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Asda Smartprice Seafood Sticks

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Brand: Asda / Type: Fish

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    5 Reviews
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      26.03.2012 02:57



      i love them i always have a pack in my fridge

      memories of childhood flood back when eating crab sticks (refusing to call them seafood sticks or what ever barmy MP wants me to call them) school hoildays out with my mum and sister down to the cockle sheds for some of the freshest seafood about rollmops crab sticks cockles mussels,,, fantastic i can still remember the smell now.
      asda smartprice crab sticks. costing at the moment around 70 to 80 pence in my local asda store i think is great value for money. i use them for alot of things like sandwitches salads and the like. cheap and tasty.
      they come in your usual smart price packaging with info on the back telling you whats in them and the calorie content etc.
      A japanese invention that came over here years ago made from a fish substance called surimi which is basically minced up and beaten white fish flesh. but dont let that put you off because the smart price crab sticks do have a lovely fishy taste and work fantastic in a sarnie with salad cream or seafood sauce or mixed up in a prawn cocktail if your lacking prawns at the time.
      I have tried the more expensive crab sticks from companies such as youngs and there really isnt much difference other than the price i have found. The only real small difference is the expensive ones tend to be firmer in bite if that makes sense. but that doesnt mean the cheaper ones arnt as tasty as the rest. i would advise to save money and go for the cheaper end of the scale as youngs really are robbery


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      13.02.2011 12:17
      1 Comment




      i have been eating now so called seafood sticks ,( used to be called crab sticks ) for two years or more, but over that time i have noticed a considerable change in the product and price at morrisons, the latest product at the same store is nothing like its original, i think there has been about six changes in the past two years,

      so now despite my best efforts of complaints in writing to the store manager and head office about the product they now have on offer , being now so distasteful and nigh inedible,

      they have thought fit to reduce the weight from 300 grams to a weight of 225 grams but still keeping the old price, A PRICE HIKE. That on investigation reduced the package item by six food sticks,
      not nice taste, not nice flavour, not nice price for in my opinion crap sticks,
      please morrisons, Get your act together and listen, Please Please,


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        27.01.2009 17:29
        Very helpful



        Great Value fishy snack!

        There certainly is alot of "Smart" about this Asda smartprice product, these things are absolutely delicious and great value. The price works out to something like a couple of pence each, or about 3p for two. It is just incredibly great value, even by Smartprice values.

        For the unitiated, these are great chopped up in salads, thrown into a stir fry, or just eaten as they are, as crabby flavoured snacks. Beware of the outer plastic sheath, I have almost eaten this more than once. (im greedy like that).

        Nutritionally these things are not bad for you neither. Low in calories, so naturally they are low in fat, high in protein.

        An if you are on a diet, these are low GI (whatever that is) and suitable for those people who still follow those low-carb diets (yes both of you).

        The only worrying thing about these is the list of ingredients on the back, which reading between the lines basically means these things are made from any old bits of fish they can get their hands on, minced into a paste, formed into sticks, painted red, and flavoured to loosely taste like crabmeat and shoved into packets. Although surprisingly nothing too scary or too artificial amongst the list.

        Ignoring this minor detail and certainly, don't be put off! ( I mean who reads the labels anyway!) You will find these to be a great purchase!

        Enjoy the fishy crabby flavour goodness!


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          01.12.2008 13:11
          Very helpful



          Lovely but shop around for them!!!

          Way back in the mists of time, my parents introduced me to a tasty treat whilst at the seaside. We stopped at a small seafood hut and they purchased some crab sticks. I was amazed at the little pink sticks each individually wrapped in a thin plastic sleeve. My little hands at the time struggled with the wrapper and my mum helped me out with it. Once unwrapped, I took a few moments to look at the strange new food substance in my hand, a small square sectioned stick, mainly white but with a pink outer on three of the sides. The only thing my young brain could liken it to was a stick of rock, but this was different as it was soft and squishy. I took a bit and was surprised by the texture and the gentle seafood taste. From that moment on I was a huge fan of Crab sticks!

          Over the years of course food labelling laws have come along to spoil the party a little and now they must be called seafood sticks seeing as they don't actually contain any crab...

          Wherever you find seafood, you will find these sticks. They always look the same and they are always much the same price, they are also universally yummy!!

          The sticks are made from something called "Surimi". This is basically a food product made to mimic the likes of lobster, crab etc. According to Wikipedia, "It is typically made from white-fleshed fish, (such as pollock or hake), that has been pulverized to a paste and attains a rubbery texture when cooked". Judging from my observations during eating, these sticks are made up from a sheet of the surimi which is then rolled up and cut into the sticks we eat.

          Now, this doesn't really sound very appetising, but it is actually really rather nice, the texture is very slightly rubbery which provides a nice amount of 'bite' when you start to eat the sticks, this is then followed by a lovely 'smooshy' texture in your mouth when you start chewing, making them really quite satisfying from a chewing sensation viewpoint.

          Flavourwise, the sticks don't have a huge amount of flavour, they are just gently seafoody, which when combined with a bit of lemon juice or some seafood dressing or similar, goes really nicely and provides a nice flavour.

