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Asda 'Smart Price' Chicken Dippers

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Brand: Asda / Type: Meat

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    2 Reviews
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      02.10.2009 08:13
      Very helpful




      I had these about a month ago, and the product was just brought to my attention after reading a review about them. so here's my 50p's worth about them.

      I am always a bit wary about cheaper Chicken products after watching a Jamie Oliver programme years ago. He demostrated what went into the cheaper Chicken products, and as a result my Husband has never eated a Hot Dog again, as he covered Hot Dogs and other Kid type products. Anyway I was at a kids birthday party and these were on the buffet table. I knew the host didn't have that much money, but the table was full of bits and pieces. I ate one of these, and realised they were nice, so I asked what they were and picked up a bag from Asda the next day.

      These cost a mere 70p and are found in the freezer section of Asda. They are next to the other frozen Chicken things.

      Packaging isn't too exciting. They are in a plastic bag which is mostly white in colour and the writing and colourings are in green. There is a picture of the product on the front, and it all looks ok.

      I got 22 Dippers in the bag, and although they were quite thin, they were a decent lenght. I would say they were the same lenght as the Birds Eye version, but perhaps not quite as thick.

      You can oven cook these and you just pop them on a tray for approx 15-18 minutes on gas mark 200. I sometimes turn my Dippers, but they cook fine on the 1 side. You can cook them longer if you want them crunchy, but I prefer them slightly softer.

      When cooked the Chicken is nice and tender and the Batter coating is a little flaky, but a nice crispy Batter. I would say these had a slight greasy texture to them, but nothing that bad.

      As I was expecting when looking at the back of these, there is no mention of Chicken Breast, and the Chicken content was something like 56%. I know with any Chicken product you aren't going to get 100% Chicken (not that i've seen anyway), due to binding agents, coating, seasoning etc, but that was kinda low for Chicken. Still what I was expecting from a budget Chicken product.

      I would buy these again as they were nearly as good as the brand named version and a good bit cheaper.


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        12.06.2008 02:13
        Very helpful



        Great dipped, I'm a huge fan!

        I love chicken nuggets. Must be cos when I was kid my Mum never got them for me! I always had what the family ate and I only ever got them when I went to friends houses to eat!

        I found a love of all things chicken when I went on weightwatchers. Like most people on a healthy eating plan I looked for interesting things to eat and one day I just fancied some chicken nugget type things and to make some sweet and sour sauce and pretend I was eating something greasy from a Chinese!

        The other day my Mum went shopping and I asked her to get me some chicken nuggets and she turned up with these, Asda Smart Price Chicken Dippers. Not what I had in mind to be honest I like branded food as a rule and rarely eat or use anything economy (though I have done in the past keep reading lol). I did complain but it all fell on deaf ears and so I've set about eating them!

        The Packaging....

        440g white plastic bag with green on it . On the front of the bag I'm told they are Asda 'Smart Price' 22 battered chicken dippers, chopped & shaped chicken coated in batter. In the right hand corner I'm told they are free from artificial colours, flavourings, preservatives and hydrogenated fat. On the front is a photograph of a plate of cooked 'dippers'. On the bottom of the packet is the best before date and in the right hand bottom corner I'm told to oven cook them for 15 minutes. On the back of the packet I'm told the ingredients, how to cook them, allergy advice, nutritional information, how to store them and contact details for Asda. Please note my packet is ever so slightly different from the one on the review photograph. It is same in every way but on my packet the amount (22 approx) is stated.

        How To Cook....

        'Guide only'

        Remove all packaging.
        Place chicken dippers on to a wire rack on a baking tray and heat in the centre of a preheated oven.
        Gas mark 7, 320c/425f for 12-15 minutes.
        Check product is piping hot before serving.
        Do not re-heat.

        Ok so first off I found the heating guidelines to be spot on. Easy enough to bung in the oven after all! I've also defrosted them and grilled them which isn't recommended on the packet BUT I cant see why an earth not providing you make sure they really are cooked through. Taste wise there is no difference at all between grilling them and cooking them in the oven in my opinion.

        So the dippers in size are long and rounded. They are about half an inch thick and when cooked are a light golden colour and the chicken is white inside and looks like blended meat rather than a piece of chicken if you get me! They do look rather nice but don't give off a smell when cooking.

        Now the batter part is not light and fluffy and doesn't go all thick and crunchy either. It is thick enough to cover the chicken but is fairly thin and tasteless and wraps over the chicken rather than clings on to it so when you bite it comes off the chicken rather than with it when bitten. The chicken also is rather bland I can't taste any seasoning within any of the product. However they hold together rather well and are not soggy at all. Also the packet tells me to beware of bones and on the many occasions I have eaten them not once have I ever come across any bones but to me do taste 'economy' as their is no major taste to them. However.....

        These are great as dippers and that's what they are of course! I wouldn't advise anyone to eat them on their own because of the blandness but me, I love them with mayo, bbq sauce or ketchup! Again they hold together well and the taste 'pops out' of the nugget. I do advise a bit of seasoning as well. Also I loved these when I made up my own sweet and sour sauce and served it on the side and all that is is heated up tomato sauce, drop of vinegar, pinch of cumin, dash of sugar and some onions all heated up in a pan! Simple and tasty.

        Now although I know they are economy because of being bland and really don't taste like leading brands such as Birds Eye products I have bought these a few times in the past for my ex's children who loved them and although economy I was happy that they weren't full of flavourings, preservatives and hydrogenated fat still.

        All In All....

        I don't like them on their own but love them put with other stuff and they taste really nice and not one bit greasy, fattening, full of fat and cheap cuts of meat, messy or stodgy. I wish they had a little more batter on them personally and were crunchy but for the price they are a bargain. In my packet I found 22 which made me 4 meals and I just kept them frozen and took what I wanted out the bag and at the price of them if I'm starving they would make a great dinner and when broke I found these were enough for 3 kids and 2 adults with accompaniments so cheap, cheerful and filling they really are!


        Chicken (51%), water, rusk, (wheat flour, salt, yeast), wheat flour, vegetable oil, maize flour, modified maize starch, rice flour, salt, maize starch, raising agents (diphosphates, sodium bicarbonate), dextrose, colour (curcumin).

        Allergy Advice....

        Contains gluten and wheat.
        May contain traces of nuts and/or seeds.
        Extra care has been taken to remove bones, although some may remain.

        Nutrition.... Per Dipper

        Energy 28kcal
        Protein 2.0g
        Carbohydrate 3.3g
        of which is sugars 0.2g
        Fat 0.8g
        of which is saturates 0.1g
        Fibre 0.2g
        Sodium 0.03g
        Equivalent as salt 0.1g

        71p per packet only available as Asda.


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