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Silentnight Belle Cushiontop Double Mattress

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Brand: Silentnight / Product Type: Double Mattress

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    1 Review
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      17.02.2012 13:41
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      We needed a new mattress for our bed as our old one was 10 years old and the springs were poking out making sleeping very uncomfortable. We were struggling to find the money to pay for a good new one but then my Other Half's Mum said she would pay for one for us and we could pay her back when we had the money.

      We had a look through the Argos book and decided to buy this one made by Silentnight.

      I really wanted a medium firm mattress as I suffer with pains in my joints while in bed so wanted something that would give us support but be nice and comfy too. I liked the idea of it having a pillowtop although I didn't know what this would actually be like until it came.

      When it arrived, the first thing I noticed about it was the weight. It was a much lighter mattress than our old one. We used to struggle to turn the old one over with two of us doing it but this new one can be lifted by one person (not me though). The second thing was when we took off the wrapping, we had read that it was a non turn mattress but hadn't realised what this would be like to look at. The bottom of the mattress is just plain, not quilted or anything, it looked a bit weird. The top side of the mattress though looked really nice with lots of quilting and it felt soft to touch.

      The pillow top bit is like an extra layer that goes over the mattress like a topper but it is fixed onto the mattress. It seems to be raised up by about 1 - 1.5 inches above what would be the normal mattress if you can go by the seams on the side of it.

      When we put the mattress on our old bed base we noticed that the mattress was a bit smaller than our old one, it doesn't reach the sides of the bed where as the old one used to come right to the edges both sides. This isn't a problem for us as we always have a duvet or something hanging over the edge of the bed.

      Now to how comfortable the mattress is. We had a bit of a bad experience with the original one we bought as after a few weeks I noticed a dip in my side of the mattress about the place where you shoulders would be (just under my pillow). This got a bit worse and by two months you could feel the springs poking through so I rang up Argos and after a bit of a kerfuffle we had a new mattress delivered. The new one seems to be perfect and we were told that the other one was faulty. The bed now feels lovely and comfortable when you get in to bed. The pillowtop feels really soft and luxurious and you can really snuggle down into the mattress.

      We turn the mattress around every time we change the sheets to make sure it is being used all over but you don't need to actually flip it over, just turn it round 180 degrees. I am hoping this will give us a good use out of it as with a normal mattress you can rotate it and flip it over so you would get 4 times as much use out of it if you get what I mean.

      The mattress measures W135, L190, D27cm, and it is anti allergy and fire retardent. As for the springs, I have copied this from the write up - 15.25 gauge pocket sprung with cushiontop layer mattress with 672 springs - I do not really understand what it means though but it seems to do the job it is meant to do.

      The price of the mattress was £499 at time of purchase.

      Copied to Ciao under username Harveydog52


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