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White Company Microfibre Topper

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3 Reviews

Brand: The White Company / Product Type: Mattress Topper

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    3 Reviews
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      20.10.2013 21:11
      Very helpful



      A bit of luxury which prolongs your mattress and gives you a fabulous nights sleep

      I love the White Company especially their linen which isn't cheap so for my last birthday I asked my family for their gift vouchers and I actually had £60 which was fabulous. We have had our bed now for about six years and it is definitely softer than it was when it was new and although I can't actually feel the springs through it, there are some lumps and bumps where there never used to be any. Ours is a super king size bed which is massive but I love it, with plenty of room for me to sit with my lap top, books, work etc without spilling over to the hubby's side!

      Obviously linen is quite a bit more expensive for a bed of this size and the mattress topper for a super king size bed was £105 from the White Company. The price for the other sizes is £75 for the single, £85 for the double and £95 for the king size. With using my vouchers it still cost me £55 but I didn't mind paying this as the White Company goods are such a good quality and do last a long time.

      The mattress topper is 100% percale and has a diamond quilted effect on the top and underneath this is 3cm of hollowfibre quilting which is non-allergenic. The diamond pattern stitching keeps the filling evenly distributed. It is made of padded microfibre which is supposed to create pockets of air which trap warmth. The edges are made of a thinner mesh material which you stretch over the corners of your mattress and which keeps it secure.

      The White Company say that you can machine wash the topper at 40 degrees but mine is just too big for my washing machine so I have taken it to the laundry, however this cost £10 so I have only done it once. I use a fitted sheet over the top of the topper and change this regularly so it doesn't really need washing that often, as if you didn't have a mattress topper and just put the sheet on top of the mattress you wouldn't wash your bed. If there were any stains on the topper I would just use a sponge or cloth with warm water and a bit of soap and I am sure that this would be sufficient.

      It was early this year when I bought the topper and was obviously cold and in addition to the topper making the bed more comfortable it made it feel warmer but I have kept it on during the summer and it was fine. I think a mattress topper prolongs the life of any mattress whatever reason you buy it for and makes your bed feel soft and luxurious. It is still in excellent order and all the stitching is still intact and in perfect condition. It is expensive but in my opinion totally worth it.


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      10.09.2013 22:59
      Very helpful



      A comfortable microfibre mattress topper that provides additional warmth and comfort

      My husband is a really poor sleeper and he has tried all manner of methods to improve his sleep, from a reliance on 'over the counter' medication to ear plugs to herbal remedies, with mixed results. One of his ideas to improve his night's sleep was to invest in a good quality thick mattress topper, having decided that our ageing mattress was not helping matters at all. There are inexpensive mattress toppers available but my other half had decided that only a premium quality version was going to do the trick. He chose this microfibre topper from the White Company online which currently costs £85 for the double bed size and is also available in Single, King and Super King sizes.

      For anybody unfamiliar with the concept, a mattress topper is essentially a thickened mattress protector that offers the dual function of providing extra cushioning to a mattress whilst also protecting the mattress itself. The mattress topper was dispatched promptly by the White Company but, be warned, this comes packed in a huge great big box with the topper itself fully protected within a large zipped plastic carry bag. The big parcel threw me initially and I got a bit excited wondering what it could be - until I discovered it was the topper!

      Once released from its case, the topper is a beast of a thing with 3cm of 'hollowfibre quilting.' I wasn't sure that 3 cm would be thick enough to make much of an impact but the difference is really surprising. The interior padding is really soft, thick and comfortable and I can actually feel myself sinking into the topper and being cocooned within it as it moulds to my body. That first night was amazing - I hadn't been that excited about going to bed in years! The outer covering is pure cotton which is soft and cool to the touch, although I always cover this with a fitted sheet anyway. It also has a really attractive quilted diamond effect which is visible under the fitted sheet and gives me the impression of sleeping in a hotel bedroom. Apparently, this stitching helps to keep the interior filling dispersed evenly so it isn't just there to make it look pretty.

