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Asda Black Pepper Chicken Steaks

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Brand: Asda / Type: Meat

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    2 Reviews
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      13.05.2010 12:00
      Very helpful




      We got these black pepper chicken steaks the day before yesterday because it turned out we all needed to take a sandwich with us when we went out yesterday. The one thing we have all got in common when it comes to food is that we all love peppery things, even my 2 year old sister will eat stuff that has got black pepper flavour!

      For £2.00 you get 3 Cracked Black Pepper chicken steaks and that's quite good value because the chicken steaks are pretty thick and they are also ready to eat so it saves you the stress of having to cook the chicken yourself. You can easily slice the steaks in half through the middle so these 3 steaks will turn into 6 and then you've got enough for all the sandwiches you need to make.

      You can warm the chicken up as well, that takes about 15 mins but I haven't had it hot so I don't know how nice it is. Cold the chicken is delish. It's tender and very easy to eat, it's kept a nice fresh chicken flavour and the pepper goes wicked with the chicken and gives it shedloads of flavour but deffo doesn't over power it at all. There is also sea salt sprinkled on the chicken but I think it could do with a bit more salt, that's just my opinion though and other people will probably think it's just right.

      We had our chicken on white bread with salad, it doesn't need any sauce because the pepper flavour is perfect and makes it taste a lot more exciting than just having plain chicken. You have to watch out sometimes though because if you bite into a piece of black pepper it can make your eyes water because it's got a hot flavour! lol

      Recommended..... a yummy way to buy chicken for sandwiches and if you've got time to slice the 3 steaks up yourself then you can make the chicken go further as well.


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        21.04.2010 17:02
        Very helpful



        Fab in a variety of meals!


        Some weeks at work a few of us put into a pot and buy a food to last us a whole week at work, we tend to have salads, pastas or sandwiches. One of the things we had this week was a salad with chicken, the chicken on our salad was Asda Cracked Black Pepper and Sea Salt Chicken Steaks.


        Cooked Chicken Breast* , Sea Salt , Black Pepper , *Made with 108g of Chicken per 100g of finished product. (I'm not 100% sure what this means apart from that they manage to lose 8g of the chicken when cooking and packaging it).

        **Nutritional Information**

        Per 100g

        Calories: 117kcal/496kJ
        Protein: 24.7g
        Carbohydrate: 0.0g
        Fat: 1.6g
        Saturates: 0.0g


        The chicken comes in a really simple black plastic tray which has clear film and you can see the chicken. There is a brown box which tells you what the product is, and the back of the packet has basic consumer information like ingredients, nutritional information, Asda's head office, etc. The packaging is quite simple but I'm fan of minimal packaging as its better for the environment.


        I'm slightly weird about processed chicken or chicken that looks really veiny and horrible. The chicken is whole breast pieces and it looks a nice cooked colour, not anaemic but not suntanned chicken either. The breasts are then sprinkled with cracked black pepper and sea salt, there is a nice coating and not too much but a decent amount.


        As mentioned we ate this chicken with a salad and it was very tasty, due to the chicken being seasoned there was no need for any dressing. The chicken tastes nice and fresh and not watery like some packaged chicken does. The seasoning on the chicken is nice, I don't generally eat salt and there was a slight taste of it but not overpowering. Due to the black pepper being cracked there was a nice subtle taste but the taste wasn't too hot or sharp. I really enjoyed this chicken and would buy it again, it was great with a salad and could be used in wraps, sandwiches, thrown in pasta, lots of uses!


        This chicken cost £2 for 240g, it is sometimes on offer at 2 packs for £3. We got 4 decent sized pieces of chicken in our pack and there was definitely enough. I think if you consider that two fresh chicken breasts cost a minimum of £2 then this chicken is really good value.

        **My Opinion**

        After being a little sceptical about this chicken I really enjoyed its flavour, it tasted fresh and nicely seasoned. I also think the price is good value for the amount that you receive and I will be buying this chicken again.


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