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Silentnight Sancerre Miracoil Mattress

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    1 Review
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      23.04.2015 14:56
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      Ideal Mattress for a Silentnight

      I think it must be 5 or 6 years ago now since I got my mattress. My mum had come to stay with me and she stayed in my bed and I had the sofa. The next day my mum declared that I should not be sleeping on such an uncomfortable mattress and that I was to find a new one and that she would pay for it. At the time I had no problem with my current mattress but then I started paying attention to the springs that poked into me and decided that maybe my mum was right.

      Even though my mum was paying for my mattress I didn’t want to spend more than was necessary and shopped around for a bargain. I had only ever purchased one mattress before and that just came with my bedframe and I didn’t get to test it or lie on it before buying it. Yes no wonder it wasn’t comfortable and I remember it was under £150 for the set from Argos.

      I remember going to 3 bed shops at the time and I was very surprised to find that it was difficult to find a comfy mattress for under £200. I saw that memory foam mattresses were very slightly cheaper but I didn’t really warm towards them.

      Having visited a few bed shops I felt a few mattresses and I was impressed with the Silent Night Miracoil 3 Mattress. I found it really instantly comfortable. I would say that it is medium firmness. As I lay on it I sink just a little, enough to feel snugly, but, not so much that I think I have sunk into the bed and that I am locked into a position. I find it easy to move around on the bed and my movement doesn’t affect my husband and via-versa. I think the representation of the hippo and the chick is good as if a hippo moved the chic certainly wouldn’t be flung off of the bed.

      The mattress has dimples in it but you do not feel these whilst lying on the bed and especially not when you have a sheet and under sheet over your mattress. The mattress is probably of medium thickness but for me it is extremely comfortable.

      The only downside on the comfort front is the Silent Night label that is sewn into the bottom of one side of the mattress. The label is a different material than the mattress and it is has a nylon feel to it and it is a little noisy when you run your fingers across the label. Of course this is not a problem as long as you don’t have the label near your head, although this does limit you to how many different ways you can move you mattress around in.

      I cannot quite remember how much we paid for this mattress although I remember it was a real bargain. I purchased my double mattress from a local independent shop that was in the process of closing down.
      I have looked on line and can see the following prices listed on 23.04.2015 for a double Silentnight Miracoil 3:
      Very.co.uk - £259
      Homebase - £249.99

      As I have mentioned, I got my Silent Night Miracoil 3 Mattress around 5-6 years ago now. I had previously owned a really cheap non-brand mattress that I bought as a set with the bedframe. My previous mattress lasted less than 2 years before it has springs poking into me. In comparison this Silent Night Miracoil 3 mattress 5 or 6 years later is still in great condition. I still find it as comfy as ever with no springs popping out where they are not supposed to. The only signs I have of wear and tear is the mattress looking a little shabby after my old bed slats rubbed the mattress and left some marks that won’t come off. Other than this my mattress is in practically new condition.

      I am really pleased with this mattress by SilentNight. It is exceptionally comfortable and so far it really has stood the test of time. The only negative point I can make is that I don’t like the label sewn in and this really is of very minor concern and so yes I definitely recommend it.


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    • Product Details

      A fantastic addition to the Silentnight Beds collection comes the sumptuous Sancerre mattress / The Sancerre is part of the new for 2012 Silentnight mattress range / The Sancerre offers customers the fabulously supportive Miracoil 3 spring system with an affordable price tag / The spring system used in this mattress is well known for it's careful design and supportive factors / The design of this system helps to prevent roll together and roll off when you and your partner are sleeping / These springs also help to give firmer support to your hips and your lower back area / Luxurious fillings surround this spring system such as EcoComfort Fibre, this is proven to provide you with a cooler nights sleep and can also aid towards a more hygienic sleep. The Sancarre is covered with a soft damask cover that is microquilt finished for a softer feel / This is a non-turn mattress.

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