand: Silentnight / Product Type: Mattress Protector

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    2 Reviews
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      19.07.2013 17:05
      Very helpful
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      perfect mattress protector with anti allergy protection.

      I had the same old cheap scruffy mattress for years. I couldn't really afford to purchase a new one so I ended up opting for something a bit different. It was uncomfortable with just a fitted sheet sat on it so I decided to head into town and look for a mattress protector to give a small bit of comfort for the bed.

      ***Mattress Protector***
      I bought this from Wilkinson a few years ago now and it cost me around £12.99. I got it home and was slightly disappointed it wasn't as padded and thick as I wanted it to be. I had a double mattress and didn't really think it about the thickness when it was all folded up in the wrapper as it looked thick then.

      I put it on the bed and it fitted perfectly. It has a quilted texture to it and I was glad it wasn't waterproof so I didn't get that awful rustling sound under the sheets every time I moved. Also, I didn't want people to think I needed a water proof mattress did I? I have had this for around 2-3 years now and know it is still sold now and will cost you less that £10 for a double. I bought it for the purpose of comfort rather than for it being anti-allergy. I don't suffer from any allergies due to dust or pollen but the thought of it being there, made me feel better about it protecting me against allergens and dust mites. I have a bit of a phobia of anything like that so my mind was at ease and I wasn't needing to hoover the mattress as often as I was!

      This protector has elastic loops at each corner of the sheet. The purpose for these is to put the sheet on and pull the elastic over the corners of the mattress to keep it in place. I did have a few problems with this protector and my fitted sheets. I have a few which seem to be smaller than others and the thickness of the protector made the corners of the fitted sheets ping off because there was too much thickness underneath so I had to just use the larger ones. It might be worth taking this into consideration. Some fitted sheets don't have enough depth to the sides so you can't tuck it under the mattress well enough. Shop around for some good deep ones so they don't come off in the middle of the night.

      I noticed a huge difference in comfort for my bed. The mattress wasn't as uncomfortable and I was getting a better sleep at night. Since buying it, I have changed mattress and I ended up cutting this down and putting it on my 4 year olds bed. When she turned 2, I swapped her to a single bed and she loves it. When I got my new mattress, I put it on Hollie's bed for a bit more comfort and she also has very sensitive skin. It is very dry and she has possible signs of eczema. I feel so much better about her being laid on this mattress protector as she has sensitive skin and I was worrying about bed bugs and hoovering and cleaning her mattress 1-2 times a month. I will have to replace this with a waterproof mattress soon. We do have a silentnight waterproof mattress protector for Hollie but she wasn't getting on with being dry through the night so we decided not to pressure her and will try again soon.

      It was very easy to cut down and adapt to a single bed. I cut it to size and re-added the elastic loops to the sides and it fits like a dream. I regret doing it slightly as I feel I could have just bought her a separate single one and kept mine for my new mattress. I will be buying another one of these for our bed again as it was such a comforting feeling having it on the bed and it will protect your mattress for getting damaged. I would say one of the most common things that happens to mattresses is sweat staining. With the hot weather we are having, it's very hot in bed and me and my partner have both noticed we are getting hot and sweaty in the night. The mattress protector is so much easier to clean than the mattress so I will be buying another so I don't ruin my lovely new mattress.

      I can recommend this mattress protector to anyone. It's definitely worth getting one just to keep your mattress clean and to keep the dust mites away. This is available in single, double and kingsize so you can find the perfect size you need for your bed. Silent night is a good brand and the prices of these are excellent for such a brilliant brand. We are making room for a guest bed so I will be buying one of these for that also to keep it clean for each different visitor we have stay.
      I give this product 4/5 stars.

      Thanks for reading my review



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        24.09.2012 00:18
        Very helpful



        mattress protector from silent night - not the best

        My daughter went straight from a cot bed into a double bed as when we moved into our new flat 2 years ago it came furnished with one. When we bought ourselves a new kingsized bed, we transferred her to her "princess" bed (aka our old double bed lol!). She sleeps terrible anyway, rolling all about the place so she needs all the extra space really! We bought this mattress protector in Debenhams for around £15 ages ago and we thought this was really good value.

        In terms of thickness I was slightly disappointed with this mattress protector as I have had a sainsburys one, and currently have the argos value brand on our kingsize bed and the thickness of this Silent night mattress protector isn't particularly much different! It is a slightly padded and quilted sheet, with the usual elastic bandings which secure around the corners of the mattress to keep it in place. The elasticated bands are good as they stay in place efficiently across the mattress and are easy to fit on, as with my other brands I have had to fight and stretch and battle to get the mattress protector into position and stay put!

        The product is designed to be non-allergenic, so beneficial for sufferers from allergies, asthma and eczema. My daughter does not suffer from any of these but as she is so young, in my eyes she has sensitive skin and so always could do with some extra protection. I have found this mattress protector bodes well with her, and I like to think it serves well at reducing the effect of dust mites as she has had no adverse reactions.

        Sadly this is not a waterproof mattress protector which I would have benefited from but nevertheless she doesn't really have accident's at night, it's more the odd spill of water which she has by her bed at night time which causes most mess!

        Overall, this is a reasonable mattress protector, and it sells on amazon for a more cost efficient price of £8.99 which if I had bought it at this price I'd have been much happier! It looks and feels a bit basic and so I think the £15 we paid was a bit steep, but for someone who wants the peace of mind of protecting their mattress and for anyone with allergies it's good to give this a go.


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    • Product Details

      Enjoy added comfort and protection with the Silentnight Anti-allergy Mattress Protector. Featuring a cotton polyester blend cover with a hollowfibre filling and a 30cm deep skirt it can be easily machine washed at 60°C. Available in three sizes: single 190x90cm double 190x135cm and kingsize 200x150cm.

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