          My girlfriend and I always have at least one pack of these in the fridge to have as a snack when we are feeling peckish as they are fairly low in calories (about 15-17 per stick) so a couple of sticks won't hit the diet too hard. we also tend to eat them witha nice salad with a little dressing, either seafood sauce or something similar.

          The sticks tend to be sold in packs of 8 or 16 for about £1, though this does vary in each of the supermarkets. In some of the supermarkets, as with a lot of their own brand product lines, they tend to have two versions of seafood sticks, their own brand range and their value range. Having tried both I would have to say, there seems to be very very little difference between the two except of course the price, so I would advise sticking with the cheapest version you can find.

          The packs of seafood sticks in each of the super markets I have bought them from have been very much the same with the only exception being the outer packaging belonging to the actual supermarket. They are invariably packed in c vacuum sealed package and then in side that they are individually wrapped in the same thin plastic sleeves as when I was a child.

          My only gripe about the seafood sticks, is the fact that they often still virtually frozen when I buy them. They are clearly transported frozen or there abouts and then left to defrost in the chiller cabinet however, many a time I have taken a bite to find them still very cold inside. The only reason this is a problem though is because I like to have them as a snack sometimes , forexample when I'm going to the cinema, and it's slightly inconvenient to have to wait a few mionutes for them to warm up a bit! ;O)

          I have recently discoved that Morrisons sells these sticks, not only with the fresh fish etc but they also have them in the freezer section. This is brilliant for my girlfriend and I as we eat so many that if there is a pack in the fridge it will be gone in a matter of a day or so, to be able to keep some in the freezer is great as it helps them to last longer.

          Not only this but they are actually cheaper, a pack of 20 sticks being 99p rather than the same price (or infact more as they have just gone up in our local store) for 16 sticks!

          Overall, a lovely snack and one I'd recommend to anyone. My advice is to get the cheapest you can find, you really won't see any differences!!!


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          29.10.2008 18:51
          Very helpful



          Cheap and cheerful, no complaints!

          Well my husband has just eaten an entire pack of these, so I decided to write a review on them.

          The product I will now review are "Asda's smart price 20 seafood sticks"

          We, (as in myself and my husband) have always been lovers of seafood. Our particular favourite being the little tubs of prawns, pinkies and crabsticks that can be purchased straight out of sea from the little mobile vans on holiday at the coast. Of course, the fact that many of the items we enjoy are low in fat and actually good for you is an added incentive!

          I have bought many different types of crabsticks or seafood sticks, as is the case this time, and I truly cannot tell much difference between some of them, so finding an entire pack that contains 20 for the sum of 88p, how could I possibly refuse, especially in such hard financial times as these!

          With this being a smart price product there is pretty uniformed packaging colour scheme throughout, this being a simply white a green colour.
          There is also a small fish shaped clear window on the front of the plastic outer wrap, through which the pink of the sticks is visible.
          There is also all the usual information on the pack, brand name, product name, quantity within and nutritional information.

          The outer pack is vacuum packed, so has to be cut open to get to the sticks within. Once that has been done you will be faced with two rows of 10 sticks, sitting top to tail of each other.
          Each individual stick is wrapped in a sheet of plastic wrap, this covers only the body of the stick, not the ends, this in turn makes it very easy to squeeze the stick out the end of the wrap.

          The stick, (once removed from all packaging) is a small rectangular shape around 2" in length. It has a pink topside, with the base being a bright white colour. The stick looks as though it was originally a flat sheet, cut to size, then wrapped around on itself to make the shape that is presented to you.

          The smell is subtle but of course fishy, these do not contain and do not claim to be crabsticks, there is even a smaller note under the title on the main packaging that states that these are made from white fish surimi.
          After a little research I have found that this simply means that this contains the minced flesh and extracted water of low oil white fish that contains gelling properties, surimi in Japanese simply means "minced".

          The taste is again subtle, and I personally find complimented perfectly by a small bowl of vinegar to dip them in. The sticks are soft and delicious, with there being no overpowering taste of fish, not that I would personally mind that. Also the way that these have been manufactured means that the can be eaten in the same way as cheese strings, though this fact has still yet to persuade my daughter to give them a go!

          The nutritional information is as follows -

          Per stick -
          13 kcal
          0.9g protein
          2.1g carbohydrate
          0.4g of which sugars
          0.1g fat
          A trace of which saturates
          0.1g fibre

          These seem to be the perfect thing to snack on, low in fat, low in sugar, contains fish and not to smelly (perfect if you intend on snogging after, I'm married so I don't have to worry about that!).

          There are some allergy warnings on this pack, these are that this product contains gluten, wheat, egg, soya and fish.

          The other downside is the fact that they don't have a particularly long fridge life. These are bought fresh from the chiller fish section at Asda, and they have a fridge life of around a week, unfortunately these cannot be frozen, so I suppose I am lucky my husband is able to eat a full pack in one sitting!

          For more information visit - www.asda.co.uk

          Thanks for reading x


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