      Attaching and securing the topper in position is fairly straightforward as it has fully elasticated sides, in the same way that a fitted sheet has, with cotton sides that are generous enough to allow this to be fitted and tucked around the sides of the mattress without riding up. Only the central piece is padded and it is just slightly smaller than our double bed mattress. The slight gap is no problem, especially at the top of the mattress, as this is covered by the pillow anyway. The topper does have a slight tendency to move a little during the night but not enough to work itself loose or cause any disturbance.

      The only real issue with this topper is the difficulty in keeping it clean as the topper is such a brilliant shade of white that any slight staining is really noticeable. The care label does indicate that the topper can be machine washed (at a maximum of 40 degrees) but this is where I experienced difficulties. My washing machine is a high capacity (8kg) model but I really struggled to physically fit the topper inside the drum. Somehow I managed to squeeze it through and shut the door but the end results were pretty poor. I suspect that the topper was so firmly packed into the drum that there was no way that the water (and washing powder) could circulate properly and the machine wash didn't tackle the stain particularly well (despite also pre-treating beforehand.)

      After washing, came the difficulty of drying. The topper came out of the machine absolutely soaking wet, to the point of water literally running out of it. I suspect this was partly because the machine couldn't spin very well due to overloading with the sheer size of the topper. On top of that, the microfibre interior is incredibly absorbent so it had just soaked up immense quantities of water. Drying the topper was a bit of a nightmare and it took around 24 hours of being hung outside on a really hot day to literally drip dry! I had to sleep without it that night and really missed its benefits though. I wouldn't attempt to machine wash this again which is perhaps not that bad a thing as the White Company do only recommend 'occasional laundering', so presumably repeated washing will reduce the performance of this topper over time. Spot cleaning will be the order of the day for any future stains, I suspect.

      Having bought the topper primarily to improve my husband's sleeping patterns, I do feel that it has helped a little although not completely eliminated his sleeping difficulties. It is certainly a comfortable base for a good night's sleep and has made a massive difference to our mattress; helping to stave off the cost of replacing the entire mattress for a while at least. I sleep perfectly on this topper, although I am generally a good sleeper. I did appreciate the additional warmth that this brought to the bed during the beginning of the year and was a little worried that it might be too hot to use during the Summer months. Actually, this has remained in place throughout the (surprisingly pleasant) Summer and it hasn't become uncomfortable or overly warm at all, so I'm happy to recommend this as an all-year round product for the extra comfort that it provides.

      I do think this mattress topper is on the expensive side but, that said, it seems to be excellent quality. After six months of nightly use, there is no real sign of the padding diminishing at all and this continues to provide both extra warmth and comfort throughout the night. The only real drawback is the difficulty of washing and drying this which is a shame as I would prefer to machine wash any items of bedding for hygiene reasons. Despite that, I am still happy to recommend this topper as I am still looking forward to going to bed each night, even six months later!


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        10.07.2013 17:13
        Very helpful



        A quality mattress topper which feels delicious.

        This was given to me as a gift when my daughter was much younger, as we co-sleep and we needed something super-comfy due to my mobility problems and my daughter's reluctance to use bed covers!
        The mattress that we share is reasonable quality and also quite new, but I find it very difficult to get comfortable at night and turn over etc. Using a mattress topper has made it slightly easier. It is also very lovely in winter when it makes the bed far more inviting and toasty. Despite this, it does not seem to make us too hot in summer.

        I already owned a couple of cheaper toppers which were ok, but this is a "posh" one. The White Company are quite pricey and fit into the same category as Next and Boden in terms of target audience and advertising. To be honest I would not have considered buying one from the company, but it was a very welcome gift.

        Even though this one is not as luxurious as the feather type toppers, I only use microfibre or bamboo, as the thought of sleeping on top of 60 dead ducks or geese does not do it for me. Plus, microfibre is easy to clean and wash and has several other benefits.

        This mattress topper is lightweight and easy to fit, with a type of mesh on the edges which stretch and tuck under your mattress corners. The edges are lightweight enough so that they do not bulk out the sheets on the corners of your bed, and the design means that it does not move about too much. The main body of the topper is padded microfibre which is stitched into a large diamond type pattern, all over the top. This promotes airflow and also creates "pockets" of air which are useful when it is cold.


