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Silentnight Belle Cirrus Microquilt Kingsize Mattress

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Brand: Silentnight / Product Type: Kingsize Mattress

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    1 Review
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      02.10.2013 11:56
      Very helpful



      very advanced luxury mattress at a fairly cheap price

      I have a king size pine bed which came, as they do with a rather thin king size mattress which I kept for a while. With hindsight I would have bought a normal size double bed, as this size bed in small bedrooms has caused no end of problems but that was a decision that I made that I am now living with as the bed is okay and there is no need to buy a brand new one just yet.

      Anyway, after I realised the thin mattress was not good enough I bought a new king size mattress, a cheap but thicker one and that was another bad decision, it went mouldy as my bedroom had damp problems, and the springs came through the mattress, so that was thrown out as well.

      After I moved I wanted a decent mattress that would last, and looked into it, the Silentnight Miracoil 7 was affordable and about as good as you need a mattress to be unless you have a back problem.

      Silentnight have always had a good name, but were always out of my price range, however I thought that it would be a good idea to get a good nights sleep, as I was not too well at the time, with damp and a bad mattress and noisy neighbours I was happy to pay out and try and get some sleep.

      This miracoil 7 is a continuation of the Miracoil range of mattresses which have proven to be very popular and succsseful. It has something called cirrus airflow on th etop layer to keep you cool, as well as targeted cushioning for areas that need extra support like your head and shoulders.


      This king size version has an incredible 782 springs, which is a lot for a mattress, it means the mattress stays even when you sit up or move around. I tend to read and write in bed last thing at night, you can have something on the bed only a foot away and push the mattress down and it wont move. With my old mattress things used to slide down toward me and crash into me ( like books , drinks , mobile etc ).

      This mattress cost me about £240 I ordered it online and it was delivered wrapped in plastic. When it arrived I was very impressed, it was much thicker than even my other new mattress, and stood up on its own on it's side ! With no support the mattress had so many springs that I could just slide it down the hall, and reverse it back into the bedroom and unwrap the plastic there.

      I was very careful cutting the plastic as I have had a bad experience, cutting open the cardboard wrapping on my new solid wood stereo cabinet and carving straight into the polished mahogany surface ! I've never done it since, and am very careful and slow unwrapping.

      When it is brand new it is amazing and was easily the best mattress I had slept on. I did mange to ruin it I think as when it is left on its side too long, the springs crush together, and when decorating you have to be careful how you store it. Mine has been lumpy since I moved it around when I was doing flooring/painting etc.

      I remember that after talking to someone about this bed and mattress they suggested that as my bed was not a divan, but a wooden base with slats, the mattress would not last as long as it should, and I may as well get a cheaper one. Maybe with a divan the support will prolong the life of the mattress, and I may well look to buy a divan base before this gets spoiled.


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