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Aldi Tex Mex Meatballs

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Type: Meat

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    1 Review
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      17.01.2010 12:01
      Very helpful



      A versatile addition to many meals.

      **FIRSTLY I JUST NEED TO POINT OUT THAT DOOYOO HAVE THE INCORRECT NAME FOR THIS PRODUCT. I MADE THE PRODUCT REQUEST AND THIS IS WHERE DOOYOO DIRECTED ME. I HAVE CONTACTED THEM WITH A REQUEST TO CHANGE FROM 'TEX MEX' TO 'FRIKADELLEN' AS PER MY REQUEST. PLEASE DON'T DOWN RATE ME BECAUSE OF THIS. THANKS** Aldi Deli Continental Frikadellen Meatballs are available in two sizes; a pack of 20 mini meatballs or a pack of 5 large meatballs. The mini are the same size as most meatballs I have come across from canned meatballs to those scrummy ones in the Ikea Cafe. The large size look similar to a thick homemade beefburger, about the size of a small fist. I have used / tried both sizes and they taste exactly the same. The contents of both packs weigh 500g and cost £1.89. The meatballs are made with chopped pork, onion, breadcrumbs and herbs and spices. These are cooked and ready to eat straight from the pack and can be eaten hot or cold. I have done both and use these meatballs regularly with many different ways of serving. Biting into these meatballs either hot or cold, they are really meaty and full of flavour. The main flavour is of the pork and onions. There is very little spice, as in, they are not 'chilli' spiced but quite herby and peppery. There is only the occasional small bit of 'grisle' which is more like a tiny cube of fat and does not put me off. These are similar in taste to Ikea meatballs and far better than any canned meatbells I have tried from supermarket no frills brands to the well known brands. Of the mini version a 'serving' is 4 meatballs and of the large is one meatball providing the following values: *Calories - 263 *Protein - 15.0g *Carbs - 8.0g *Fat - 19.0g *Saturated fats - 6.9g *salt equiv. - 2.0g The levels of fats and salt are quite high. I find that four meatballs is a decent portion and therefore the calorie content is also decent. These are delicious fried in butter (ouch - more fat!) and served with a large salad and jacket potato and also heated through in a tomato based 'bolognese' sauce and served with pasta or spaghetti. I also served them with chips and the sauce that Ikea use on their meatballs, which I buy in Ikea stores. The mini ones would also be great in a picnic or buffet spread!


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