        The main body of the mattress topper is made from 100% cotton percale, no polyester here! Percale refers to the type of weave in the fabric, a percale weave has a thread count of about 200 or higher. Because of this, this topper is a high quality item and feels luxurious and almost silky. The cotton fabric is easy to care for and the fabric itself is closely woven. It keeps its shape well and is very smooth. Percale has a different feel to the standard poly-cotton mix sheets, and unless you buy Percale cotton sheets then you are missing out. Unfortunately they are also much more expensive.


        Microfibres are tiny synthetic fibres that have been split into millions of finer strands that are no thicker than one hundredth of a human hair. These are then woven together creating little air pockets that trap warmth and allow air flow. Microfibre wicks moisture away from the body (ie sweat) and is effective for cooling the body as well as warming it. It is a stretchy and hard-wearing substance that is easy to wash and care for. Microfibre is very lightweight so this mattress topper is manageable in a washing machine and when hanging out to dry/using a drier.


        Toppers are designed to fit snugly over the mattress, under the sheet. They not only provide warmth and an extra layer of comfort as a sleeping surface, they also protect the mattress. It is far easier to wash a mattress topper when needed than to clean a mattress after all.

        They also come into their own if your mattress is starting to get old or slightly worn, as this can cause the bed to be uncomfortable. A mattress topper will give your mattress a longer life, improves cushioning and support therefore improving sleep. Another benefit is for people like me who suffer from chronic pain, it makes the bed more comfortable and lessens pressure points, especially when sleeping on an inner sprung mattress. Most toppers have contoured or deliberately stitched shapes on the surface to facilitate air movement and breath-ability.

        There are many advantages to buying one of these, and there are cheaper ones available if this one is too expensive. Mattress toppers can also be used on a brand new bed that you find too hard or soft. It saves having to buy a whole new bed and the range of toppers available means that you can increase the hardness of the mattress or soften it. The White Company microfibre topper makes the bed surface softer and more yielding. A memory foam one could improve hardness.

        A single size mattress topper is also useful for those who have different firmness preferences in a mattress. When my daughter was very tiny, I only used this one on my side (double folded under the sheet) for safety during co-sleeping. Once she got to around 2 years old, we shared it. It is comfortable and not too soft for either of us.

        The White company mattress topper is non-allergenic which is great for allergy sufferers or asthmatics. The diamond pattern stops all of the inner fibre padding from moving around and bunching up in places, meaning that the thickness of support remains constant. It also improves airflow allowing your skin to breathe at night. The topper itself is around 3cm thick at its fattest point, so suitable for most households. If you want something more luxurious or your mattress has seen better days then a memory foam one might be more suitable.


        There is no doubt that this is a hard-wearing and good quality item. It has been washed regularly and shows no signs of wear. The stitching has remained true and the elasticity is still excellent. Cotton is easy to wash at higher temperatures but due to the microfibre filling, mine gets washed at around 40 degrees. I do not tumble dry so it gets hung on a line. The sun helps keep it white and gives that lovely fresh laundry smell. Being synthetic inside, it dries like an item of fleece clothing would, quickly and evenly.

        The White Company suggest that you avoid regular machine washing and instead get it laundered but mine has been washed a lot over 3 years and has been fine. You will need a decent sized drum to fit it in, mine has a 14kg capacity and takes the topper plus sheets etc.


        * 3cm of hollowfibre quilting
        * Pure cotton percale casing
        * Machine washable in a large capacity machine (it is suggested that you avoid regular washing and instead use occasional professional laundering... I haven't)
        * Available in single, double, king & super-king


        Although more expensive than a lot of mattress toppers, I do feel that this is worth the money. Mine has had over 3 years of use and home washing and is still in excellent order. It has made my bed more comfortable and although I still get stiff and sore at night , it has made my bed better for me. It creates a soft and comfy mattress surface which is breathable. It washes well and is crafted to a great standard.

        PRICE: This is currently priced at £63.75 for a single bed (reduced from £75), and £72.25 (reduced from £85) for a double. Larger sizes are available.



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